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let’s start with election this n that

A few weeks ago I noted that on Sept. 30th the government would run out of funds, and isn’t that convenient with Sept. 29th being the first debate.
Well the next day there was great press coverage because Speaker Pelosi indicated they were close to a deal and she wanted this done.
Have you seen it? I still say this becomes an issue for the debate.
A distraction before, and certainly the day after.
Add this.
Jim Comey has now agreed to testify before congress. The date? Sept. 30th.

Looks like the day after the debate will be a lot of news, doesn’t it?

let me understand covid issues now

The Democrats are saying they don’t trust the President on the virus and will see if the doctors say its okay to take.
Hold on, is the President brewing the drug in the White House basement? Is he developing the formula? What are they talking about?
It’s the doctors and Pharma companies who are doing this. Do they really think these respected organizations would put their companies at risk and harm people with a too soon drug to help the President win?
If you think that, you can skip the rest of this section.
The drive here was to cut red tape, invest in creating product before final approval (that would be discarded if it doesn’t work at the cost of billions of dollars) and get it to the people as quickly as possible.
Yes, the President would want the drug today, but the doctors and companies will not approve it until ready. To tell people anything else is a lie and treating people as too dumb to know – which apparently many are.

In his Town Hall last night, VP Biden said not one person had to die in the U.S. over the virus. He repeated “not one.”
Now where in the record is anything Joe Biden has said eight months after the fact, that says he had a plan? It was nearly three months into the issue that he was still campaigning, not wearing a mask and calling the President names for closing borders to China and Europe.

Where is the media calling him on this? The same place they were with tough questions for his town hall last night, nowhere.
Look at the questions last night versus the ABC questions for the President. Look at the moderator interaction. Was that a level playing field?

The daily Trump beat

We’ve come to expect a daily Trump sensational negative story leading up to Nov. 3rd. Today we got a few.
We got a woman from 1997 saying he groped her at the U.S. Open when she was invited by her boyfriend, a friend of the President.
At this point we should judge him on his time in office, and so far I haven’t heard any oval office stories like I have some past Presidents. Have you?

We got a story from a woman who worked for VP Pence (Olivia Troye), and she said she witnessed the Administration’s response to the Coronavirus crisis. She indicated she was a member of the task force (but that was called incorrect by the task force members this AM). Anyway, she said the President didn’t care about anything but his reelection.

There was a sensational CDC story from the NYT that “C.D.C. Testing Guidance Was Published Against Scientists’ Objections.”  It criticized a recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last month about who should be tested for the coronavirus. It said it was not written by C.D.C. scientists and was posted to the agency’s website despite their serious objections. On GMA this AM they presented this in the most negative light possible and then had a member of the task force on. He began by telling them they had misstated (presented) four mistruths in that introduction. They never challenged him.

As Biden Gets Out

As the VP gets out and begins being asked questions (no matter how softball) there are issues arising. Like this.
He does not support a ban on hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, or fracking.
“Fracking has to continue because we need a transition,” he said yesterday. “There’s no rationale to eliminate, right now, fracking.”
In the Democratic primary he said at a March debate, “No more — no new fracking.”
So he may be playing a game. Not stopping fracking now, but as they dry up no new sites. Shouldn’t the moderator have asked if that’s what he’s saying?

Then you all saw the “defund police” and how in the interview he supported less military type equipment and redirecting those funds. Now he is not for defunding as that issue has risen to be a major one.

While on that topic did you see the testimony yesterday of FBI Director Wray? Again, not much coverage but he said  “antifa is a real thing.” Shouldn’t this get coverage like Jerry Nadler calling it a figment of the right wing imagination?

We all know Trump’s stands, and the media calls him out. Shouldn’t they be fair?

Which points out a key to this election. The people for Trump are Trump voters. Their enthusiasm is clear. The Biden voters appear to be the anti Trump and not Biden enthusiasts. So this vote is a pro or no vote on Trump.

Latest betting odds are 53-46 for Biden.
Fivethirtyeight odds say there’s an 83.5% chance of a Biden win.

A thought on New Jersey

Yesterday the Governor was proud to say he had passed his campaign promise to create a new millionaire tax. Up 2% to 10.75% of income.

Now they didn’t tell that gas taxes are going up almost 10 cents per gallon on October 1 to 40 cents per gallon.

And he didn’t mention that he just raised tolls this week by 35% on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway.

Do only millionaires buy gas and drive?

Now as people move out, as they are in New York and Connecticut, he will be surprised and need to raise taxes on all to cover his deficit.

The Democratic solution is for the federal government to bail out the big spending states and pass the burden to our kids and grandkids.
Then they want the tax deduction for local taxes that limits the amount to $10,000 removed and all taxes deductible.
You see the people in Florida, Texas, Alabama, etc, should pay more taxes to support NY and NJ.
I disagree. You get what you vote for. NJ voted for more taxes, you pay them.

have a great weekend.

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