One day to debate one…

with one day to the DEBATE the nyt STRIKES

The President’s taxes dominated the MSM news today as the NYT reports that he paid little and is facing staggering losses.
I know there is an obsession on the left with the President’s taxes, but I didn’t care four years ago and do so even less now. Why?
That’s the IRS job to review taxes and get what is due. If anyone reading this is concerned, here’s a question. Do you take advantage of deductions? Why is it all right for you and not others?

Now if it comes up tomorrow here’s what I tell Chris Wallace or Joe Biden:
First, for the past four years I have donated my total salary as President to charities. Am I not allowed to deduct that, or should I pay taxes on that too?

Second, in business I took advantage of every deduction Joe Biden allowed in his 47 years in office. If you think the deduction is wrong look at who allowed it, not who used it.

Third, I paid high NY state and local taxes. Every dollar of that was allowed as a deduction. That was legal, but I thought wrong. I was the one who put a limit. A limit you want to undo.

Fourth, isn’t it interesting that for four years they said “Trump is profiting from his time in office,” and now the NYT is saying I am going to be in trouble paying bills in a few years. And Forbes magazine says I am worth less today than the day I took office. How can both the charges and facts be true?

Fifth, this is from the NYT and not accurate. The same people who won a pulitzer for the Russian Collusion that turned out to be a lie. The same paper that said I disparaged the military a month ago, with no witnesses. The paper that said I had four mini strokes and a hundred other false stories.

the amy barrett nomination

How come we have to go through this every time a Republican President nominates someone?
It all started with Robert Bork and Ted Kennedy’s deplorable attack on “Robert Bork’s America.”
Then we had the Clarence Thomas fiasco under George Bush 41.
Think of every court hearing you remember as nasty and in the gutter. They were all from a Republican President.
Want proof?
After Bork and Thomas, how come Ginsburg was approved 96-3?
Sonia Sotomayor (nominated by Obama) was 68-31. Elena Kagan nominated by Obama was 63-37.
Why is it we had the nastiness of Bork and Thomas (a 51-49 vote) and then Democratic nominations slide through? Is it because they are such superior candidates or one side seems fairer in respecting the law and process?

After that comes the Brett Kavanaugh charges with even the witness the accuser named saying she had no idea about it. It didn’t matter did it?

Why do Democrats insist on doing this? Now we start with Amy Barrett.

The charges going that she will put women back in chains is just laughable. A woman we should celebrate is demonized. For real?
As is the charge she adopted two children from Haiti in that trying time down there, to prove she is a not a racist. What? Here’s a piece of an old story on her:
When the Barretts were preparing for their marriage, their priest encouraged them to interview another married couple. This couple had decided to adopt a special needs child. After the Barretts spoke to them, they began to consider adoption as a way to form their family and help children. Amy Coney and Jesse Barrett eventually adopted two of their children from Haiti—Vivian and John Peter.
That was a racist plan by some on the left. I cannot relate to that.

She’s going to destroy the Affordable Care Act is another charge.
I think the President should say this in the debate. “If the court strikes down the ACA, we will keep it 100% in place until a replacement that guarantees pre existing conditions, does not drive up individual costs, and is agreed upon as a replacement. There is no way we will allow 100 million (their number) to go with no coverage. It’s about time both sides sat down and ended phony promises— remember when the ACA was going to save each family $2,500 a year? Well its time to do the right thing for our citizens.”

The ACA charges remind me of the Harry Reid charges that Mitt Romney paid no taxes for ten years and after the election when challenged about the lie said: “He didn’t win right?”

If I were running, I would be saying my opponent would vote against Amy no matter what. It’s nothing to do with the timing, it’s her judicial philosophy to follow the law and not make law. Ask my opponent if he would vote for Amy in another year.

As for the outrageous charges of catholic dogma, how disgusting. Do you know 5 of the 8 current justices are catholic? Now we have “dogma.”

No more lies about Amy Barrett. Judge her on her true character and stop the deplorable charges on every Republican nomination.

here’s a nyt opinion piece

How to Debate Someone Who Lies 

Truth sandwiches, ridicule and other tactics for Joe Biden when he faces President Trump

Wait, only Donald Trump has said things you think are lies?
Just last week I read a story about Joe Biden on his academic claims:
“Joseph R. Biden declared on the campaign trail that he began his academic career at Delaware State University, a historically Black college, a claim that the school refutes.”
The school claims that is a lie.
As was his claim that he graduated from law school at the top of his class. Top if you were reading from the bottom up.
I saw him say no fracking, and yet I heard him say Donald Trump is lying that he is against fracking.
I heard him say he will not raise taxes on all the people, only the rich. Yet I heard him say he was going to repeal the Trump tax cuts. Well they went to all the people.
There are so many more, including personal stories about tragedies that had to be changed, that if Donald Trump had done would be front page coverage.

Once again the NYT, the paper of record, has taken a side. What a sad demise for this newspaper.

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