The Media Did It….

for over a decade

For long term readers of this blog we have shared the thought and absolute belief that the media is biased and that impacts public opinion.
Well it came to roost in this election, and now in the post period it is clear they made the difference in the outcome.
Months ago we said the title of our election book will be:
The Election The Media Decided.
It didn’t take long for the absolute proof to arise.

The lies they supported, the politicians they held unaccountable, the stories they suppressed and the hostility they exhibited are now in the open.

They lied about Russian Collusion, with no evidence, except relaying reports from lying Congressional representatives like Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell.
How many were swayed by Russian Collusion and believe it to this day?
It was all a lie.
The media went all in and reported it as fact. The disgraced reporters are all still writing and on the air, their biases clear.

They kept reporting on the Trump kids and how they were profiting from the Presidency. What percent of Americans do you think still believe the President and his family profited from his years in office?
Yet Forbes, in their annual report, says that despite the booming economy created, the President’s net worth is less. Yet, they never explained that the President and his kids working in the White House took no pay. That’s right, no pay. None of them.
While telling us the lie on how much the Trump family profited they forget to look at Hunter, his sister, and uncle. Now they profited.
Who reported that?

In fact, despite the evidence found on Hunter’s computer, the media refused to report anything. They blocked the story! Said it was a Russian lie.
Well, they were wrong again. This was not a Russian lie, it was Chinese real.
They missed the story to the point where 15% of Biden voters said if they knew it they would have changed their vote. That changes the election outcome.
A free press would not have missed it. A biased one would have. We have a biased press.

While they released story after story on the Trump taxes, they missed the FBI probe of Hunter and the Biden tax investigation. Who faces real trouble ahead over taxes? It’s the Biden family.
A real press core would have reported that. A biased one would miss it. Our press missed it.

If the press is there to get policy information and question the candidates, ask yourself how they did. They went after the President with all the hostility and vehemence possible. Do you remember one such session with President-elect Biden? Of course not, there wasn’t.
A free and fair press would have gone after both sides. A biased one not. We had a one sided press attack.

Russia, Russia, Russia, that was all you heard, right? Well it turns out it was China, China, China. How did our free press do with that? They made a hero of Congressman Eric Swalwell and his Russian conspiracy theories. While fawning over him they missed he was compromised by a Chinese Woman Spy. Would a free and fair press have done that?
After he’s caught, he says it’s all a distraction because of his work on impeachment. Really, who believes that? Oh, the press apparently does because they haven’t questioned him about that lie.

Remember the names the press and Chuck Schumer called A.G. Barr? He was a partisan hack, but Eric Holder, who called himself “Obama’s Wingman,” was not. We here have said consistently that Barr was a true professional and following the law. Well it turns out today we learn that Barr knew about the investigations into Hunter Biden and never disclosed them before the election. Why? Simply because he is A.G. of the United States and not the President’s “wingman.”
The media and Democratic officials own Barr an apology.

Speaking of Chuck Schumer, he wants President-Elect Biden to issue an executive order wiping out any college debt a person has up to “$50,000.”
Really, Chuck? How about those who worked to pay off their debts? What do we tell them, “oh you were responsible, therefore you lose?” How about those whose parents and guardians got extra jobs and paid their kids college bills? Do we tell them how “stupid they are?” How about those who didn’t want debt and went to work instead, rather than accumulate debt? Do we tell them “you lose?”

Finally, today another example of media bias. Time Magazine, the left leaning publication, named Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as People Of The Year.
First of all, the designation is for the person or event that made the biggest difference in the year. I think that was Covid19.
Second, it’s the first time a VP was ever named. Why was Harris named? I wonder. The left loves her, and Joe better be careful with his friends in the press. They are only loyal to their biases these days.

have a great weekend.

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