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some quick hits today

No matter how much you hear on television and read in print both sides have changed sides on nominating and voting for a new justice. There’s no innocent virtue here, no matter how loud they shout or the media supports any side.

By early afternoon we’ll know how and why Mitt Romney will vote. His vote appears to mean either a 51-49 0r 50-50 vote, with VP Pence casting the decider. My gut is he votes to go forward. He needs to rebuild some conservative trust.

The President, for his part, announced that on Saturday he will name the nominee.

this october may be different

We often hear about October Surprises in national elections that never develop. I think this year may be different.
– First, I think the senate committee is going to produce a Ukraine report that will contain some strong allegations against Hunter Biden.
– Second, we are likely to hear more from the Durham Report.
– Third, there are the House hearings where Comey and likely McCabe will testify.
– The hearing on the nominee will produce explosive moments. The left will go after the nominee – maybe harder than they did Kavanaugh. How will that impact the vote? Another hearing like that could drive people. The Kavanaugh hearing was a disgrace.
– Then the virus and what happens with it and the vaccine.

biden announces plan on Border walls

The Biden campaign yesterday revealed details of his immigration policy, if elected. The proposal calls for halting construction on border barriers, eliminating detention of illegal immigrants and scaling back workplace enforcement — among other things. It supports increased immigration.
Not much coverage right? You would think no more wall building would be news.

a government shutdown

Both parties say they are working and close to producing a stopgap plan to get the government funded until December 11th. Now you didn’t hear much about this, maybe because its the Republicans who wanted more funding.
According the WSJ, Republicans fought for the money and Democrats resisted.
The House will vote today on a smaller bill taking out the funding they said the President wanted to buy off rural voters. (Farm Aid)
That vote will move the ball into Mitch McConnell’s court. He then has to accept the bill or try to amend it.
If he amends it, Senator Schumer will certainly block his attempts, and that opens the government to pressure with only 8 days to a shutdown.

The guess here is that McConnell accepts as is to avoid the shut down, and the farmers lose. Who would have thought that Republicans here and in the stimulus bill they passed would be the ones trying to spend and Democrats saying no?
One thing for sure, if this were party reversed you would be hearing a lot about it from the MSM.

here’s an interesting story

Remember that hearing when A.G. Barr went before Rep. Nadler’s committee and it was one of the most insulting hearings ever? They wouldn’t let him answer, reply or even go the restroom?
Well Nadler has asked the DOJ to appear again.
The response to the request is in this story:
Democrats were so “insulting” to Attorney General William P. Barr during his last appearance on Capitol Hill that the Justice Department won’t send witnesses to two upcoming hearings, the department informed lawmakers on Monday. Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler had asked for top officials to testify at hearings over the next 10 days on civil rights and on prison operations. But Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd delivered a withering rebuke, writing Mr. Nadler to say the committee had a chance to ask Mr. Barr about those subjects when he appeared for a hearing in late July, and instead Democrats “devoted their time entirely towards scolding and insulting the attorney general.” They also refused to give Mr. Barr a chance to respond, and indeed some made clear they didn’t want to hear what he had to say.“All told, when the attorney general tried to address the committee’s questions, he was interrupted and silenced in excess of 70 times,” Mr. Boyd wrote. “One member interrupted him and admitted, ‘Well I don’t want you to tell your story.’”

This should be covered on the news too shouldn’t it, because to me that was a disgusting display by that committee.

here’s a link to three WASHINGTON TIMES stories that you may find interesting.

DOJ declares New York, Portland and Seattle ‘anarchist jurisdictions,’ moves to cut federal funding:

China attempted to cover up scope of COVID-19, could have largely prevented outbreak. (THIS EXPLAINS HOW CHINA IS TO BLAME AND COULD HAVE AVOIDED THE DEATHS).


Speaking of QAnon conspiracies, check out these gems from liberal establishment. (OVER 35 FALSE CHARGES THAT HAVE BEEN MADE ON ADMINISTRATION AND GOTTEN COVERAGE. YOU WILL RECOGNIZE MANY).


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