Wait, The Day After…

the day after labor day kicks off campaign

If that’s true, why were Joe Biden and Kamala Harris off the trail? That was certainly odd, especially with the President in Florida and North Carolina.

Just an observation, but it seems to me the questions about VP Biden’s strength and capacity seem to be rising. As an example, there was much coverage of the virtual endorsement of him by the AFL-CIO. This video really raised concerns, though the MSM is still holding back on their coverage.

Then the events themselves leave questions. This was his Pennsylvania event on Labor Day. Now we only saw close ups of him speaking, but look at the audience.

So the question is with the President out there before large crowds–check the NC one last nigh– the contrast is real.
Now if Trump and team come down with the virus it would destroy their campaign. On the other hand, is Joe too cautious?

an issue for me is

Both VP Biden and Senator Harris went to Wisconsin and met or spoke with the Blake family. Harris, in fact, spoke with Jacob Blake from his hospital bed. Now she offered her support for Blake. She called the meeting “really wonderful,” and told the family she wanted to “express concern for their well-being and of course, for their brother and their son’s well-being, and to let them know that they have support.”
Now all that is well. We all hope he recovers and the family is well.
However, neither of them have met or spoken to the woman who says Blake abused her for years and raped her. They haven’t even acknowledged her existence.
What happened to the “me too” movement? What happened to the Harris who believed Christine Blasey Ford with no evidence?

What bothers me is the politics of all this. When did wrong stop being wrong? When did personal responsibility for your actions cease to exist? When did the American people stop holding individuals responsible for their actions?

I will repeat again. If an officer commits a criminal act then hold that officer responsible. But it doesn’t relinquish the act of any criminal. There are two wrongs and both should be dealt with.

Add this. Marching through streets to protest is fine. Harassing people, eating their food, drinking their drinks, demanding they leave is wrong.
Have we lost that sense of right and wrong too?

other news

The President is reducing troops. We have long stated this President is not a hawk who wants to start wars. That was a false narrative from the 2016 campaign. He promised to end wars, but build up the military. Remember the Reagan doctrine. We never got into a war because our adversary thought we were too strong, it’s because they think we are weak.
Anyway the report is that the U.S. will reduce troops in Iraq by a third, from 5,200 to 3,500.
The President already announced this summer that we are working on a deal to reduce troops in Afghanistan from 8,500 to between 4,000 and 5,000.

By the way, this AM it was announced that the President was one of the nominees for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. I guess he has a chance, but will they really give it to him?
For the record, morning shows like GMA did not consider this news worthy for the opening twenty minute segment.

What was worthy though was a few minute coverage of the DOJ defending the President against charges by E. Jean Carroll, who has accused him of raping her in the 1990s. We’ve covered this here before. She’s the one who said he attacked her in a department store dressing room. He denies knowing her.
The department said the move was justified because the alleged defamation occurred in 2019, when Trump was president and he denied her accusation.

Did you see that one of the six coronavirus companies (AstraZeneca) said it has paused clinical trials of their Covid-19 vaccine? They did this after a participant in a U.K. study had an unexplained illness. The company called the pause “normal.” This shows a few things. One, the challenge of setting any date for a new vaccine. Two, all the hoopla this week that Trump would just release a vaccine was just more noise. He doesn’t control the six companies, as they all restated yesterday.

police chiefs resigning

With the Rochester, NY Chief (and his staff) resigning, that makes at lease six major cities where chiefs have had enough. Who can blame them? Remember when the Seattle chief resigned a few weeks ago?
Of the six, by the way, four were minorities.
We need to get back to taking looters and rioters off the streets and let true protesters do their thing.
Why is that so hard to do, and don’t you think the great majority of the country supports that? Maybe if the MSM would do their job we could get there.

have a great day.

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