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how to shoot yourself

Yesterday we talked about the President’s words upon returning to the White House and how damaging they were. Coming off that disastrous debate fiasco it was self inflicted shot number two.
You can now add number three.
Why did he announce he cut talks with Nancy Pelosi? For once he had her on the defense. She went from $3.4 trillion to $2.4 to $2.2 for a stimulus. All he had to do was say I am trying. I want relief for the people, a stimulus check today. I want extended unemployment approved – today. I want funds for the airline industry to keep them afloat. You (Nancy) say you want this too, I challenge you to agree and provide Americans this relief today. I promise we will stay at the table and discuss the areas we don’t agree on.
Instead he goes off the rail, tweets he is walking away and who looks bad?

For a deeper read into what Pelosi has in the bill I have included a link to a column today by Betsy McCaughey on the details at the bottom of this blog.

I would like to know where Joe Biden stands on funds for what both sides agree on. While on VP Biden I have some questions the press seems to avoid:

before the vp debate let’s talk biden

We’ve attacked the President for many of the things he has said, but let’s take a moment now to talk about former VP Biden, and what he hasn’t said.
How is it he has gotten within 26 days of the election, is the clear favorite and hasn’t answered the questions we (or at least I) want to know?

He had a debate where the President and the moderator let him off the hook on a question like “Will you stack the court?”
He said he would not answer the question in the debate right before the President cut him off and the moderator never followed up.
Why don’t we deserve to know that answer? Why has no reporter pursued asking it? Why is it in his power puff Town Halls has no one asked?
Are we ready to make him President if he supports Schumer and team to stack the court?

Where does he stand on fracking? I love low gas prices and plentiful supply. I have heard him say more than once he was going to stop it. I have heard him say he wasn’t going to stop it. I have heard him say he was going to allow what there is, but allow no more new sites.
Don’t we deserve to know where he stands?

On taxes I heard him say he was going to raise taxes on those making $400,000 and above. I have also heard him say he is going to rescind the Trump tax cuts. Well those cuts were a larger percent in the lower income brackets.
Which is it? Am I the only one who wants to know?

I heard him say, and read on his position paper, he is for the new Green Deal. Then I heard him say he is not for it but for the Biden Green Deal. Well what is it? And what is the Biden Green Deal? How is it different from the far left Green Deal?
I’d like to know, wouldn’t you?

I heard him say he wants to raise the corporate tax rate to 28%. (The President reduced it to 21%, to bring back jobs.) Does he think the 39% it was before the President lowered it was too high? Why did he allow that when he was in office? How does he know 28% will not reverse job growth? Most competitive countries are below that.

I heard him say he gave the President a booming economy and jobs returning. But I heard President Obama say he needed a magic wand to bring jobs back. Well the record says that in 8 years the Obama/Biden administration produced 192,000 manufacturing jobs. The first three years of the Trump administration produced 475,000. What am I missing? Can someone ask him please.

By the way, it was the same with construction jobs. 280,000 in eight years versus 746,000 in the past three.

Can someone please ask why he was against the Bin Laden raid and the actions against Solemani and Al Bagdahi? Does he think the actions were right now? I think if they were still around they would killing more Americans. Does he?

While on that, then Secretary Gates, among others, has said you were on the wrong side of every foreign policy issues for the past 40 years. Did that surprise you? Why was he wrong?

You thought NAFTA was good and canceling it would be wrong. Now you say the USMCA is better. If you were President we would still have NAFTA, be in the TPP and funding NATO at the record levels we were. Would that have been better for us?

Many in your party talk of allowing abortion even after birth. Most up to the moment the baby is born. You talk of your catholicism, where do you stand?

You said as late as March of this year that China is no competitor to us, “c’mon man.” Now you said we must deal with China. When did you change your mind?

Do you think Iran is more of a threat today than the day you gave them $1.5 billion in cash, because the middle-east countries don’t think so. You really want to put the Iran agreement back in place?

The St.Louis couple that defended their home were indicted yesterday by a Grand Jury. The same jury that dropped all charges against those who came on their property. Do you see this as justice? Would this couple have come out of their house with guns if their property was not invaded?

While senator you passed the toughest law to lock up minorities. Were you wrong then? When did you change your mind?
In a debate over desegregation you said you didn’t want your kids growing up “in a racial jungle.” What did you mean and when did you change your mind on that?
While answering those, do you still feel someone who is black and not voting for you isn’t really black?

I have many more, but the VP has skated by to within 26 days of the election. How is that possible?

finally the debate tonight

The pressure is on VP Pence to stop the Biden/Harris momentum. A CNN/SSRS poll released today shows that 56% of registered voters said they were planning to support Mr. Biden while only 41% said they backed Mr. Trump.
The 15-point lead is the largest advantage yet for the former vice president for this survey.
Biden is pulling away and taking the senate and house with him.

The betting odds are up to 65% for Biden.

By the way, the moderator tonight is Susan Page, She is the USA Today’s Washington Bureau chief. You should know she is currently at work on a book titled “Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi / Lessons of Power,” a 432-page biography set to be published in a few months.

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Link to column by Betsy McCaughey:

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