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As The President Recovers

As the reports appear positive on his fight against the Coronavirus we are all (well most of us) grateful for that. We keep in mind all those also inflicted last week and hope they too are recovering well. Governor Christie in the hospital with both asthma and high BMI is of the most concern.
Let’s continue to pray that they, and all inflicted, recover and we make progress as a nation and world to find therapeutics and a vaccine.

The President’s Campaign is not recovering

What appears to not be recovering is the President’s campaign. As predicted here last week, no matter what spin they were putting on it, the President’s outrageous debate performance was going to show up in the polls. Over the weekend it has. He is down 14 points in the NBC/WSJ poll.

It has gotten so bad that the betting odds after reaching 61-39 for VP Biden have gone off the board.

Whoever advised the President to be so aggressive in the debate is up there with those who advised leaders that we should appease Hitler and he will be happy. The strategy should not have been interrupt Biden, but let him talk. The President needed the debates to turn the election, and all he did was the opposite.

Can he recover?

The days are dwindling and the mail in votes are being cast. The strategy to knock mail in voting was another ill advised move. It took too long to separate absentee requests from unsolicited mailed ballots. Depending on one day, with weather, the virus expansion and all that goes with it was another mistake.

If you would have told me that the Joe Biden we saw in the early Democratic debates would be elected President I would have thought you lost judgement. It appears now we are on the verge of that happening.

The questions the Republicans better raise are these.
Do you want to wake up on November 4th and have Joe Biden as President, Chuck Schumer as Senate Leader and Nancy Pelosi as Speaker?
Do you think the answer for the economy now is to rescind the Trump tax cuts?
Do you think the way to get jobs back is raise corporate taxes again? (Trump reduced it to 21% to bring jobs back, Biden promises to raise them to 28%.)
Is Joe Biden, who as late as March of this year said, “China is going to eat our lunch. C’mon man,” the answer to solve the issue now?
Don’t we deserve to know if he (Biden) agrees with his party leaders to stack the Supreme Court? To change the rules again in the Senate and eliminate the filibuster?
Don’t we deserve to know if the report that the Clinton campaign began the Russian collusion story is fact? After all we have spent 4 years on a false story.

You get the idea. They have to stop the noise and get to facts. The longer they don’t, the less sand is left in the glass on the days to election.

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