Score one for Barrett…

Day one

Let’s keep this simple, Amy Coney Barrett won day one going away. One more day of enduring the senate and she can sit back and await the vote.
Who lost? Besides us who had to watch that ridiculousness I think the biggest loser was Senator Mazie Keiko Hirono. Really Senator?

Now if day two goes as well for her here’s a question. Is any Democrat going to vote “yes?” Are Senators Collins and Murkowski still going to vote “no?”
What would be the reasoning to vote no? Qualifications are off the chart. Integrity unquestioned. What is it? Trump picked her? The Republicans should not have nominated someone?
So let me understand this.
A highly qualified person by every standard, a woman, who we are all trying to elevate in society, should be denied for no fault of her own? She did nothing but earn the right to be nominated. You find her flawless, and then you want to punish her? Explain that to me, and do it before you tell me Merrick Garland was treated unfairly. I agree Garland should have been acted upon, but now you want to make your own wrong? This is why you were elected? I thought elected officials were there to do the right thing. When is the right thing the wrong thing?
Maybe they got religion listening to Barrett and now believe an eye for an eye is the right path in life.

Is this for real?

Two stories today that the MSM should have covered and didn’t, because they are biased are these?

1. The NY Post reported and printed emails off a computer that Hunter Biden introduced and had a meeting with his Dad (when he was VP) and a Ukrainin Executive from Burisma. Emails!
Now, VP Biden has said over and over he never met with anyone his son worked with.
News worthy? Not to the MSM. Now if it were a child of someone else would we hear it?

2. The whole, now proven Russian Hoax, was based upon the Steele Dossier. That you know now. But, we learned yesterday that the FBI leads on the case (you know them) relied upon news stories to boost their case. Okay. Except for one thing. They were the ones planting the false stories in Mother Jones and elsewhere!
Read that again.
They planted the stories, which turned out to be false, and used the planted stories to support their reasoning for the FISA court. Wow!

More not reported? The supreme Court

Two stories on the Supreme Court I bet you heard a lot of before, but not today, in the MSM.

  1. Remember all the coverage of the Democratic charge in court that the President was profiting by him being in office? Lots of coverage of the congressional case, led by Stolen Valor Senator Blumenthal.
    We have long reported here that the President and his family have lost money in his time in office.
    Well yesterday the Supreme Court dropped the case and it is over.
    Did you hear that on the MSM? You heard about it when it was introduced, why not now?
  2. The Supreme Court also ruled in favor of the Trump administration yesterday saying the census ends this Friday and is not extended as Democratic lawmakers want.
    Folks you had six months to find three minutes to do the census. Enough is enough.

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