The Honeymoon…

the honeymoon period

When a new President takes office we call the administration’s beginning “the honeymoon period.” How long it lasts is another thing. In fact, what you saw four years ago when President Trump took office was a divorce before the honeymoon. What you saw yesterday was far more than a honeymoon.
Such is the state of our media these days.

My personal honeymoon with presidents

I have had varied experiences. Some last one minute. President Carter was that President. On day one his first act was to grant unconditional pardons to those who fled the country or failed to register with the armed services.
So, those fellow citizens who, no matter their personal feelings, chose to follow the law and went to war, some never to return, some to never be whole again, were now being told they were fools? You mean those who left are now allowed to return to this great nation and pay no price for leaving it in a time of crisis?
For me, that was it, honeymoon over. I still do not forgive President Carter for that. In life there is a price to pay for your acts. For those that went, they all paid a price. For those who didn’t, there would not be.

Yesterday President Biden Took Actions

He took actions I don’t agree with, but they were policy actions. So, while I am disappointed and disagree with them, I am not ready to say the honeymoon is over, but we certainly don’t agree on things.
Let’s see:
1. We will stop building the wall. We finally seem to have better border control. The individuals on the ground there say it is better, and we are stopping to replace it with what? The what we don’t know. I don’t understand it.
2. We are going back in the Paris Climate Agreement. Isn’t that the one we fund, must meet standards (which we have exceeded) and China and India are free to continue polluting? Doesn’t China pollute at twice the rate of the U.S.? Isn’t that the agreement that says China and India have no requirements until 2030?
Does China need these advantages (on payments and timing) in this? Why are we just going back in and not renegotiating?
3. We’re stopping the Keystone Pipeline? Why is that? I thought it was great we moved to be energy independent. I thought we cared about low energy costs for our people. Why are we doing this?
I see, too, that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reacted since the pipeline comes out of Canada and is being shut down. Wasn’t he the guy who kept telling us how bad Trump was? You know what they say, be careful what wish for.
Oh yea, and he signed to place a “temporary moratorium on all oil and natural gas leasing activities in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.”
4. Let’s see, we are going back into the World Health Organization and refunding it. Sure, why not, they protected China on the Coronavirus and we paid the bill. Makes sense to go back and do it again, doesn’t it?
5. We cancelled the commission to celebrate the country’s Founding Fathers (The 1776 project) that was a reaction to the 1619 project that said the U.S. began then with slavery. So is 1619 now right?
6. We cancelled travel bans that the Trump administration established from some Muslim countries, fearful of terrorist attacks. Okay, you better be right.
At the same time you reinstated the about to be lifted travel bans from European countries because of the virus. Testing prior to travel was to go in place next week, but the ban is back. So we lifted one and reestablished another.

There were more actions, but we’ll leave it here. For me it’s a shaky honeymoon start.

the ceremony yesterday

The honeymooning media told me it was a great speech and would be remembered forever.
I didn’t quite get that from it. I heard a cry for unification. I got that and agree, but the acts above are unifying for all sides? The going forward with an impeachment trial is unifying? The attack on free speech and not a word about it is unifying?
It all could have been if the charge was to put it all behind us and go forward as one. Unification is not, do it my way and forget your ideas.
As for all those reporters who said this was the best speech ever, I hope you’re only twenty-one years old. If you’re old enough as Chris Wallace is and saw John Kennedy’s and Ronald Reagan’s speeches, you need help.

interesting notes/Thoughts from yesterday

Proving that Trump never had Republican support:
President Bush told Congressman Clyburn he’s ‘the savior’ because of his role in helping Biden win the Democratic nomination. Clyburn says Bush went on to call Biden “the only one who could have defeated the incumbent president.”
Nothing like having support from your own party.

Did you see Donna Brazile on the stage during the swearing in? You know who gave her a ticket? Congressman Steve Scalise, the Republican, the number two Republican.

By the way, the number three Republican Liz Cheney, already has a primary challenger for 2022. The Wyoming Republicans are angry at her impeachment vote.

Here’s a question, did we need 25,000 troops in DC to protect against the crowd that showed up?
Did you see any violence in the other 50 state capitals that they said would occur?

When you see how much people dislike Donald Trump, do you wonder how much they don’t like Hillary Clinton that he beat her?

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