Debate and Town Hall

one town hall and one debate

What was set up as competing Town Halls turned out to be one Town Hall and one debate. The media was at it again.

Let’s see, on NBC the Moderator/debater asked 43 questions and the “Town Hall” participants 10.
Then add her tone, anger and constant interruption and you realized this was a debate.
You know what made it worse for NBC?
The women behind the President shaking their heads in agreement with him all night. Someone at NBC will pay the price for that!
For his part, the President was on his best behavior and did an excellent job. Sharp, clear and under control. He was everything he should have been in debate one.

On ABC George lived up to expectations. Did you notice the difference in this Town Hall versus when he hosted the President? Then it was hard ball, last night soft ball.
For his part, VP Biden answered the questions. He went a little long on a few of them, but he answered them.
Now, how is it possible that no questions were raised about the discovered information on Hunter Biden’s computer? Ask yourself if that were a Trump child, a Bush or a any other Republican, would it have come up? Why are there different standards if it isn’t personal bias?

So at the end of the night, both candidates held up. I think the President might have reassured his base more.

One note to George. You asked the former VP about his position on packing the court. He said he will tell people before the election. George, you report every morning on GMA how early voting is exploding, and today we hear 20 million have already voted. Didn’t you think about pointing that out?

and just for fun

All this happened on the day the moderator for the second debate, who we told you was a former Biden intern, Ted Kennedy aide and supporter of a “Never Trump” group, had to admit he lied and was suspended. He lied about a tweet on President Trump and said his twitter account was hacked.

If you don’t think the media is biased you are missing the real story and danger to our nation.

have a great day.

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