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lets be clear on the court

Within the hour that Justice Ginsburg’s passing was announced the noise started. It won’t end until after the election, and if VP Biden wins then never.

So here’s the bottom line. Both sides are hypocrites. Whatever side you were on in 2016 you are now on the other side in 2020. Let me repeat that, both sides.

Now the media might want to make this one sided, but it’s not. Just check out the leaders statements from 2016 and today. Look at McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi, and they are all on the opposite side. (Chart below)
End of story.
Both sides. No matter if the station you watch or paper you read only presents it one way.

That includes the Justice herself, who is getting all the accolades she deserves. Whether you agreed with her positions or not, she made a difference and impacted our country. May she rest in peace and rejoin her friend Antonin Scalia to pick up their friendship and arguments.

Upon his death in 2016 she said his position should be filled, the election makes no difference. Now we are told her wish was the position not be filled in 2020.

So, both sides. Don’t let anyone tell you anything else.

By the way, there have been openings for the court in 29 election periods.
In all 29 the President nominated a candidate.
In 19 of those the senate and president were of the same party.
17 of those nominated were approved.
That leaves 10 times they were of opposite parties.
Two (2) of those were approved.

So not so rare, and not so different.

election news

The polls over the weekend remained constant, and in fact VP Biden slightly widening his lead.

The RCP average is a 6.5% lead for Biden.
The betting odds have moved toward Biden to 54-46.
We have eight days to debate number one.
Nine days to the government shutdown.
Forty-three days to the election.
BTW, it took forty-two days to confirm Justice Ginsburg.

VP Biden has taken a huge lead in funding for the campaign, while he is out spending the President 2-1. He is entering the final stretch of the general election with $141 million more in the bank than Trump, a stunning reversal of fortunes from last spring when Trump held a hefty financial edge as the nearly broke Biden emerged from the Democratic nominating contest.

Take note of this following the announced death of Ginsburg:
ActBlue’s fundraising tracker recorded a $30 million jump in contributions from about 9 p.m. Friday, shortly after her death was announced, to 9 a.m. Saturday, while setting a single-hour record of $6.3 million from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. Friday

some other news

Did you see on Saturday that Federal officials intercepted an envelope addressed to the White House that contained the poison ricin?
The letter was intercepted at a government facility that screens mail addressed to the White House and President Trump.
Yesterday a woman from Canada was arrested at the border (crossing into the U.S.) for sending it. She was armed.

President Trump announced his intention to establish a “1776 Commission” aimed at encouraging our nation’s public schools to teach the historical facts of our nation’s founding, a proclamation extolling our country’s virtues and praising our Founding Fathers for their courage, wisdom, insight and sacrifice as they crafted a Constitution that would guard and guarantee life and liberty for all United States citizens.
This, as a reaction to the 1619 movement that the NYT published and has been pushed recently.
Reaction was – surprise – along party lines.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the U.S. has officially triggered a “snapback” provision within the 2015 international nuclear deal with Iran. That move, he said, will reimpose a set of harsh U.N. sanctions on Tehran that had been lifted as part of the Obama-era agreement.
The move is designed to put more pressure on Iran, which does seem a little active in world terrorism these days, doesn’t it?.
However, the other parties to the deal, including our allies in Europe, say the U.S. has no standing because President Trump withdrew from the pact in 2018. They say the sanctions relief granted to Iran should remain in place.


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