The Final Debate…

the final debate

The third debate was what the first two should have been. The shame is it wasn’t, and we will never have the discussion on the economy, taxes and foreign policy we should have. The loser in that is the American People and in this election, the President.

Having dug himself a huge hole after debate one and then instinctively (incorrectly in my opinion) cancelling debate two, the President needed a big night. He had a good night, but I don’t think it was big enough to make up debate one.

Now here’s one more thought.
I don’t think the President was accurately prepared again. With all he had riding on the night, he should have taken the time to get his facts lined up. VP Biden took five days, the President did rallies to try and show a difference.
Here are some examples that would have been top of mind if he had prepared:
On healthcare, why didn’t the President look into the camera and ask if people believe Joe Biden on the issue? Isn’t he the person who promised you that costs for your family would drop $2,500 a family? They rose double that. Now he has the answer?
He said no one lost their healthcare — America fact check that.
On China, why wasn’t the President prepared to point out all the jobs that left the U.S. under Biden’s watch and that came back in the last three years?
Ask the American people if the person that created the problem is now the solution?
There was so many chances the President missed on simple examples like this.

What now?
As we have said before it takes a day or two for the debate results to catch up to what actually happened. If I were managing the President’s campaign I would be focused on fact checks today. Biden presented many, and they need to be out there first with their list. Examples:
Fracking. Show the video. He said more than once he would stop it.
Calling people “Predators.” It’s there for the seeing.
Biden said illegal border crossers show up for their hearing. 90% don’t.
He said he had a Republican Congress, that’s why he couldn’t fix the crime bill.
Not true. In years one and two they had a veto proof Democratic congress. (Remember the push to get Obamacare through?)

So go on the attack. They are behind and need to make up ground. If this makes headway, expand it. It’s part of Biden’s style to misspeak. Remember his stories on his college ranking? His arrest supporting Mandela? The black college he said he attended? The minority church he said he was a member of?

Go on the attack with the oil industry. The Biden team is already playing defense trying to walk back the statement. Now they are saying he was referring to ending oil subsidies. This is a major issue.

Add it all up, and now we should take his word that the computer, the emails, the texts and former CEO’s words are all lies and planted? Let’s prove once and for all, is the computer and contents real or Russian intelligence?
And the failure of the MSM to cover this is a threat to our freedom. It is beyond explanation and the excuse of unsubstantiated is a joke. They covered the Russian Collusion for three years and it was a total lie.

I am going to write a book about this election and title it:
The Election The MSM Stole.

Okay, let’s see what the polls say.

have a great day.

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