No Blog Needed…

today is all about the debate

Nothing needs to be said today, the debate tonight will be all the news.
Some pre thoughts from me:
For three months I have been writing the President was wrong to diminish VP Biden’s mental capacity to the point he can’t put sentences together.

You have read me saying, that life is about expectations and all Biden needs to do tonight is stand on the stage, answer questions and not lose any train of thought. He does that, he wins.

If he does that people walk away saying Biden was fine, not like they said he was, and he wins the night.

If he wins the night with the lead he has today he is on the inside track to win in November.

How does Trump win?

He has to be simple in explaining to people what he has done in 3 1/2 years versus what his opponent did in 47 years.

He has to tie that to all demographic groups and where we were before the Coronavirus. He has to place the blame squarely on China and that he is best to fix it.

He has to convince people that his opponent was part of creating the trade and job loss problem, that he now says he can solve.

On taxes he needs to tie the tax breaks to the laws Joe Biden passed allowing them. He has to explain he has been audited X amount of times and every time the IRS found no wrong doing.
Just as the NYT found out this time. But, isn’t it funny they do this story now?
And isn’t it convenient that his opponent had a campaign ad ready to run one hour after the story broke?
Of course the NYT last endorsed a Republican in 1956, maybe that explains things.

In the end he has to stick to the issues. The issues are on his side. When Biden attacks, go back to the record. Where were you when the events happened? Not what you would have done today with the history, what did you say then?

Bottom line is this:

Biden needs to stand, answer and be coherent. The MSM will call the winner, and because of expectations many will side with that.

The President must be fact based and present the record of what was, placing the current issues on the Coronavirus, that China is responsible for, and outlining how he is best to recreate what we had.


enjoy the debate.

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