After Labor Day…

And we’re off

It’s post labor day and the race is in full steam mode. We’re three weeks to debate one, and as we get closer it looks like that is going to loom larger and larger.

What are the issues? As of right now it appears to be these two on each side.
For the President and his team, it’s to focus voters on an economic rebound and law and order.
For VP Biden, he is trying to make the election a referendum on the president’s performance on the pandemic and the economy.

If this were a normal year I would say the President is on stronger ground because the Biden team trying to pin the pandemic and resulting economy on him would be a tough task. I think, fairly, most recognize how strong the economy was and the virus, thanks to China hiding it, caused the pandemic and resulting economic results.

The difference this year is Donald Trump is on the ballot and that supersedes everything. If you are anti Trump no amount of logic will direct you to vote for him. On the other side, if you are pro Trump nothing is going to deter you. That small middle may well decide this.

The betting odds over the weekend moved in Biden’s favor. He is 53-46 favored today.
Were they impacted by the military stories of the President disparaging the military? I would guess the answer is yes. Now that the story seems to be losing steam and facts, will it reverse? We’ll see by weeks end.

but more stories are coming

The Trump attack will continue until election day, and the support they get from the MSM make them news.
Michael Cohen’s book is coming out now and he is beginning TV interviews. Think about that. In a rational world would anyone buy his book and support him? The man is on house arrest, and that is only because he was released due to Covid prison issues.
He was a lawyer sworn to oath to protect his client. Now he is writing a book to try and sell you before the election so he make money about that client. Would you buy it and support him? You saw him testify before congress with all that hype, and it came up empty. Now he has something for you to pay for?

Peter Strok, the disgraced FBI agent from the Russian Collusion case, has a book coming out. Do you think it’s timed to the election? Would you support that?

We are coming off the military story this week and it got major coverage. Now we have all the “people in the room” saying it never happened, and the story is changing to that he said that about his Generals in a meeting. Was that story about the disparagement of dead soldiers made up or altered? Did we once again run with an unnamed source story as true?

While we’re talking about this let me ask a question. What happened to the post office story? It was headlines for over a week that the administration was cutting the budget and taking away mail boxes to fix the election. What happened? It turns out the post office is getting $10B more and any removed boxes was the norm.
Now it’s the Postmaster General may have supported others to give money to a campaign.

So we’ve gone from Russian Collusion before he took office to this weeks stories, and one after another they go away. Wouldn’t you think people would realize what’s happening here and begin asking why and demand facts?
Why don’t they?


In the meantime I watched the Joe Biden Press Briefings last week and it was nothing short of a disgrace. If those asking questions were real reporters, then they need to seek other occupations. The first question was about the false military story asking VP Biden what that says about the President’s soul. The rest were similar. If you didn’t see this, go online and watch it. Then watch a Presidential Q&A and ask yourself if this is the same press.

Then I watch Biden’s “meeting” in PA. There were five people sitting in their assigned circle. That was it. The video showed the VP as if he were holding court. Isn’t it the role of the press to report the information and facts?

Bottom line, I think we have a problem with the election this year and the problem is the MSM.

why the party is no help to the president

Donald Trump is almost a President without a party. Here’s a grand example.

With the Covid stimulus the talks have long broken down between administration and the House. The President took executive action to provide unemployment. Pelosi and team want over a trillion more, and want to bail out cities. So we have a stalemate.

So where’s the Senate?
If they were helpful to the President, they would pass with their majority the low spending bill the administration wants and tell the public we are supporting schools, day care and unemployment. That would put the pressure on the senate Democrats to decide to vote for or against it.
Once they pass it the pressure would move to Nancy Pelosi and the House. Think of the messaging. The Senate has passed this bill to help schools and the unemployed. The President is ready to sign it. We all agree that the unemployed should get help, schools should be funded and day cafe supported. All we need is the House Democrats to pass it. Let’s pass what we agree on.
Seems pretty simple doesn’t it? So why hasn’t it happened?
Because 51 Republicans can’t agree to do it.

Two quick points of note

The US reported its lowest daily number of new Coronavirus cases (Under 12,000) in twelve weeks. Let’s see how the long weekend impacts things over the next two weeks.

The administration plans to announce the Presidents list of proposed Supreme Court justices as early as Wednesday. That will be news as the left will have a loud roar over whoever is on it.

have a great day

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