Into Labor Day Weekend…

Here we go:

Post Labor Day weekend would traditionally mark the start of the campaign season. I think this year we began a little earlier as both sides saw issues and were concerned.

For his part the President saw the polls sliding and the Biden edge growing, so he went out and was aggressive early.

VP Biden sat back, then saw the President closing the gap and his strategy changed from a close to home one to get out and visit states.

so where are we?

The lines are being drawn. In Wisconsin the President visited with the area burned and looted, met with the business owners, law enforcers and stressed law and order.

The VP visited the family of the police shooting victim, spoke with the victim and then took questions (which appeared scripted, as they were written ones) from supporters of the family.

And there is the election. It’s as if you are being asked to choose what side you are on.

Is there a side that says the 911 call was about the victim violating an order and police were called? That he had a warrant for his arrest and they were executing it? That there is a victim here and it was the woman who was attacked. But also says that seven shots in the back seems wrong, even if he was non compliant?

I don’t think it’s an either or. Can’t there be two possible wrongs here? I say two because we are still awaiting the full police report.

One more thought, I don’t think the officers responding to this 911 call started their day saying I want to shoot someone today. I think the victim who started all this did set out to harass his victim. We seem to lose focus of that.
When we want to condemn over reaction by police we should. Their role involves life and death decisions, and they must be trained and conscious of that. But, the person who causes the call must not be whitewashed as a hero if their actions perpetuated the incident.
There can be two wrongs.

get ready

What all this means is get ready. The dirt is about to fly. The next two months are going to produce some real doozies of stories.
Already this week we had one that the President suffered four mini strokes a few months ago.
Then last night we had The Atlantic saying he called soldiers losers and suckers. (A cancelled visit to a WWII cemetery in 2017) The President last night and VP Pence this AM both angrily denounced this. Will the anonymous sources come forward? They should because others there called their charge a lie.

This AM there is a story about Hunter Biden’s ties to China and his efforts to assist China during the time his Dad was VP. (“Riding The Dragon: The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets” is the document.) It, too, is damning.

These are the tip of the iceberg that the next 59 days are going to produce, so buckle up.

the election today:

The question for this election remains. Are there more Trump haters who can’t wait to remove him than there are Trump supporters? I say that because there is not today a Biden army. They are the anti Trumpers.

The betting odds have moved to 51-49 for Biden as the polls show a stability post the conventions. (Fivethirtyeight has moved their Biden probability to win to 85%.)

All the betting odds now see a Democratic House and Senate. So Republicans are in tough shape as post Labor Day period looms.

trump vs. cuomo

I have trouble understanding this argument. Gov. Cuomo praised the administration for their responsiveness during the crisis. He did it over and over. Now he blames the President?
Did the President try to wish the virus away, for sure. Did he want the economy to continue functioning at the level it was, for sure again.
But Gov. Cuomo, he gave you all you needed as you said then. You were the one who said you needed 30,000 ventilators (“Which 25,000 people should I tell they are going to die?”) Turns out you got them but never needed 5,000. You wanted more beds. You got the Javits Center converted to a hospital, another built in Central Park, and a military hospital ship docked for use. You never needed them.
You blamed everyone for the Nursing Home disaster other than Andrew Cuomo, who owned it. You called the President out for acting on China when he did. To cover that you tried calling this The Europe Virus. Really Governor?
Now New York issue with the virus was Trumps fault?
Come on Governor.

have a great holiday weekend.

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