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barrett day two

Clearly Amy Barrett shone in her two days, and no matter what was tried she was able to parry the inquiry. Highly qualified, it is only political anger that will drag this out. I have no idea what they will introduce today. Remember, it was after the hearing that the Kavanaugh charges arose. Stay tuned.

the biden releases

Yesterday we raised the issue if the MSM would even cover the story. Well it was worse than we thought.
The MSM did not cover one second last night on their nightly news.
The NYT headlines today avoided the story. Check its front page.
Then FaceBook and Twitter took a stand and denied sharing it.
This morning the AM shows on the MSM avoided it again.

You only heard this story if you watched FoxNews, FoxBusiness, OAN or Newsmax. You only read it if you saw one of the few conservative papers like the NY Post.
That is a shame.

There is not much more to add. We had the leading candidate for President say he never talked to, much less met with, his son about his business in the countries that he, as VP, was in charge of. When evidence from the son’s own computer emerges that this was a lie, the media doesn’t cover it. They have chosen a side, and that is not only wrong but dangerous.

The examples of Twitter and FaceBook are starkly clear.
They ban this story.
They cut off the NY Post account.
They cut off the President’s Press Secretary’s account.
Why did they ban it? Unproven and “hacked” they said.
“Hacked,” what was hacked?
Now think about this:
Did they ban anything on the Russian Hoax? That was a lie.
Do they still allow things about the Steele Dossier? It’s a lie.
Did they stop the distribution of the President’s hacked taxes?
Did they allow the story that the President said negative things on the graves of soldiers?
Did they ban any lie on the administration over the past three + years?

No, not a single one. The N.Y. Post, a reputable newspaper dating back to Alexander Hamilton gets banned.

The media is the problem in this country, and they are influencing this election outcome in my opinion. This story is all the proof you need.

a few quick hits

How often did you hear about the U.S. numbers being so much worse than Europe because our leadership has failed us? The media runs with that.
Well, did you know this?
Europe has overtaken the U.S. in new Covid-19 cases. In a key metric that tracks the virus’s spread, the number of cases per million people, the 27 European Union nations plus the U.K. recorded 152 cases for every million residents over a seven-day period ending on Oct. 12. In the U.S. over that same timespan there were about 150 cases per million residents.
I bet you didn’t.

While on the Coronavirus, I want to address something the hero that the media created on handling the virus, Andrew Cuomo, said today.
First, a little history. Remember when:
Cuomo asked which 25,000 people he should tell to die because he didn’t have ventilators? He was blaming Washington for his failure to have any. Well, we the taxpayers funded them for him. He never needed 5,000.
Remember when he was accused of sending seniors to nursing homes, spreading the disease and so many died? Remember when he blamed everyone else for that?
Remember when we, the taxpayers, converted the Javits Center into a hospital?
Remember when we built a hospital in Central Park?
Remember when we sent a military hospital ship to the city?
They barely used the last three, but sent 6,300 patients back to nursing homes.
He owns the result of that decision.

Okay, so yesterday here is what Andrew said in a CNN interview.
New York’s hospitals “were never overwhelmed” at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo claimed Wednesday, continuing his apparent rewrite of history in defense of a state Health Department mandate that barred nursing homes from turning away sickly seniors.

He was on there promoting his new book about his leadership in a crisis.
Yet the press has convinced most citizens the President failed and Gov Cuomo was a hero. Ask the families of those he sent back to the nursing homes, because the MSM won’t.

election update

The WSJ/NBC poll released today is Biden by 11.
Decision Desk says Biden has a 85.3% of winning and estimates the electoral college as 315-223.
Senate Polls released say that the Democrats are about to control the chamber.
Example: In North Carolina, Cal Cunningham admitted to an extra-marital affair. In that time, Cunningham’s poll numbers have increased.
The House is 99% to go Democratic and keep Nancy Pelosi as leader.
The betting odds are 65-35 for Biden

Let’s see the dueling Town Halls tonight. I think the President is making a bet he will outdraw Biden. I have my doubts. I think people see enough of the President and knows all about him. They want to see Biden.
I want to see if the ABC questions for Biden are as tough as they were for the Trump Town Hall there. They were tough! Tonight?

have a great day

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