The Homestretch…

down the stretch we come

With eight days to go the polls continue to clearly say this is a Biden win easily.
The crowd enthusiasm says it is Donald Trump.
Tomorrow we’ll provide a breakdown on the election with a week to go and the states you need to watch to see if the President has a chance.

Today, we will tell you, the polls released this AM continue to say Biden wins big.
The University of Wisconsin polled three key mid west states and published Biden leads in each.
8 points in Pennsylvania.
9 points in Wisconsin.
10 points in Michigan.
The Atlanta Journal published their poll saying Biden by 1 in Georgia.
While the Dallas Morning News printed its poll, Biden by 3 in Texas,
CBS published its poll and said Biden by 2 in Florida and 4 in NC.

The betting odds moved to 66 – 34 for a Biden vistory.
So you have to really think the polls are all off to see a Trump win.
You would think they are off by the crowds and enthusiasm the President’s rallies exhibit.

One final thought on the election this AM. The Biden people have to believe the polls. After the no appearance week the last week before the debate, the candidate is back home. Over the week he did one rally. Today he has none planned. Tomorrow he in Georgia, which should indicate they believe the polls there. Kamala is in Texas, which is also interesting.
Meanwhile, the President and VP Pence are all over the map.
More tomorrow on that map.

the virus and the election

The media fixation on the virus, at the exclusion of other issues, illustrates their bias. This is a worldwide pandemic caused by China’s failure to be a responsible world citizen. Through the program “warp speed,” even Dr. Fauci said he expects a vaccine by the end of November. With the increased knowledge of who is most at risk, and how to treat, we have made progress. We all expect this to be a non or far lessened issue next year. To treat it as the only issue is a disservice to our nation and future.
Add this.
They are all blaming the President. For what? The one area we can criticize him on is he downplayed it. I get that. But what action did Joe Biden, Dr Fauci or the media say should have been done that wasn’t? What action should the administration have done? In fact, what they did saved lives and they were called names for it.
I am guessing the answer is masks? My reply to that is this.
Who didn’t know the recommendation was to wear a mask? Some people chose not to wear one. That is called the U.S. of America and individual freedom which is why Governors could not mandate it. It’s not as if they kept the recommendation secret.

In fact, here is the folly of the opposition and media. The administration closed the nation for 30 days to flatten the curve. That move halted the strong economic situation we were in. At that time every identified group in the nation had the lowest unemployment ever recorded, and the highest real income growth.
The result of following that counsel was lost jobs and a recession which they want to blame the administration for!
They are just biased and unfair.

Isn’t it amazing how Peace and Prosperity were always the issues before? The prosperity we had before China stopped being a world citizen, and the peace we as a nation are enjoying around the world? In fact, the President was nominated for four Nobel Peace prizes this year. How many know that?

Who even reported the Israeli/Sudan peace agreement last week? The fourth such agreement, something former Secretary John Kerry said was impossible.

Amy Barrett Tonight

Amy Barrett will be approved tonight. Again you hear all the hysteria about the court being changed and it’s now 6-3.
First of all John Roberts has proven himself to be a court balancer and has gone both ways on votes. Last week’s 4-4 vote to allow PA ballot counting after the election, even with no post mark, saw him with the three liberal justices.

Second, because of that we are one change from Roberts being the new Justice Anthony Kennedy. We’ve heard rumors of Justice Thomas wanting to retire. If he leaves in a Biden administration we are back where we started.

Jeffrey Tobin (You know him well now), when Anthony Kennedy retired (21 months ago) predicted that In 18 months  abortion will be illegal in 20 states.

some other quick thoughts

The media needs to stop with the “already voted” numbers as if it’s a surprise. The epidemic was going to drive that number without question. Let’s see the final vote count and if it exceeds 2016 by the numbers they are touting. I doubt it.

We used to judge administrations on promises made and kept. What happened?

Does anyone remember what ISIS was four years ago?
Did you know the number 2 in Al Queda was killed this weekend? Abu Muhsin al-Masri was killed in Afghanstan.

Does anyone remember when we moved the embassy to Jerusalem and what they said would happen? What did?

Finally, the Boilermakers Union affirmed again they had not endorsed VP Biden and that he misspoke about them. In fact, they endorsed his opponent. Covered?

have a great day.

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