It’s Lost Values…

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the problem is lost values

The questions that come to me more often than any other are these three:
What happened to us? Where does it come from? How can they think like that?

The answer to me is LOST VALUES.

When you lose the values upon which you built your societal foundation, then you begin to lose that society. That is where we are.

We built the greatest nation in the history of the world.
We have helped more people in the world than any nation in history. We are the first to respond to world tragedies with food, goods and aid.
We have sent our citizens to fight and die, not to conquer, but to help others be free. When the conflicts end we don’t stay to rule, we leave. All we ask for is land to bury our citizens who gave their lives to help them.
Think of any country in the world that can say we have done as much as America has.
You won’t find one close.

We have millions upon millions trying to come to our nation. Some get in line, others try to sneak in. Some even schedule trips to assure their child is born in our land.
While other countries build walls to keep their people in, we build them to try and manage a legal means in. What other country has that issue?

And yet, here in that promised land we have citizens in the streets, in the press, on the air and in elected office telling us we need to tear the fabric apart.
How can that be?

The answer is lost values.

Since the winning of WWII, beginning with the Greatest Generation raising their offspring, we have strived to give the next generation everything. We didn’t want our kids to be without anything. We did it so well that generations have grown to think it is normal to have it all. We gave so much that people have become entitled. We gave so much that the value of anything is driven down. We have given so much that the very values that established the nation have been lost.

Our forefathers came for the opportunity to work and seek a better life. They built a nation on that premise then created generations that assumed a better life is theirs because they’re here. They passed on so much, but not the very values that drove their success.

An example of lost values means, Chuck Schumer can say we are to forgive $50,000 of college debt for you.
The people who worked their way through college? You don’t matter, that’s the old values.
The people who paid off their debt? That doesn’t matter, old values.
You went to work rather than create debt? Lost values.
The new value is we reward those who spent, were irresponsible and didn’t care about paying back. Don’t worry, we’ll give you government money and raise taxes on the responsible to cover your debt.

That’s one example. Another? Criminals shouldn’t go to jail, it’s societies fault.
As you listen to the protests, the programs some politicians offer, and the sympathy some on air personalities offer, apply that value test. I think you’ll see quickly the problem for our future — Lost Values.

I don’t know if we can course correct. We have created generations to see the world in the new view. Just as they are entitled, their guilt makes them sure they are right.
They are not, and they are destroying the fabric of our nation.

have a great day.

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