Election Fraud?

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was there fraud?

This was a question we have gotten from many readers. My answer, there is fraud in campaigns. Go back in history and research Tammany Hall, or Richard Daley and the Chicago Machine in 1960. In a close election you are always left wondering. And yes, history is full of deceased residents voting.

However, in this election I think the gap is too wide to make a difference. So my answer to the inquiries is yes, we will find some irregularities, but not nearly enough to put the election in jeopardy.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be inaugurated on January 20th.

donald trump can look around

Donald Trump can look around for the the reasons he lost. There are many we would agree with him on, like the media bias. In the end, though, he has to look in the mirror. He provided everyone far too much ammunition.

What if, as suggested here and elsewhere, he had stopped tweeting endlessly unchecked after his inauguration? Imagine having a control over what came off his phone so reason could prevail. Would that have made a difference?

Imagine if had acted right in debate one. He lost the election that night.

Imagine if he would not have impulsively cancelled debate two.

Imagine if he would have focused the campaign and rallies on the issues, keeping it simple rather than the shows he put on. Would that have made a difference?

Why he didn’t lay out simply this is where he stood, versus where his opponent did. The question should have been what kind of America do you want?
Want examples?

Do you want the Iran Nuclear agreement back in place, or the continued peace process we have been achieving? Because the process ends if we put the agreement back in place. Middle eastern peace agreements never came up. Why? Biden was not going to discuss them. Trump failed to do so.

Do you want the Paris Climate agreement back in place, where we do so much the next ten years and the largest polluters like China and India are free to do what they want? And we pay the bill? Or, do you want a fair agreement?

Do you want to fund the World Health Organization (WHO) again while they mislead us on the virus to protect China?

The Trump campaign did not do this. They were too busy telling us how great he was. They blew it.


Now they better exit stage right with class. If they drag this out when it’s clear they lost, they are going to cost the Republicans the two seats in the Georgia run off.
If they do that, all the hype about the Blue Wave not being real, will be untrue. Because at the point the Democrats will have the White House, the House and the Senate.

now from the other side – spare me

“The people of the nation have spoken. They’ve delivered us a clear victory,” Mr. Biden said. “To make progress, we have to stop treating our opponents as our enemies. This is [the] time to heal in America.”
For four years your party called the 2016 election a fraud. You investigated and found the collusion charges a lie. You impeached on what? It started before he took office. How many of your house members failed to attend the inauguration because the President was “illegitimate?”

Your electoral numbers will likely be exactly what Donald Trumps was in 2016. Exactly.
Now it’s a mandate and the people have spoken, and all should be quiet and get behind you?
Spare me, though the media will support you.

Much more to come, just wanted to address the fraud questions today.

have a great day.

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