All About The Debate…

today is all about the debate

We’ll have limited comments today as tonight’s debate is what the day is about.
We promise tomorrow AM to have our clear analysis.
In debate one we told you the President blew the night and likely the election by his demeanor.
In the VP debate we told you that VP Pence stopped the bleeding and clearly defeated Senator Harris.
The stakes tonight are big.
The President needs a dominant performance. VP Biden needs to hold his own.

One thing on the current scandal

I will say, again, we are at a dangerous moment in our history. When the old media like the NYT and ABC as well as the new Social Media leaders like Facebook and Twitter deny coverage of a story, our freedom is at risk.

There is far more evidence of truth to this Biden computer story than there was to the Russian Collusion. Far more to this than the President over the graves story.
Yet, two weeks in and they continue to not cover it. How is that possible, and how do the American people allow that?

Well there are two things in this morning’s NY Post that I am attaching a link to that I urge you to read.

The column is by Michael Goodwin who reports on a statement and comments from Tony Bobulinski who was a partner with Hunter Biden and a participant of the email with the designation “Big Guy.” He knows who that is.
Bobulinski, a military veteran from a military family, is the CEO of partnership company for China and the Biden family.
Here is the links to Goodwin’s story with Bobulinski’s statement at the bottom. I would urge you to read it. Then ask yourself is this at least worth reporting?

amy coney barrett today

Really, the Democrats are boycotting the hearing today to vote on her?

Really, Chuck Schumer spoke to Dianne Feinstein to reprimand her for being friendly to Lindsey Graham after the session?
The same Diane Feinstein who started the whole “dogma” thing?

have a great day and enjoy the debate tonight!

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