Down The Stretch…

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four days out

I am reminded this AM of that famous saying:
“Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.”

I think there has been much noise, far too many commercials, much cover up and not a lot of understanding. Now the readers of this blog are highly informed individuals with a far deeper knowledge of the issues, stands and positioning than the average voter.
So let me ask you:

Can you name five issues Joe Biden is running on and will change?
Stop and think for a second. Five issues? Three maybe?

What comes to my mind is the Coronavirus. That is what he talks about and says the President quit on us. That’s 90% of his stump speech.
What does that mean for policy?
Do you know what he is going to do different? I don’t.

It seems the answer for both candidates is the vaccine that will be approved in a few weeks. That is the solution.
I guess VP Biden would be more cautious and keep things closed longer, but are we sure? I guess he will say wear a mask and try to mandate it, but who doesn’t know they should wear one now?
By January 20th vaccinations will be underway, so will any of it matter?

The second issue that comes to mind is that Joe Biden will tax the rich. To do what? Do you know? Now that phrase always sounds great, but is it a reality? I thought in America we rewarded success. Is taxing the right move coming out the virus?

Other issues? You tell me.

Now here’s the issues that should be front and center–Peace and Prosperity.

Our parents and grandparents, after winning WWII, came home and built the American suburbs. They then faced down and won the Cold War to pass freedom on to their children.
They passed on the greatest nation, system and individual opportunity to future generations.

Now that generation faces its challenge. It’s not the Coronavirus that will be history before the next President serves a year.
The challenge is twofold:
The economic battle we will face with China to maintain our way of life.
The continued drive to defeat terrorism and those out to destroy us.
That is the battle of this generation.

Who can best meet those challenges is the issue of this campaign.

Who can assure economically we can move society and the world forward?
Who can keep America the place in the world where anyone can come and succeed?
Who wants America to continue to lead and not be just another citizen of the community?

That’s the question, along with this one. Is this generation who was handed everything from past ones, up to this challenge? Is this generation ready to sacrifice to assure we pass on the promise to America to future ones?

I don’t know the answer if the current generation is up to the challenge.
The grandparents and great grandparents of todays youth went forward as 18 year olds onto the beaches of Normandy, fought the frozen tundra in the Battle Of The Bulge and jumped behind the lines to save freedom. Four years ago their decedents cried and needed counseling because their candidate lost.

The future of the nation we grew up in is on the ballot. Think of the real issues and utilize your vote to assure that future is bright for those who follow us.

have a great weekend.

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