Trump saves Biden…


Having witnessed every televised presidential debate, I can say this was the most outrageous, out of control and saddest display I have seen.

The President came in trailing and he left trailing by at least as much, if not more. His demeanor cost him a golden opportunity. It was disturbing and disgusting how he interrupted and stopped every answer and dialogue. In the end he saved Joe Biden from himself by not allowing him to talk.

Why did he do that?
Well all week when he said he didn’t need to prepare, I didn’t believe him. I do now.
If he had conducted one prep debate session and done what he did last night they would have stopped it and lambasted him (as best as any aide can do that to him). It was the absolute wrong strategy and may have cost him reelection.

Here’s an example. Biden was asked about stacking the court and getting rid of the filibuster. The former VP was burying himself by refusing to answer. Rather than letting Biden finish and then saying: “So, Mr Biden, you are not going to tell the American people if you support stacking the court? You can’t say if you favor changing a history that has lasted 150 years, in the third pillar of our government — all because you lost an election?
Is that what you are telling America?”

But no, he had to interrupt the answer, allow it to delve into noise and the issue go away. Not very genius from the self proclaimed genius.

Think of that and ask yourself this. What was memorable of Joe Biden’s performance? What policy issues did he say that stood out? What lines do you remember? Clown? Shut Up? What else? Joe Biden didn’t impress as much as Trump unimpressed.

Now Trump for his part, besides his demeanor, missed the chance to answer the far right, white extremists question. All he had to say was “Yes I do condemn actions from the right and the left. I condemn anyone and anything disrupting life, people and destroying the values of our nation.” Now ask him if he condemns Antifa.

By being unprepared and disruptive instead of debating, the President missed so many opportunities.
First of all if I were advising the President it would have been let Biden talk. The more he talks, the more he seems to wander, let him go on. That’s our best asset. Instead, one sentence in the President was all over interrupting. The exact opposite strategy.
So many missed opportunities to listen and then reply. Examples:
They were arguing the Green Deal and Biden was talking about the money he would invest and jobs they would create.
All Trump had to say was: “Oh yea Joe, like Solyndra, where you wasted $535 million tax payer dollars when you ran it in the Obama administration?”
That’s called being prepared, which the President was not.

Other areas the President’s shouting and disruptions missed opportunties:
– Do people really want to shut down the country again?
– Do people not want school open?
– Was closing the border something that saved lives or not?
– Biden’s policies on minorities for crime, jail and busing.
– Trump’s accomplishments in 47 months vs. Biden’s 47 years.
– Antifa is “an idea”?
– The stats on unemployment for each group before the virus.
– Real income growth last year vs. the Obama years.
– Allowing Biden to answer about Hunter’s income from Moscow.
– The loss of jobs under Biden to China.
– Biden’s support of NAFTA, TPP, and the China deal.
– Joe, you still want to stop the wall being built and have open borders?

In the end I don’t think Biden said or did anything to win. In fact he looked a little like we should be concerned. Yet he wins the night, because the President fell into every stereotype portrayed about him.

How does he recover now?
Well Presidential elections have a way of turning issues every which way the last month. We’ll see about that, and the next debate is a Town Hall forum which limit interruptions. But if I were on the Trump campaign today I would be asking one question on every airwave today:
“You saw both candidates on stage last night, ask yourself this. Which one do you want negotiating with China? Which one do you want staring down Iran eye to eye? Which one will stand for America and fight for what we need? ,

Other than that I have no idea.

have a great day.

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