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On My Mind with two weeks to go:

The Post Office

I was out yesterday driving to drop my off my ballot, and the thought of the 31 million who have already voted crossed my mind.
Then a thought hit me.

Remember all that noise the Democrats made about the post office and their inability to handle anything this election year? What happened? I haven’t heard a word about it since, and didn’t they say the Post Office needed $25 Billion more dollars or they couldn’t function? It was all over the news for weeks.
Now, the Postmaster General said they were fine and this was a nothing issue. Who was right?
Does anyone now hold those in congress who made all that noise for weeks responsible? Does the MSM take back all their charges?

How many times can the American people be treated as fools before they awaken?

The biden schedule and the president

In what universe does a candidate take off 5 of 6 days with two weeks and three days to go? Beginning this past Saturday until the debate Thursday that is the Biden plan. How is that possible?

As remarkable as that is how can the MSM not be making an issue of this?
Now why would VP Biden be off the trail?
I can only think of three reasons:

1. He needs the time to prep for the debate.
If that’s true he’s not fit to be President after 47 years in D.C.
2. He needs the rest.
If that’s true he’s not fit to be President.
3. He wants to avoid questions about Hunter’s laptop and his involvement.
If that’s true he’s in big trouble.

Now there is another thought that goes like this.
Let the President go out there all day and night and talk. He will talk people out of voting for him, like attacking Dr. Fauci yesterday. You see, the President will say something, the media will run with it, and no one will know Joe is home all day.

Can you think if any other reason for the stay at home startegy?

the hunter computer, the media and schiff

Unreal that the MSM print and television are not running this story. They run with the Schiff lie that it’s Russian planted information, despite the Director of Intelligence calling him out.

There is something very wrong in our nation when the MSM and Social Media take something with far greater validity than the Russian Collusion story and put it aside.
The very fact that, I would bet, more people still believe the collusion story than have the details of the computer is a damnation of our “free press.”

Every American should be concerned. Especially since you don’t hear the ex VP, his son or the campaign calling it fake. Add that Biden’s attorney, according to the store owner, called the day the story broke to ask for the computer back!
Not newsworthy?

One more thing on this issue. We keep hearing there is so much more on it to come. Do you think the Republicans are waiting for Thursday AM to break the stories in preparation for the debate and force a discussion?
On the other side, is VP Biden preparing to answer?
Things like I heard the stories and they refer to 2017. Let me remind you, in 2017 I was a private citizen and able to conduct business as such. Even if their outrageous charges were true there was no crime.
The President, if he actually prepares, has to be ready to quote 2015 events and do it clearly and succinctly.

one issue on my mind. the corporate tax

Keeping and bringing jobs back to America should be front and center in this campaign, but gets no coverage.
The President, in his tax plan, made it a point to lower the corporate tax to make us competitive and try and bring jobs back. I think he was more successful in doing so than any President in recent times.
Now VP Biden says he is going to raise the corporate tax. Not back to where it was when he was VP (35%), but to 28%. (It is 21% now. So half of it back.)
His rationale is this.
Do you know how many corporations like Amazon pay zero?
Well here’s a thought Mr. VP.
Raising the rate to 28% is not going to solve that issue. Raising the rate is going to drive more manufacturing jobs out and stop the return; and guess what? Companies are still going to pay zero. Instead of raising the rate, why don’t you take away the deductions.
It’s the deductions allowed over your 47 years in office that allows zero payment and not the 21% rate. Let’s keep our jobs and bring more back, stop the media hysteria.

have a great day.

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