The Final Day…

a CHANGING of the guard

In less than 24 hours the nation changes leadership and direction. What will history say and what can we expect? Some thoughts on this final Trump Day.

First, ABC was way off base on GMA when their reporter actually said the words that many will regard, “Trump as the worst President in history.”
That statement will stand as an example of the media bias in the nation today.

For me, the Trump policies will withstand the test of time and be treated kindly by history. It was never the policies of America First, calling out China after years of denial, rebuilding the military, fixing the VA and producing one of the great economic situations in decades. The polices worked.

Personality and ego didn’t. The deep character flaw of having to be the best, honored, and told he was great destroyed him. He was great when he was praised or honored. He was the opposite when challenged.

So history will be mixed. Far from the worst, and no where near the best, will be the verdict.

Almost the reverse of President Carter in my opinion. Carter is remembered for great moral character, but failed polices. They almost match for opposite reasons.

The great Presidents of my lifetime were Reagan and Kennedy. They led, inspired, motivated and impacted the world. Of course the press didn’t cover a Kennedy back then the way they would today, and any personal issues were unknown. But these two impacted the world and to this day they are recalled as leaders to those who witnessed their presidencies.

as trump departs

As President Trump departs let me ask a question.
What is wrong with America First?
When we elect a President shouldn’t he (or she) be concerned about our nation and our people in all they do? Yes, as the leader of the free world the President must act to make the whole better, but being concerned about his people must be paramount. Don’t you expect the leaders of France, England, China, Japan and every other country to be for their country first? Why not our President?

When we weren’t America First, look at what happened with China.
The world is better when America is strong, when America stands for freedom and provides moral clarity.

Under America First we were right in:
Asking NATO to pay the share they promised.
Maintaining our strength to protect ourselves against many who wish us harm. Telling people to come to America legally was right. (Why do we insist on saying to those who broke the law and came illegally they win, versus those who went on a list to come?) We should reward legality and process.
There’s no need to list things, you are well aware of the policies. I think, despite the rhetoric you hear, some of these polices will stay in place.
America didn’t vote to change the polices, they voted against the man.

As he departs now the situation is a sad one. He checked out on election night, refusing to believe he lost. He believed every theory and story about stolen votes; his ego demanded he did. He turned on those around him, the departures were incredible. He even turned on a loyal, good and moral VP. He did not tell a crowd to attack the House, but he did rile them up.
The shame of it all is he brought policies to turn the nation and he leaves angry and impeached a second time, not knowing if he is going to trial.
What a horrible departure.

His enemies rejoice now, and Speaker Pelosi holding the impeachment over him is a disgusting situation. In a fairer world, with a fairer press, she would be condemned and not praised. But in a time where they have free speech under attack they are celebrating.
The history of America says they are on a slippery path and their day is coming. It might just be in 2022.

As for the President, he destroyed any chance for a 2024 comeback with his actions since the election. He must decide now what he will do.
Does he write his memories, take the high road and wait for history to recognize what he did, or does he divide the Republican party forever, creating a lasting Democratic majority? I fear the latter, his ego says the people want him.

Finally, I suspect there will be a lot of noise today about pardons he gives. All I ask is you look at the pardons others gave. President Obama gave a record 330 on his last day in office. Did you know that? Don’t forget one of them was the leader of the FLAN who terrorized America and killed our fellow citizens. If he pardons a donor it will be big news, but go ahead and check the Clintons and Marc Rich and see what you find. No doubt the media will make Trump’s the worst ever, but check the record of past Presidents and see what you find.

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