Does Anything Matter Now?

with five days to go

We have a record GDP report (up 33.1%). That FAR exceeded what the experts said earlier in the year because of the virus. (In the spring, some predicted a decline and thought 5% up with the virus was a dream).

VP Biden says we’re not doing enough, the President says full steam ahead. Does this GDP number matter to any voters?

Two weeks ago we heard all the negatives as unemployment claims rose. The gain is over, said some outlets. The reckoning is coming.
Then the next week they dropped by some 70,000. This week came in 40,000 below that. Good news.
Will the media even report it?

So the question is this:
Has the President given up as VP Biden says, or is he managing us out of the crisis?

Your vote decides.

the media threat

Okay, if you’re fair you have to say something is wrong here. If you say something is wrong you have to be concerned about our freedom going forward.

Tucker Carlson interviews Tony Bobulinski who provides supporting documents and testimony to the laptop stories.
He seems credible, but of course some can question. Doesn’t it at least say there might be something here and we should hear Hunter or VP Biden deny the story? They haven’t so far. (And the VP’s brother, when asked on the street wouldn’t answer.)
I mean after all, the media has certainly challenged the Trump kids on every story, all of which have been debunked.

Well the following stations, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC all had zero coverage of this. Zero — combined. Zilch – None.

Joe Biden is running for President of the U.S., with an election five days away. There is credible evidence he lied about at least talking to his son about deals. An eyewitness says so on national TV. It doesn’t deserve coverage? It doesn’t deserve the media asking him about it?
None did.
Think about that.

the media – part two

I watched the hearing yesterday of the tech heads and saw Senator Cruz destroy Twitter head Jack Dorsey. Here’s the bigger story to me:
First, Dorsey admitted locking up the NY Post account because of the story on the laptop. He said they (Twitter) were wrong and made a mistake.

Next he said the NY Post – after ten days – can now do as they say, go into their account, delete the story, and then repost and it will be fine.
Ten days later!

My reaction was exactly what the NY Post’s was.
Since you wrongly locked the account, you unlock it.
As of this writing the NY Post is still locked out of twitter, for a legitimate story.

Second, when each of the tech CEO’s were asked a question we all knew was coming, they couldn’t answer it. The question was — we know all the conservative voices that have been locked in your app, can you tell me one liberal voice that was?
None could.
They said they need to look. Which means the answer is none, because they would have had it ready.

All they proved is that social media has taken a stand and only providing the messages they want to the public. Very biased and extremely dangerous.

I say again, our freedom is at stake.
You cannot survive in a nation where the press, television and social media provide access to only one side and what they say is truth. Be concerned and vote like your freedom, and that of your children and grandchildren are at stake – because it is.

Combine that with plans to pack the court and change the face of the nation, and its clear what is at stake.

the media – part three

Remember back when the NYT published an article about how bad President Trump was under the byline “Anonymous”? Remember they said it was an inside high level person with close contact to the President? In fact many thought it was John Kelly.
Well “Anonymous” went on to write a book, too, about how bad the President was.
Yesterday “Anonymous” outed himself. Miles Taylor is his name. Who you say? Miles Taylor is the name.
He is famous in his own household and the NYT editorial room I guess, because I can’t name a single person, myself included, who ever heard of him. I guess he worked in Homeland Security for Kirstjen Nielsen and at the time was a deputy to the chief of staff at the agency.
The President had no idea who he was.

Folks, the media is a threat to our freedom.

have a great day.

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