Giving Up Days…

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why would you give up a week

Watching the President hold his rallies, often twice a day, it still shocks that VP Biden would have only one event in six days.
I think the polls are going to show additional tightening because of it, as Biden’s lead continues to narrow.

36 million have voted and now the debate

The President has blown the first two debates. He derailed his campaign with his demeanor in the first one.
He cancelled the second, because of the virtual nature, when he needed it.
This third one is his last chance.
He better be preparing and going over every detail, because his opponent has certainly done that. Biden knows, a strong performance and he can think about the color scheme he wants in the oval office. He will be ready. The President has to be prepared to counter and articulate facts. Is he preparing? Who knows.

this campaign has been so void of issues

This campaign has been so void of the issues. It has been noisy and full of charges of all types, but how many can relate to the issues?
Yesterday at his Erie, PA rally the President did the job of the media. He had giant screens and played VP Biden and Senator Harris saying over and over they were going to stop fracking (in fact Harris said on “day one.”)
Of course now in the general election, they are not going to stop it and Biden said the President was lying about his position.
I ask you, are Biden and Harris for or against fracking?

Let’s talk taxes. This impacts us all. Do you know the candidates plans? You know the President wants to lower taxes and Biden raise them. What does raising them mean? Here’s some information:

  1. Raising the top marginal individual income tax rate to 39.6 percent.
  2. Creating a payroll tax “donut hole” where the Social Security tax (13.4% increase, 6.2 % each for employer and employee), currently imposed on the first $137,700 of wage income will be restored above $400,000 of income. How long do you think that will last before it is narrowed more?
  3. Restoring the so-called Pease Limitation which reduces the value of itemized deductions by 3 percent of every dollar of taxable income above a certain threshold.
  4. The estate tax exemption would drop by about 50%.
  5. The corporate rate would rise from 21% to 28%.
  6. The maximum Child and Dependent Tax Credit would rise from $3,000 to $8,000 ($16,000 for more than one dependent.)
  7. Tax relief would be offered for student debt forgiveness and the first-time homebuyers credit would be restored.
  8. The unclear element is how high taxes will be on capital gains and dividends. There were reports that these limits would be equal to your income levels. In a real issue campaign this would be discussed and we would know.

    I think the best comment on taxes came from rapper 50 Cent when he saw taxes in NY would be 62% under this plan. He said he was out and moving elsewhere, and then endorsed Donald Trump by saying:
    “I Don’t Want To Be 20 Cent.”

the fbi and doj say no

The FBI and DOJ backed the words of DNI head John Ratcliff that there is no Russian involvement in the Hunter Biden computer issue.
Think about that. The MSM is running with the Adam Schiff lie that this is Russian led, thus they refuse to cover it; while social media denies allowing any story on their platforms.
Despite these statements nothing changed and ABC, with zero coverage to date, continues down that path. Twitter and Facebook continue to lock out the story.

In my opinion the press and social media press need to go back to school and retake the courses on free speech, open press and their obligations.

the supreme court

Tomorrow we are back to the Amy Coney Barrett hearings. Meanwhile the Supreme Court voted 4-4 this week to allow (a tie vote upholds the lower court ruling) mailed in ballots to be counted up to three days after the election.
Now in the past when I voted absentee I knew my ballot needed to be in their hands on election day. Now we allow three days, while other states like Michigan wanted fourteen days (for Pony Express delivery I guess).
Now you can argue about the three days, but the other provision in the PA decision bothered me.
The court said you can count the ballot even if there is no clear postmark! Now doesn’t that leave some room for fraud?
The 4-4 vote saw Chief Justice Roberts join the three liberal judges again.
So when you hear this new court will be 6-3, don’t believe it. John Roberts has proven over and over he is not one of the six.

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