Three Weeks…

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Today we are about to sit through about eleven hours of hearings and questioning. I watched yesterday and walked away completely disgusted with what appointments to the court have become.
I heard one MSM station say the Democrats launched an “offensive” against the nominee. Well I agree with the word “offensive,” but not as they used it. It is “offensive” how elected senators act and treat individuals who in their lifetime have risen to the point they are nominated for this lifetime role.

I have news for them. They concentrated on the Affordable Care Act. The Act that they told us we had to pass to know what was in it. The Act they told us would reduce healthcare costs for every family by $2,500; yet they went up by that much. The Act they said wasn’t a tax, but the Justice of the Supreme Court had to call it one to make it stand in a 5-4 vote.
Now the claim is Amy Barrett will make it 5-4 to overturn it, therefore she cannot be seated. Now follow this. The case before the court was one where the lower court ruled the ACA was illegal. So, if all their claims are real a 4-4 vote means the lower court ruling stands. Got that?
Its just another lie the MSM won’t call them on.

What a shame Barrett, her family and all of us have to go through this. She is replacing a justice who was approved 96-3. You decide why.

Finally, because its personal to me, Stolen Valor Senator Blumenthal lecturing Amy Barrett is just deplorable. I know that’s true for almost every veteran I know.

speaking of deciding

Here are a few issues in the news that can help you decide. Most the MSM won’t report on:

Yesterday former VP Biden released a statement celebrating Indigenous people Day. “Our nation has never lived up to our full promise …..”
Donald Trump wished people a Happy Columbus Day.

The MSM reported today how the President was out without a mask again. How many in the audience in Florida were too. They were all negative on the President. They showed VP Biden at his rally with a mask and people in cars to socially distance.
You know what they never mentioned?
There may have been more Trump protesters at that rally than people in cars.
They never mentioned the three concerning gaffes Biden made yesterday:
He said to the crowd he was running for the “senate.”
He forgot the name of that “Mormon Governor.” (Mitt Romney)
Announced the wrong state he was in.
Okay, simple mistakes right?
Maybe, or maybe not. He’s not out that often and there are questions. Don’t you think it’s something they should mention?

Speaking of the MSM, why didn’t they cover the story of VP Biden claiming he was “raised” in a black church. When the congregants and longtime assistant were asked not a single one knew of nor ever heard that. Now on top of his saying he attended a predominately black college, Delaware State, that was proven untrue, and the lie about being arrested in South Africa, shouldn’t this be news?

Now I am not dismissing anything the President says, and he provides much amber; but the coverage of his words are extensive, and we always know where he stands.

election thoughts

The polls which ballooned to double digits after the first debate continue to show a wide Biden lead. The betting odds continue to widen and say Biden. Last week after the VP debate I said those polls would cease widening and begin narrowing. That is about to happen.
This race will narrow in the coming days, but VP Biden and the Democrats today are headed for a sweep of the Presidency, Senate and House as of this writing.

The one thing that must be considered is the enthusiasm gap. The President’s supporters are certainly turning out for rallies and will vote. The question I have is how many additional votes are Democrats going to generate with their mail in push. That could well be the difference.

have a great day

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