I Think and Wonder…

Thinking about impeachment and wondering

Listening to both sides yesterday I wondered if the situation were reversed on the President’s party what they would be saying.

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be great if they lived by the words they are spouting?
Finally, I came away thinking they are righteous — in their political thoughts only.

I wondered why the Speaker would say the President was too dangerous to stay in office one more day – knowing full well he will leave office before there is a trial to remove him. It didn’t make sense to me.

And I wondered, if he was so dangerous why was she going to hold the impeachment and not rush it over to the senate? What does dangerous mean to her?

I wondered if she was actually going to do the Republicans a favor if he was impeached and convicted. That would remove him from running in 2024, and wouldn’t that be better for the Republican Party?

The Democrats kept saying they were “concerned” about the police during the riot. Yet they never mentioned the police all summer or fall during those riots. Why now? When did they become concerned about the police?
Was it because this was their House? Or was it because it was now to their benefit?

I wondered if this impeachment said as much about Speaker Pelosi as it does President Trump. If he never gets convicted, yes, he will be the only President impeached twice, but she will be the Speaker who did it twice and never succeeded in getting a conviction. Wouldn’t it say a lot about them both? Maybe it should.

I thought, why does the Washington Post have a story today that the attack was planned for the past two weeks? How can the President be impeached if this was pre planned. No one is accusing him of that. Shouldn’t we find that out first?

Then I thought, wait, if this was a fair trial wouldn’t they have witnesses and testimony? It happened in the other impeachment trials. Why not here?
Then I wondered, if no witnesses, no defense and no social media access to say anything, this made this a little too biased. Did it?

I thought some more and said couldn’t President Elect Biden be a hero and maybe unite us behind him by stepping forward and saying something like: Let’s stop this, let’s look forward to next week and turning the page, so we can go forward together and fight the virus, calm the nation and unite to the world.

I wondered why he said instead, that maybe the Senate can divide their days next week in half. Half a day to impeachment and half to his initiatives.

I wondered how Senator Biden voted on Bill Clinton’s impeachment. I looked it up. Not guilty on both counts. He was adamant on that. So lying to a grand jury is not a crime, but the Ukraine call and talking to the protesters was.
I wondered if Clinton were a Republican and Trump a Democrat would he feel the same. Would anyone on either side?

Then I heard a Republican Congresswoman said she wanted to bring impeachment charges against Biden on January 21. Who would do that, I thought? Then I remembered, the first impeachment Trump activity was Jan. 20, 2017 as he was inaugurated.

I wondered why there was such vehemence against those who wanted to challenge the electoral college when Nancy Pelosi did the same thing in 2005 and members of her impeachment committee did the same in 2016. Florida Representative Raskin, a leader of this impeachment was one.

As I watched the vote, I was surprised to learn that this was the first impeachment by proxy ever. No debate, no live vote, just take the President out.

I was surprised and wondered why Nancy Pelosi, after banning their use in the House, identified herself as a Wife, Mother, Daughter and Granddaughter. How can that be?

The more I watched, the more concerned I became about our nation and future.
I thought back to something President Reagan said:
“I know our people will not fail America. They never have. Our task is to be sure our leaders do not fail the American people.”
Food for thought today.

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