You Did What?

why mr. president, why?

The President’s downfall was always going to be his ego. He has thought from the outset he was this master salesperson and could sway anyone. He was smarter than them, a self proclaimed genius.

How did he get this impression? As we explained years ago he grew up the boss. He went into his father’s business and was always in charge. So when he spoke to people, they did what he said. When they disagreed, they gave in. He held the power of their job. He mistook that for genius and ability to sway.

To give eighteen hours of open conversation and access to Bob Woodward who has one mission, not to write the history of your administration, but to produce sensationalism about you, is plain dumb. Woodward has written books about the inside issues in administrations since 1968. Granting him access, time and trust is like giving an arsonist matches.

Woodward lit the match and this is damning. The President’s reelection is now in serious doubt. He did it to himself.

now, what he said

It wasn’t what he said, it was how, as usual with the President. Why would you tell a professional antagonist writer that you mislead people? The line that followed was you didn’t want to cause “panic.”
That was the way to present this; we needed leadership and action and needed to assure we didn’t panic people.
But no, because with this President the words come before the brain processes he gave the opposition all the ammunition they need.

what makes it even dumber

What makes it even worse is here’s Dr Fauci, no fan of the President, saying the President always presented what they discussed. He never mislead, Fauci said. So, he followed the lead of the scientists! That is all the President’s opponents have ever preached. The Doctor said he did that!
So again, it was his words that gave this an entirely different view.

Imagine if this were about the President doing what the science panel said and presenting it in such a way to avoid panic. That would be leadership wouldn’t it?
Isn’t that what Fauci said?

But even in his discussion yesterday, the genius couldn’t present it that way.

Now for Biden, pelosi and Team

Enough from you. What did you say in January, February and March? All of you said this was overkill by the President. All of you were out downplaying the virus and saying he over reacted. You called him racist for closing the border to China. You called him wrong for closing the European border—and now your saintly Gov. Cuomo is calling this the European virus. You said or did nothing then that was to call for more constraint. You encouraged more activity and criticized the President. Fauci and the CDC downplayed the virus and masks. Joe Biden’s top health advisor said the virus was nothing to worry about and masks were not necessary.
How dare you now attack the President for downplaying. Are you for real? He was 100% more serious about this than you.
I know the media is allowing you to get away with this, but you should be ashamed.

finally the media

I have never had less respect for the MSM than I do today, and that is saying a lot. Your one way portrayal of this is deplorable. You can call the President on his words, but tell the whole story. If you are not going to call Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Cuomo and even Obama on what they were saying, you are as phony and partisan as ever. You cannot call yourselves a free and unbiased press. Yes, you are free, but not unbiased. You are partisans with no credibility.

And by the way, your coverage yesterday of Biden’s trip to Michigan was false and misleading. You showed him mic in hand speaking. Did you tell people there were only three people there? Did you mention that there were dozens of Trump supporters across the street? How come no? Yet you called this a Biden campaign rally in Michigan? Is this were reversed and more Biden supporters showed up at a Trump rally what coverage would you have given it?
You take this pompous stance and present the news falsely. You better hope your viewers don’t figure it out.

have a great day

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