Downright Scary…

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What it looks like

A friend called yesterday to say he would bet anyone who wanted one hundred dollars that Donald Trump wins next week. I don’t think I see it the way he does. Events, or more importantly, coverage of the events tells me otherwise.
The media is deciding this election, and I repeat, I see that as a threat to our freedom.

The report this AM was that 92% of the media coverage on the President remains negative.
How do you recover from that when so many get all their news that way?

Most people blame the President for the Coronavirus and say he failed to act. Why?
The media told them that, because the administration opponents said it.

Now, what have you heard that anyone criticizing the administration would have done differently? Even today, eight months later, they can’t tell you.
If Joe Biden wins what is he going to do different on the virus? The answer is nothing except roll out the vaccine that the administration pushed from day one with “warp speed.”

They told us the President failed, look at Europe and how well they were doing. Well in case you missed it, Europe is closing down this week. Were they wrong? Do they admit it? Who is calling them on that?

Most people still believe there was Russian Collusion.
Most people have little to no knowledge of the Biden laptop story, or the evidence the former VP knew what Hunter and his family were doing despite saying he had no idea. Why? The MSM does not cover it.

In what era of our history would an Adam Schiff be allowed to grow in power? He lied on collusion and now lied on the laptop, but the MSM has never called him on it. Why?
The answer is they chose sides.

We had a historic agreement with Isreal and Sudan this past week. Did you see coverage?
Did you see coverage the President has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times this upcoming year, all for different events? Think how incredible that statement is. Three nominations for three acts.

Now look, the President is not the perfect candidate or person. His flaws are all easy to see and report on – as they should.
But, contrast that with the lack of similar coverage and questions for VP Biden. Isn’t it fair to ask why he is not out campaigning? Isn’t it fair to ask about his gaffes? Isn’t it fair to wonder about his stamina and functionality?
Have you seen that on the MSM?

So today I think my friend is wrong, but no, I didn’t take the bet. Sometimes the people surprise you.

on the court

Really, we are to going to mess with one of the three branches of government because you don’t approve of legal appointments?
Can someone please explain where it says the court must be left leaning?
Really? We heard elected officials say they want to start an impeachment on Justice Barrett?

on philadelphia

Watching the video I cannot answer if the police should have fired, and seven times each at that. I was not on that street with someone coming at me with the knife, so to say what I would have done is not possible.

I can say this though. Why in liberal Philadelphia, in this day and age, do you have officers out there without tasers?
You, the government of Philadelphia own a part of this.

Next I heard the Governor mention “peaceful protests.” I assume, Governor, you changed your mind now.

Finally, don’t tell me looting and destroying businesses is because of the shooting. It was an opportunity some saw to take advantage of a tragic situation.
We can review if the shooting was right or wrong because there is a question. There is no question on the actions of the looters.
Now I realize a statement like that is not politically correct for the media today, and that is the problem.


I am concerned this morning for our nations future and freedom. Concerned about this:
The Media has decided what to report and what is news and not news. They have reported false news as fact and possible factual news they have avoided.

If they can do this and get away with it, what happens when the election is over? Is there going to be room for open speech and thought, or have we moved to such a level that dissent will not be tolerated?
Think about it, it’s downright scary.

have a great day

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