This Can’t Be Real…

What is going on?

On any number of occasions leading up to the election we mentioned the threat to “free speech” in our nation. It was even closer and more serious than that.

Let’s back up a little on where we stand:
Biden won the election. He won for a few reasons:
The Democrats out maneuvered the Republicans with mail in ballots.
They took advantage of the chance to drive votes, while the President kept telling people to go to the polls on election day.
Don’t you think three months of driving votes will beat one day at the polls?

Second, Trump ran a horrible campaign.
His no mask rallies were a bad idea.
Those concerned about the virus got a bad vibe from it. They felt he was under playing the threat and didn’t understand their plight.
As they did from his crazy hour and half daily virus updates where he had to be front and center.
If he had let the experts be out front, he would have benefited.
His debate one performance cost him the election. We wrote it that night. Still believe it.
His cancellation of debate two because they were not in the same room was a Biden celebration. When your actions make your opponent happy you are doing something wrong.
Third, did he run on his record? He had a good record, but he ran on other issues. Example: Hunter Biden. Joe Biden was sick and not capable of the office.
Terrible idea. With his record he had a platform to run on.

Fourth, his ego got in the way of everything.
His tweeting, uncontrolled comments and actions led to two types of voters.
Pro Trump and anti Trump. There were few pro Biden voters. The anti’s won.

Resulting in

This resulted in a massive vote. The Pro Trumpers were out big, believing in their candidate. The left made it easy for the Anti Trumpers to get ballots, have them picked up and mailed. Those who went to the polls were driven. Those collecting mail in ballots were too. The latter won.

We said it over and over, there was some fraud, but no where near the numbers to overturn anything.
Trump’s ego couldn’t accept that. So he started crying fraud and many believed.
In December we said his ego and actions would cost the Republicans Georgia and the Senate. Exactly what happened.
He owns as much of those losses as anyone.
When he sold out his own team over the $600 stimulus– after he sent them in to negotiate it and a day later says it should be $2,000, he left the candidates out to dry.
When he blasted the Governor (whom he backed), and promised to primary him, he divided the party.
When he demanded the Republican Secretary of State resign, he divided the party. When the Secretary called him out by asking where is the evidence, because he had investigated and there wasn’t any – none was produced.
When his lawyers told a rally not to vote, because there vote wouldn’t count due to fraud, it was not good.

Don’t think this mattered? Then consider this. Senator Perdue won in November by 88,000 votes in the state Trump lost by 12,0000. (He got 49.8%, but you need 50% in GA — even in a general election. The only state in the nation with that rule.)
So what happened between election night and the run off? Trump did. His fraud claims, fights with local Republicans and division of the party drove Democratic voters and suppressed the Republican vote.

the end result

We end up with a Democratic President, House and Senate. Single party government to undo all Trump did in his four years.

But, he doubles down at the rally last week. Now he didn’t tell them to go attack the congress, but he did fire them up. He did disparage the VP, who is a decent human being and refused to do an illegal act.
He gave his enemies even more to attack him with.


Not in any way or manner. The rush to impeach with a week to go is so ridiculous that Pelosi and team look foolish. Their bias shows.
There were no words that told anyone to break the law. In that disturbing talk he actually asked them to gather peacefully.
The fact the Senate can’t act upon the impeachment charge until the President leaves office makes it all the more ridiculous. Impeachment means remove from the office. By the time they hear it in the senate the man will not be in office.
It’s just a vendetta and really poor politics.
A censure would fly through and make an impact. Impeachment is over reach, again.

Which Leads Us to Free Speech

The end result here of free speech being under attack is very disturbing and a threat to our society.
We’ll address this tomorrow.

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