first a day to remember

Nineteen years ago we were shaken to our core with the attacks on our nation.
For me, I will never forget that, for many of my fellow citizens their last best option in life was to jump from the 100th floor. That thought and image should make every citizen pause. We are Americans, and many in the world wish us harm.
Nor will I ever forget the officers and fire fighters who rushed in as others ran out. Sitting here I have trouble balancing that memory with the disrespect and defunding police going on today.
Each of us makes our own decision, but you can count me as one who will never forget.

The Media and The election

I watched the President’s press conference yesterday and that first question from Jonathan Karl asking, “Why did you lie to the American people?”
What a disrespectful tone and question. The President replied calmly. I wish he would have said:
Why did ABC lie for three years about Russian collusion? Why did ABC lie about impeachment? You have a false story every week. Last week it was the phony “anonymous” cemetery one. Check the record and see how much false stuff you report. In fact, Adam Schiff tells a lie and you run with it. Did you ever call him on his lies? Why did one of your reporters cry on the air the night I won? Why are your counterparts not asking Joe Biden questions? And when they do, why is it what’s wrong with Donald Trump’s soul?

You know Jon, this is no lie. You and others have worked everyday to keep our accomplishments down and attack us. Why is coverage of this administration 93% negative? Well guess what? You may have kept my approval numbers down, but they’re still double what the press gets. You ever think about that, and maybe if you did a fair job your approval would be higher? Does that matter to you?

The MSM is still not covering that video shared yesterday where it appears that Biden is asking to move the teleprompter closer. His aide was asked about it on Brett Baier last night. The guest accused Baier of using Trump talking points. What? We saw the video with our own eyes. Don’t we, the voting public, have the right to know if the questions are planted and answers read from a teleprompter? Well the Biden campaign, and apparently the press, so concerned about the truth don’t think so.

election news

Democrats clearly have the edge in early voting. Here’s a report from Politico this AM:
“The Democratic dominance spreads across an array of battleground states, according to absentee ballot request data compiled by state election authorities and analyzed by Democratic and Republican data experts. In North Carolina and Pennsylvania, Democrats have a roughly three-to-one advantage over Republicans in absentee ballot requests. In Florida — a must-win for President Donald Trump — the Democratic lead stands at more than 700,000 ballot requests, while the party also leads in New Hampshire, Ohio and Iowa.
Even more concerning for Republicans, Democrats who didn’t vote in 2016 are requesting 2020 ballots at higher rates than their GOP counterparts. The most striking example is Pennsylvania, where nearly 175,000 Democrats who sat out the last race have requested ballots, more than double the number of Republicans, according to an analysis of voter rolls by the Democratic firm TargetSmart.”

Republicans, if they are relying on day of ballots, are missing the boat here. Anything can happen day of. Illness, bad weather, long lines, outside events. When you give people weeks to vote with a ballot and free mailing you will win.
They better get in the game here.

The latest betting odds are 53-46 for Biden.
Fivethirtyeight has Biden’s chances of winning at 84%

VP Biden has begun offering policies as you aware. We covered fracking earlier this week. He discussed taxes this week, and Richard Rubin ,the WSJ tax expert, said:
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden offered policies Wednesday in Michigan that would assert a greater claim on the profits of U.S.-based companies’ foreign profits, taxing more of that income and at higher rates. His priority: create incentives for companies to keep production and profits in the U.S. Republicans and business groups worry, however, that the proposals’ focus on U.S.-based firms would make those companies attractive takeover targets that would be more valuable in foreign hands.
That makes sense, doesn’t it? Do we want to do that?
It seems like this is a reaction to the President’s push to bring jobs back to America, which Biden says he wants now. What happened the past 47 years while you were in office, Joe, and the jobs were leaving? That’s a tough question, especially since the President has been so vocal about bringing jobs back the past three years. Thus this tax plan. But if it leads to foreign sales of U.S. companies, is that good?
Kind of reminds me of former Secretary of Defense (and other roles) Robert Gates and his famous uttering that Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy issue for the past 40 years. Ouch!

Speaking of which, think about this. Biden was against the raid to take out Bin Laden. He criticized the attacks on Qasem Soleimani and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. So if he had his way the three greatest terrorist threats to the U.S. would still be alive.

support and relief for citizens

Yesterday the Senate took up a relief bill. On party lines, with one exception, the senate would not end the filibuster to vote on it. (You need 60 votes. 52 Republicans voted to approve the bill.) What did the bill offer?
– $300 Additional Weekly Unemployment
– $105 billion for schools
– $10 billion for the Post Office
– $ 47 billion for vaccines and testing
– $258 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program
– $20 billion for farmers
– Reinforced liability protections

Why did Democrats vote no? They wanted more spending, thus they decided no money was better than the above. Imagine if the press reported this fairly.

let’s close with this interesting story

The View co-host Joy Behar dared the first daughter to be the first to take a potential coronavirus vaccine.
During Wednesday’s broadcast on ABC, Ms. Behar questioned the safety of a coronavirus vaccine that President Trump said could be coming soon.
“He will push anything to get reelected. Don’t fall for it,” Ms. Behar said. “And by the way, I will take the vaccine after Ivanka takes it.”

First of all the FDA has to approve anything, and what company is going to risk their future to put out a drug not ready? Is Pfizer going to do that. That whole argument is ridiculous.
Anyway, Ivanka responded:
She said Americans should trust the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which will be tasked with approving a vaccine.“Deal @JoyVBehar.”
Ms. Trump tweeted.
“I would come on your show to do so. I trust the FDA and so should all Americans. Vanquishing this virus should be our collective top priority.”

have a great weekend

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