Time To Move On…

So where are we? It’s Time to move on.

The President’s team will continue to find irregularities and we as a nation should take up those issues. Now, what they will find will be far short of overturning results in four states that would be necessary.
However, we must resolve to fix the wrongs they identify as we go forward.

We need to address false votes, deceased people voting and any other other forms of cheating. Any invalid vote decreases a valid one, and every person in the nation should be dedicated to correcting it. We need to fix the system.

now some questions to answer

Let’s start with defining what an election and election period is.

Traditionally we had “election day.” Schools closed, many businesses did, and almost all gave people time off to vote.
You went to your voting place, showed ID and voted.
If you were going to be out of town or unavailable you applied for an absentee ballot and got it in by election day, either by drop off or mail.
All that changed this year.

Voting in some states began in September. That is before any debates and any world events that can occur for ninety days.
Does that make sense to anyone, or does that lend itself to fraud opportunites?

We mailed ballots in many states to people whether or not they requested one.
Does that lend itself to ballot harvesting and fraud?

Then we said you don’t need to have it in on election day. In cases like NC they were good to arrive until yesterday. Wait, they started voting in September, why is ten days later okay?
Now the Supreme Court voted 4-4 (thank you John Roberts) to allow late arrival and that it was okay if the signatures didn’t match.

Thus, issue one post election is to decide what is it. Election day? Election Week? Election Quarter?

Mark me down as for purging the rolls to assure registered voters only vote, and going back to election day with absentee ballots only.

what will history say of This election

If this election were by the old rules, what do you think the outcome would have been?
Would we have the record number of votes that we did? If the election were election day (with requested absentee ballots) due by election day, what would the results be?

The historians will study this election cycle and have a field day providing analysis. Here’s my thoughts:

Republicans have an issue. They have lost the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 elections. They need to broaden their base. President Trump started doing this with minorities, but a far broader reach out is needed.

The Democratic party is heading for an internal fight, the progressives against the moderates. President-elect Biden is going to begin encountering this in filling his cabinet, and it will get wider as he proceeds. The divide was covered up in the campaign, and the media avoided any mention of it. The emergence is underway.

President Trump will go down in history as a historic figure. His single term will be marked by change and impact. The question now is how does he exit the stage?
We are already hearing he wants to run in 2024. Bad idea. Exit stage right Mr. President.

The shame of the President’s desire to be President is he was willing to do almost anything – except control himself.
Historians will note that if he had controlled his tweeting and unfiltered utterances he would have won reelection. If he wants to know why he lost there were two reasons.
The first he can see in the mirror.
The second was the biased media. One he could control, one he couldn’t.
He couldn’t overcome both.

Now the President must decide if he is going to turn the nation against him in this process that cannot possibly succeed, or exit gracefully, recommending a commission to fix the voting process. We all agree that deceased citizens should not be voting. Make that the issue and people will agree we need a better way.

If he continues down the current path and doubles down, he will put the Georgia run off, so vital, in jeopardy. Chuck Schumer gave the Republicans all they need with his “next we win Georgia and then change the United States.” That’s a winning message for the right. Only President Trump can undo it. Will he?

have a great weekend.

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