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Let’s start with Louisville and the A.G. report yesterday.
I watched his review in full and he provided new details as well as changes in the public reports.

First of all he said the police did knock, and a witness above the apartment verified that. We were told it was a no knock entry. So make sure we get this right. They had a no knock warrant, but did knock and identify themselves.

Now the boyfriend in the house said he did not hear the knock nor identity and thought it was a house intrusion.

Right there we have a setting for what was about to happen.

The police, in accordance with their warrant knocked the door in. The boyfriend, using a legal gun he had, shot at them and hit an officer. The two officers at the door hearing this shot and having one hit opened fire back. The end result was Taylor standing, not in bed as first reported, was hit six times and died.

Here’s the question. What would you have done differently on either side?
If you had a legal gun and thought you were being attacked would you have fired?
If you were the police with a warrant and after knocking were being shot at and one of you hit, would you have fired back?
If you answer yes to both those then you agree that neither the boyfriend or two officers at the door were guilty of anything.
That is the ruling.

The other question is were police at the wrong house?
We were told they were. It turns out they were not. This apartment was related to the house they were watching. Both were under surveillance for drug trafficking. It turns out that apparently Breonna Taylor’s old boyfriend was using the apartment to get packages (suspected to be drugs) delivered to it. Thus it was under observation tied to the suspected drug house.

So, from an outside view, what went wrong here was a warrant to be executed at midnight. That led to the situation we had.
If you don’t hold the boyfriend responsible for shooting at the police, how can you hold the police responsible for firing back after getting shot at and one wounded?
Now the third officer who, according to the A.G., fired at a back window with no clear line of sight and even fired into a second apartment is charged with reckless use and endangerment, who can argue with that?

The media coverage of this was as biased as ever. They should answer the question of what they would do if fired upon.

One final thought here. What do all the cases we have seen recently have in common? The answer is drugs. They all involve drugs in one manner or another, and that is the bane of our crime today. If people stopped using illegal drugs think about what kind of state the nation would be in.

the hunter biden report

You didn’t hear on the MSM about the report the senate released. Why?

Basically the report said it wasn’t clear whether Hunter Biden’s lucrative gig on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings affected U.S. policy, but that the issue nevertheless percolated in the background when his father led Obama administration efforts in that graft-riddled country.
So, no smoking gun, but if Joe Biden wasn’t VP would Hunter be on the board with no experience?
The document said:
“The Obama administration knew that Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s board was problematic and did interfere in the efficient execution of policy with respect to Ukraine.”
The Biden campaign called the report a desperate political stunt and part of foreign interference efforts by Russia and others to aid Mr. Trump.

The other new news and question was why the wife of Moscow’s Mayor gave Hunter $3.5 million. It wasn’t answered here.
We’ll leave all the questioned money transfers tied to prostitution alone.

Just think if it were Eric, Ivanka or Donald, would it be covered?

one final report today

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad F. Wolf said Wednesday that attempts to influence the U.S. election run well beyond Russia, with China and Iran also deeply involved — though, unlike Russia, they are working against President Trump.
Testifying to the Senate for his nomination to become the fully confirmed secretary, Mr. Wolf was peppered with questions from Democrats about Russian attempts through disinformation to hurt the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden.
Mr. Wolf confirmed the threat but said it goes beyond Russia and beyond attacks on Mr. Biden.
“I know that there continues to be a lot of focus on Russia, as there should be. You cannot do that at the exclusion of making sure that we continue to address the threats that are from both China and Iran,” he said.
He acknowledged that Russia is looking to attack Mr. Biden but said China “prefers” Mr. Biden, as does Iran.
Mr. Wolf, though, said “all three are a threat” and operate in different ways.

How come the MSM only talks Russia?

have a great day.

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