Just crazy…

you couldn’t write this

We are a little over three weeks to electing a President, a leader of the free world. Has it ever been a crazier time?

We have a President whose ego, mouth, tweeting and actions are destroying all he has done.
We have a challenger that shows no energy and has questions arise about him.
Combine that with a biased media that is so bad we should all be concerned.

it’s just crazy

So we have a challenger who says I will tell you the day after the election if I will pack the court – and the media doesn’t call him on it?
WAIT, we don’t have a right to know if you plan to fundamentally change one of three branches of our government? In what universe of a free and open society is that possible?
Only in one where the media is so much on his side they don’t raise the issue.

We come off a debate where VP Pence clearly outclassed his challenger (and the media is catching up to that today), yet the news gets diverted because the commission changes the debate rules?
How do you do that at 7:30 AM the morning after the debate? You’re all political and you know that will take away from coverage and discussion of it.

Then the President, obviously  desperate realizing he is losing this election, goes on the airwaves all day. Right then you know he will be saying things that have you shaking your head and the media will run with all day.
He intimates he caught the Covid virus from a meeting with Gold Star Parents who wanted to get close to him? What? First of all you are commander in chief. Second, none of them tested positive so how can you say that?

Follow that with Nancy Pelosi announcing she wants a commission to look at if the 25th Admentment should be applied because the President is ill.
A new way to try and impeach him? Really? We want her as speaker four more years?

It’s crazy, just completely crazy.
You don’t hear that though, because the media has a mission. Beat Donald Trump and that is the only side they want to cover.

While we’re at it, can someone please explain why the MSM has not covered one second of the reports that it was the Clinton campaign that began the whole Russian hoax? For three years you were wall to wall that the Trump campaign did it, and that turned out to be a lie. Why the silence now?
The media is a problem.

Want more?

How can this debate commission justity their actions beyond what they did yesterday. Like how could the moderator chosen for the now cancelled debate be an ex Joe Biden intern? One who worked closely with Ted Kennedy? One who tweeted “never Trump”?
The moderator of the VP debate this week is finishing her glowing auto biography of Nancy Pelosi and her stellar leadership.
No need to discuss Chris Wallace who was moderator of debate one.

How can the Michigan Governor blame President Trump and get major media coverage and support for saying it was his fault for the planned attack on her?
It was the DOJ under his administration that broke it up.

Finally, I heard the President again asked today if he would encourage his supporters to cast mail in votes. He said no. He said absentee yes, but the mailed ballots no.
The states are doing it. The courts are saying count them. Are you serious? You better encourage every vote you can.

have a great weekend

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