What About Fraud…

what about fraud?

That was the question I got most from yesterday’s blog. So let me address that.

Yes, I think there was fraud. Deceased people voting, ballot harvesting, manipulation of ballots and more.
Yes, it is disturbing and this should be the focus of congress to fix going forward. It has gone on for decades, and it’s long been time to end it.
However, the fraud number for these instances did not amount to the necessary level to overturn the states necessary to reverse the election.

The President has 232 electoral votes. To overturn the election he would need 38 additional electoral votes from a combination of these states:
PA (20 votes), Michigan (16), Georgia (16), Arizona (11), Nevada (6).
The differences in states like PA and Michigan, which he needs one of in any scenario, were 81,000 and 154,000 respectively.

I don’t think the fraud level reached that high in any state, and thus far the administration has been unable to illustrate it has come close to that.

now don’t forget the media

In my opinion the media decided this election more than fraud. The media is up there, side by side with the missteps in the campaign by the President and his team that I outlined yesterday.

The 92% negative coverage of the President, despite the accomplishments we outlined, is an indictment of the entire industry.

When 35% (in a post poll) say they didn’t know about the Hunter Biden computer issue, and yes it would have impacted their vote, that is on the media.

When the press allows one candidate to stay home day after day and never questions this, you have an issue. In fact, what they did was run a story of a President out and campaigning next to a Biden video released from his home and made it appear equal. It wasn’t.

On the rare occasion that President-Elect Biden took questions they were softball ones. More about what a bad guy Donald Trump was than what he planned to do.
He never got a question about his stamina and health. He was never asked about Hunter and his work with countries that he (Biden) was managing.
He skate walked to the election, and in this post period is still doing that.

The media has lost all credibility, and it’s ratings as a entity have fallen in the eyes of the public. Their bias decided this election as much as anything.

a thought on one term presidents

This thought kind of ties into the above media bias one.

In the past 40 years we have had three one term presidencies.

As a post script to George H. W. Bush’s time the media began writing about his being one of the most, if not most impactful one term presidencies in history. Of course this was after they fawned all over Bill Clinton to sway things. Remember the names they called President Bush? As soon as he lost they talked of his accomplishments in glowing terms and “maybe the most impactful one term presidency.”

Then we had Jimmy Carter’s one term, and though the media voted for Carter over Reagan they never wrote of a successful presidency. They had to say he was a great ex President for his work, because his four years were a disaster.

Now we have Donald Trump and, despite the incredible accomplishments, the media buried him. I suspect with time they will talk of his term in the same light they do George H. W. Bush. Don’t you agree?

Now consider this. The two one term Presidencies that will be called among the most impactful were Republican Presidents who the media tried to get out of office. The other (Carter’s) was clearly one of the worst Presidencies (and certainly the worst of my lifetime), but was a Democrat, who they still backed and have labeled the greatest ex President ever.

Just an example of media bias.

Oh yea, a message to George W. Bush. Now that Democrat Joe Biden is in the White House, you are going back to being dumb and the President who lied so soldiers died. You might have enjoyed your Never Trump popularity with the media, but that ends with a Democratic win. Let’s see who your friends are now as they go back to blaming you for all the world’s wrongs.

Have a Great Day.

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