Even Good is Bad…

When Good is bad

The President gets released from the hospital and then he and his media adversaries manage to mangle a positive moment. Oh what we’ve come too!

First the President.
He wanted to portray strength and leadership. No doubt he was thinking back to President Reagan and how he handled being shot and subsequent hospitalizations.
He wanted to portray that we can beat this virus. That recovery rates are high and medicines being utilized now are increasing that number.
All good.
By doing that he wanted to convey it was necessary for him as President to be out and be an example for the people. To be locked in would send the wrong signal. A subtle comparison of leadership to VP Biden.
Okay, I get that too.
Now his words and actions brought that “oh no” look to my face.
You can’t say “don’t be scared of the virus.”
The right words were the progress we were making with therapeutics and a vaccine. He could have said “I am an example. Six months ago this virus was an unknown, today we have learned much on how to treat it.”
Then he could have explained how the elderly and those with pre existing conditions must continue taking extra precaution as we move toward a release of the vaccine.
Leadership in words and actions, not telling me you are the leader.

That said, the media was ridiculous.
They attacked. Called him every name possible from Mussolini to a despot dictator. They took such joy in attacking you wondered if they were happy he was alive and released. They didn’t celebrate the progress we made as much as the President is the cause.

Let me say this one more time. China is one hundred percent responsible for every death from this virus. They could have prevented it from spreading. They lied. To see a poll today that Americans blame America for the spread is appalling.

Let’s just do a few fact checks here:
Who closed the China border, and who called that racist?
Who closed travel to Europe, and who called that wrong?
What Governor on the calls with the VP and task force ever said the President and team did not give them what they wanted and needed?
What did Dr. Fauci say except that the administration did everything they wanted?

The media has misled Americans.

have a great day

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