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I’ve been asked where’s the blog?
The answer is, we were clear that this election was over when they called Arizona for President-Elect Biden.

In the next edition we made clear that yes we thought there was fraud, but no where near the numbers needed to reverse the election. I think that is clear now.

We also said the President will drag this out to the point he puts the Georgia run offs in jeopardy. That wasn’t hard to predict, and it’s happening.

Thus, I saw no need to take your time to tell you what I already had, or to repeat what you were seeing on your TV screens.

so where are we and what now?

Well the President and his lead attorney are continuing to attack the vote and make claims the election will be overturned. Not a chance!

What they are doing is burning the ground they are walking on and putting the Republican party in jeopardy.

Look at the names the President has called the Republican Governor of Georgia, whom he backed. Look at what he has said about the Republican Secretary of State in Georgia. What he is doing is motivating the left to vote again, while dividing his party for the key January 5th runoff.

So ask yourself, does he care more about himself than the party holding the senate? It seems like that in Georgia.

Today he attacked a second Republican Governor (Arizona), who was a friend. The Governor is not doing what the President thinks he should so he attacks him. Very divisive and bad for the party.

Maybe he should take a look at the things he said about John McCain in the state where they liked him and his family. Maybe take a look in the mirror Mr. President and ask yourself if you had not said what you did, you might have won the state.

And while you’re looking in that mirror we recommend again you ask the man in the mirror if he had allowed controlled tweeting that maybe he would not have motivated the hatred that drove so many to vote against him.

That maybe a little less ego and a little more humility might have turned the trick.
Maybe if you gave others credit as in “they” rather than “me”, that might have worked.
Or, how about if you had run your campaign on issues and accomplishments, do you think that might have worked?

here’s some things he might look at

You had historic accomplishments that history will recognize, yet in the entire campaign you never focused on them and told the people. Why not?

You had a weakened opponent who limited his time on the road. Why did you act like a buffoon at debate one? It was clear to everyone the more your opponent spoke the better it was for you. So what do you do? You interrupt at word one. Why was bullying your strategy?

You impulsively cancelled debate two as you hear about the plan to do it virtually. After debate one, how could that be your instinct? When you make the opposition happy you are doing something wrong. They delighted at this decision. Why did you do it without thinking it through?

You finally get it right in debate three, and look at the progress you made. The debates were the one place the media couldn’t really protect your opponent. Whose fault were debates one and two? Look in the mirror.

The Coronavirus hurt you. Think about that.
You had a record of getting things done with equipment and needs. You shut the borders. There was absolutely nothing your opponent wanted to do that you hadn’t. You started warp speed, did people hear that from you? With all you did, you made it about masks and an hour and a half daily brief, that you had to be front and center. Why? Why would you do that?
You allowed the virus to control you when your leadership was outstanding. Look in the mirror.

You lowered the corporate tax to 21% (from 35%), and that brought jobs back. Jobs that left under your opponent, who said he was going to raise the rate back up to 28%. Couldn’t you simply explain this to the American people and the jobs we’ll lose again? They would have understood this. Why didn’t you?

Do you think people understood what the Paris Climate Agreement was? Your opponent said he was going back in on day one. Couldn’t you explain what this meant for us? The money it would cost, the fact that China and India, the world’s largest polluters, would be free for ten more years while we cut back? Don’t you think that would have resonated? Why didn’t you?

There were so many more issues, yet you never got them front and center. You allowed the media to protect an opponent who stayed home. Why?

You told people not to vote by mail with the virus front and center. What kind of strategy was that? You allowed the other party to vote for months while telling your people to vote the day of. Does that make sense? Play by the rules and win was the order of this election. You didn’t do that, why?

Now you see fraud, that you knew was coming. Did you prepare ahead of time to avoid it? If you have it now, where is it? The Governors you are ripping, the courts you are going to, they don’t see it. Your own A.G. doesn’t see it.
Where is it?

What it comes down to is the man in the mirror. You gave it all you had physically, but your ego made mistakes. You turned so many against you with your words and actions that they wanted to vote against you. The failure to articulate the accomplishments really hurt.

You lost for the reasons above with two overriding ones. Your ego and the media. No doubt the media was against you and protected your opponent. They should never have gotten away with that, but you kept providing them ammunition. It was a shame.

Finally, you are going to Georgia this weekend. That trip must be about the upcoming runoff and not you. Holding the senate for your party is bigger than claims you cannot back. Right now you are costing them the election.
And that leaves 2024. Not a good idea. Don’t further divide the party. It’s time to move on. Let history judge your presidency.

Have a great day.

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