Be out or stay in?

contrasting styles and the coverage

Let’s see, the President was in Nevada, California and Arizona. He returned to the White House and was on Fox and Friends for an hour at 8AM yesterday. In the afternoon he presided over an historic (and little covered) peace agreement. Then in the evening he was in Philadelphia at an hour and a half Town Hall.

Now VP Biden went to Orlando yesterday for an event. Today he is back in Delaware. He turned down ABC’s offer for any Town Hall session. (A fact that George failed to mention or note last night.)

Yet the coverage of both is equal in time, but positive for Biden and negative for the President. There was a time where that would have been the opposite, and I guess would still be if the candidates reversed parties.

If it sounds like I am ranting on the MSM again, it is because I am. You cannot have 92% negative coverage on one side and positive on the other and be called fair.

Want proof? This is from The Media Research Center:
The evening newscasts on ABC, CBS and NBC have been 150 times more negative when covering  the President compared to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.
Case closed.

yesterday was a great example

The Peace accord signed on the WH Lawn was historic. The evening news largely ignored it. The morning shows like GMA avoided it in their opening 20 minute segments. How is that possible?
This administration took a different approach to one of the world’s most intractable and dangerous problems, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It was opposite the Obama and Bush ones. They went after the Arab States to isolate the Palestines, as opposed to trying to appease an unappeasable state. They are surrounding them now with states in peace deals with Isreal.
At the ceremony the President said:
“We’re here this afternoon to change the course of history, after decades of division and conflict, we mark the dawn of a new Middle East.”
Want proof again?
Look at who’s mad about the signings.
“Iranian officials fumed as President Trump presided over the signing of a major Israel-Arab diplomatic deal at the White House on Tuesday, reflecting the widespread belief that Tehran ultimately may be the biggest loser of the historic breakthrough. Palestinian leaders have been equally furious in their denunciations.”

One final report. Remember Joe Biden’s stated plan is to reinstate the Iranian Deal brokered by John Kerry, Obama and himself?
What do you think is right?

Add this:
When the President moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, they called it an act of war that killed any chance for peace in the Middle East.
Who was right?

And yet the coverage yesterday was all negative for the President and positive for Biden. Other than bias can you explain why?

some quick notes

Did you see Podcast star Joe Rogan offered a four hour debate with only the candidates (Trump and Biden) in the room to get to the issues? “A long-form debate with a neutral moderator. No fake audience reactions. No biased questions. Neutralcamera positions. No sound bite length responses. Just their respective visions on how to move the country forward.”
The President said “yes,” Biden did not.
Why not?
Especially on the day Biden was calling the President a “climate arsonist” and running ads of the President over military graves calling them names. How about a face to face to see who is telling the truth and has a vision for tomorrow?

Remember Senator Markey who beat Joe Kennedy in Massachusetts and was endorsed by AOC? Here’s what he said yesterday about the police.
Sen. Markey called for banning every police department in the country from using what he described as “weapons of war,” such as tear gas and rubber bullets.” Portland police routinely attack peaceful protestors with brute force, we must disarm these officers, and every other police department in America, of weapons of war, and enact a nationwide ban on tear gas, rubber and plastic bullets, and bean bag rounds.”

Speaking of police, here’s a story that will halp you decide what side you are on:
Two illegal immigrants suspected in two MS-13 gang-related killings in Baltimore had been in police custody before but set free in defiance of deportation requests from ICE, allowing them to be out on the streets at the time of the slayings, the federal agency said Tuesday.
Two teenage girls were killed in the May and June attacks. Two other teens suffered stab wounds.
Six people have been charged, and at least three of them are illegal immigrants who reached the U.S. during the Central American migrant surge in 2016.
Two of them had run-ins with police before, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had sought to take custody of them, but authorities in Suffolk County in New York and Prince George’s County in Maryland defied “detainer” requests and released them.

If you are for sanctuary cities you know which party to vote for.

The betting odds today are 51-48 for Biden.

have a great day.

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