Let’s Clear Up…

let’s clear up some things- First the Court

We continue to hear that Democrats plan to pack the court in retaliation to what Republicans have done. We all know about the Merrick Gerland situation, but let’s go a step further so you can judge.
In the Trump era:
Justice Scalia, appointed by President Reagan, died. Neil Gorsuch replaced him.
Justice Anthony Kennedy, appointed by President Reagan, a Republican, retired.
President Obama, a Democrat, nominated Garland. He was not acted upon.
President Trump, a Republican, nominated Brett Kavanaugh.
So that appointment, no matter how controversial, did not change the face or balance of the court.
There are no Republican or Democratic seats, but it maintained appointment by party.
Now we have the death of Justice Ginsburg and that is a change.
So no matter what you hear, there is only one seat that has changed.
One, not two or three.
Presidents Obama, Clinton and Bush all had two appointments.
President Trump got to appoint three justices because two died and one retired.

I don’t think any of this justifies packing of the court, no matter who wins.

Really MSM – Schiff can say that?

So Adam Schiff, who lied to them on “collusion in plain sight” and led us through three years of turmoil and $50 million wasted dollars, goes on TV and says the Hunter Biden Computer is “Russian misinformation.”
Worse, they believe him, let him get away with it and run with the story!

I saw the Director of National Intelligence say today that Schiff is lying. How does he know? Well, he said, we the national intelligence department supply him the intelligence information, and that is nowhere.
Thus, the question where does Schiff get his information? He better start relying on official sources.

Will you hear that anywhere on the MSM today?

off the trail, really?

On Saturday morning I was stunned to hear that VP Biden had called a lid on the day at 9 AM.
What, I said, two weeks to election and no campaigning on Saturday?

That shock lasted until Sunday when after one event he announced he will be off the trail Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until the debate that night.

There has never been a major campaign with that schedule. Something is wrong.

Just really’s

Really Nancy Pelosi, now that the polls show you are being blamed for the hold up of the stimulus you are telling the President and Senate they have 48 hours to agree?

Really, the moderator (and her family) for this next debate is so tied to the Democratic party? How can that be after what we just learned about the last one?
To the commission:
When you chose her did you see/hear the video I did of her talking to Hillary’s campaign manager and telling her what questions she planned for the next debate? Did you know her connection to the Democratic party?

Why don’t we just add Donna Brazille, and they can go practice with VP Biden before Thursday since he’s at home?

Do you wonder if anything is planned before the Thursday vote to pass Judge Barrett to the full Senate on Friday? Remember, this is when the Kavanaugh hearing blew up.

the election

The polls continue to say Biden and a Democratic Sweep, though the fourteen point lead in some is now single digit.
The betting odds began a narrowing over the weekend from a high of 66% for Biden to 58% this AM. The lowest it has been since the President blew debate number one.
On the House the Democrats remain in the high 90% area to control.
On the Senate the Democrats are 84% to win control.

Have a great day.

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