i say shame:

Donald Trump forced A.G. Barr out yesterday, and that is wrong for so many reasons.
First of all Barr did what he was supposed to do as the Attorney General of the United States. He wasn’t Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder. He wasn’t the “wing man” to the President. He wasn’t the partisan that Chuck Schumer and the Democrats accused him of. He was the ethical leader of the law.
What a shame he was forced out.
So where’s the press now saying those accusing him of being a partisan holding the Democrats and media to their false claim? If Barr were what they said, Trump would have likely won. Of course the media is no where.
They have lost all credibility.
Now here is one more reason Donald Trump is his own worst enemy.
He lost this election and is still refusing to exit stage right. In five weeks he will begin writing his memoir. Wouldn’t it have been a great chapter to write about the ethics of his administration, where the A.G. did not leak information that would have changed the election outcome? Wouldn’t it have been great to write how these ethics compared to his predecessor where the A.G. called himself the President’s “wing man?” Wouldn’t it have been great to compare his A.G. to the former President’s A.G. who met on the tarmac with Bill Clinton while her department was investigating Hillary Clinton?
No, the President couldn’t see the big picture, so he forces the A.G. out. So what’s he going to write now, his A.G. was too honest? Shameful.

Now, in an equal opportunity shameful, let’s turn to a Democrat, Governor Andrew Cuomo, the new left hero. How shameless is this man?
He was on the air telling people he did not trust any vaccine from the Trump administration. Remember his arrogance and the coverage he got?
Well yesterday he planned and rushed for the first shot in the nation to be done in New York with his smiling face on television. Wait, I thought you needed “your people” to verify the drug? You said after they did, then you would employ it. It barely made it across the state line and you were on TV watching it administered. Shameful.

And Governor, you with a death rate (along with NJ) leading the world, who wrote a book claiming victory after touting all summer how you had beaten the virus, are now mired in closing again. How can you smile your way through that, and continue pushing the book?
You should be embarrassed.

Shame, too, to the press. Your failure to call Cuomo on either of those and treat him as a hero is just another black mark for you. Your bias is destroying the industry.
While on that subject, let me ask the “free and unbiased press” these questions:

Where’s the reporting on the lies you and the left told that the President’s appointments to the Supreme Court would turn the election?
All three of his appointments voted against him on the key election case. Did you call anyone in the lies during the hearings? Why are you allowing such loud misjudgment to go uncalled upon? You certainly covered their hysteria.
Why are you not playing back all the comments going back to March that said “warp speed” was a fallacy and lie?

I’ll say it again – The media is the problem.

A personal note on the media.
This AM I earned the greatest $5.00 of my lifetime. The NY Times asked me to participate in a review of them for an Amazon gift card. What a delight to tell them of “their biased, agenda driven and unfair coverage” and have them pay me. I felt better and have money in my Amazon account!

Have a great day.

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