Month: September 2020

Trump saves Biden…


Having witnessed every televised presidential debate, I can say this was the most outrageous, out of control and saddest display I have seen.

The President came in trailing and he left trailing by at least as much, if not more. His demeanor cost him a golden opportunity. It was disturbing and disgusting how he interrupted and stopped every answer and dialogue. In the end he saved Joe Biden from himself by not allowing him to talk.

Why did he do that?
Well all week when he said he didn’t need to prepare, I didn’t believe him. I do now.
If he had conducted one prep debate session and done what he did last night they would have stopped it and lambasted him (as best as any aide can do that to him). It was the absolute wrong strategy and may have cost him reelection.

Here’s an example. Biden was asked about stacking the court and getting rid of the filibuster. The former VP was burying himself by refusing to answer. Rather than letting Biden finish and then saying: “So, Mr Biden, you are not going to tell the American people if you support stacking the court? You can’t say if you favor changing a history that has lasted 150 years, in the third pillar of our government — all because you lost an election?
Is that what you are telling America?”

But no, he had to interrupt the answer, allow it to delve into noise and the issue go away. Not very genius from the self proclaimed genius.

Think of that and ask yourself this. What was memorable of Joe Biden’s performance? What policy issues did he say that stood out? What lines do you remember? Clown? Shut Up? What else? Joe Biden didn’t impress as much as Trump unimpressed.

Now Trump for his part, besides his demeanor, missed the chance to answer the far right, white extremists question. All he had to say was “Yes I do condemn actions from the right and the left. I condemn anyone and anything disrupting life, people and destroying the values of our nation.” Now ask him if he condemns Antifa.

By being unprepared and disruptive instead of debating, the President missed so many opportunities.
First of all if I were advising the President it would have been let Biden talk. The more he talks, the more he seems to wander, let him go on. That’s our best asset. Instead, one sentence in the President was all over interrupting. The exact opposite strategy.
So many missed opportunities to listen and then reply. Examples:
They were arguing the Green Deal and Biden was talking about the money he would invest and jobs they would create.
All Trump had to say was: “Oh yea Joe, like Solyndra, where you wasted $535 million tax payer dollars when you ran it in the Obama administration?”
That’s called being prepared, which the President was not.

Other areas the President’s shouting and disruptions missed opportunties:
– Do people really want to shut down the country again?
– Do people not want school open?
– Was closing the border something that saved lives or not?
– Biden’s policies on minorities for crime, jail and busing.
– Trump’s accomplishments in 47 months vs. Biden’s 47 years.
– Antifa is “an idea”?
– The stats on unemployment for each group before the virus.
– Real income growth last year vs. the Obama years.
– Allowing Biden to answer about Hunter’s income from Moscow.
– The loss of jobs under Biden to China.
– Biden’s support of NAFTA, TPP, and the China deal.
– Joe, you still want to stop the wall being built and have open borders?

In the end I don’t think Biden said or did anything to win. In fact he looked a little like we should be concerned. Yet he wins the night, because the President fell into every stereotype portrayed about him.

How does he recover now?
Well Presidential elections have a way of turning issues every which way the last month. We’ll see about that, and the next debate is a Town Hall forum which limit interruptions. But if I were on the Trump campaign today I would be asking one question on every airwave today:
“You saw both candidates on stage last night, ask yourself this. Which one do you want negotiating with China? Which one do you want staring down Iran eye to eye? Which one will stand for America and fight for what we need? ,

Other than that I have no idea.

have a great day.

No Blog Needed…

today is all about the debate

Nothing needs to be said today, the debate tonight will be all the news.
Some pre thoughts from me:
For three months I have been writing the President was wrong to diminish VP Biden’s mental capacity to the point he can’t put sentences together.

You have read me saying, that life is about expectations and all Biden needs to do tonight is stand on the stage, answer questions and not lose any train of thought. He does that, he wins.

If he does that people walk away saying Biden was fine, not like they said he was, and he wins the night.

If he wins the night with the lead he has today he is on the inside track to win in November.

How does Trump win?

He has to be simple in explaining to people what he has done in 3 1/2 years versus what his opponent did in 47 years.

He has to tie that to all demographic groups and where we were before the Coronavirus. He has to place the blame squarely on China and that he is best to fix it.

He has to convince people that his opponent was part of creating the trade and job loss problem, that he now says he can solve.

On taxes he needs to tie the tax breaks to the laws Joe Biden passed allowing them. He has to explain he has been audited X amount of times and every time the IRS found no wrong doing.
Just as the NYT found out this time. But, isn’t it funny they do this story now?
And isn’t it convenient that his opponent had a campaign ad ready to run one hour after the story broke?
Of course the NYT last endorsed a Republican in 1956, maybe that explains things.

In the end he has to stick to the issues. The issues are on his side. When Biden attacks, go back to the record. Where were you when the events happened? Not what you would have done today with the history, what did you say then?

Bottom line is this:

Biden needs to stand, answer and be coherent. The MSM will call the winner, and because of expectations many will side with that.

The President must be fact based and present the record of what was, placing the current issues on the Coronavirus, that China is responsible for, and outlining how he is best to recreate what we had.


enjoy the debate.

One day to debate one…

with one day to the DEBATE the nyt STRIKES

The President’s taxes dominated the MSM news today as the NYT reports that he paid little and is facing staggering losses.
I know there is an obsession on the left with the President’s taxes, but I didn’t care four years ago and do so even less now. Why?
That’s the IRS job to review taxes and get what is due. If anyone reading this is concerned, here’s a question. Do you take advantage of deductions? Why is it all right for you and not others?

Now if it comes up tomorrow here’s what I tell Chris Wallace or Joe Biden:
First, for the past four years I have donated my total salary as President to charities. Am I not allowed to deduct that, or should I pay taxes on that too?

Second, in business I took advantage of every deduction Joe Biden allowed in his 47 years in office. If you think the deduction is wrong look at who allowed it, not who used it.

Third, I paid high NY state and local taxes. Every dollar of that was allowed as a deduction. That was legal, but I thought wrong. I was the one who put a limit. A limit you want to undo.

Fourth, isn’t it interesting that for four years they said “Trump is profiting from his time in office,” and now the NYT is saying I am going to be in trouble paying bills in a few years. And Forbes magazine says I am worth less today than the day I took office. How can both the charges and facts be true?

Fifth, this is from the NYT and not accurate. The same people who won a pulitzer for the Russian Collusion that turned out to be a lie. The same paper that said I disparaged the military a month ago, with no witnesses. The paper that said I had four mini strokes and a hundred other false stories.

the amy barrett nomination

How come we have to go through this every time a Republican President nominates someone?
It all started with Robert Bork and Ted Kennedy’s deplorable attack on “Robert Bork’s America.”
Then we had the Clarence Thomas fiasco under George Bush 41.
Think of every court hearing you remember as nasty and in the gutter. They were all from a Republican President.
Want proof?
After Bork and Thomas, how come Ginsburg was approved 96-3?
Sonia Sotomayor (nominated by Obama) was 68-31. Elena Kagan nominated by Obama was 63-37.
Why is it we had the nastiness of Bork and Thomas (a 51-49 vote) and then Democratic nominations slide through? Is it because they are such superior candidates or one side seems fairer in respecting the law and process?

After that comes the Brett Kavanaugh charges with even the witness the accuser named saying she had no idea about it. It didn’t matter did it?

Why do Democrats insist on doing this? Now we start with Amy Barrett.

The charges going that she will put women back in chains is just laughable. A woman we should celebrate is demonized. For real?
As is the charge she adopted two children from Haiti in that trying time down there, to prove she is a not a racist. What? Here’s a piece of an old story on her:
When the Barretts were preparing for their marriage, their priest encouraged them to interview another married couple. This couple had decided to adopt a special needs child. After the Barretts spoke to them, they began to consider adoption as a way to form their family and help children. Amy Coney and Jesse Barrett eventually adopted two of their children from Haiti—Vivian and John Peter.
That was a racist plan by some on the left. I cannot relate to that.

She’s going to destroy the Affordable Care Act is another charge.
I think the President should say this in the debate. “If the court strikes down the ACA, we will keep it 100% in place until a replacement that guarantees pre existing conditions, does not drive up individual costs, and is agreed upon as a replacement. There is no way we will allow 100 million (their number) to go with no coverage. It’s about time both sides sat down and ended phony promises— remember when the ACA was going to save each family $2,500 a year? Well its time to do the right thing for our citizens.”

The ACA charges remind me of the Harry Reid charges that Mitt Romney paid no taxes for ten years and after the election when challenged about the lie said: “He didn’t win right?”

If I were running, I would be saying my opponent would vote against Amy no matter what. It’s nothing to do with the timing, it’s her judicial philosophy to follow the law and not make law. Ask my opponent if he would vote for Amy in another year.

As for the outrageous charges of catholic dogma, how disgusting. Do you know 5 of the 8 current justices are catholic? Now we have “dogma.”

No more lies about Amy Barrett. Judge her on her true character and stop the deplorable charges on every Republican nomination.

here’s a nyt opinion piece

How to Debate Someone Who Lies 

Truth sandwiches, ridicule and other tactics for Joe Biden when he faces President Trump

Wait, only Donald Trump has said things you think are lies?
Just last week I read a story about Joe Biden on his academic claims:
“Joseph R. Biden declared on the campaign trail that he began his academic career at Delaware State University, a historically Black college, a claim that the school refutes.”
The school claims that is a lie.
As was his claim that he graduated from law school at the top of his class. Top if you were reading from the bottom up.
I saw him say no fracking, and yet I heard him say Donald Trump is lying that he is against fracking.
I heard him say he will not raise taxes on all the people, only the rich. Yet I heard him say he was going to repeal the Trump tax cuts. Well they went to all the people.
There are so many more, including personal stories about tragedies that had to be changed, that if Donald Trump had done would be front page coverage.

Once again the NYT, the paper of record, has taken a side. What a sad demise for this newspaper.

have a great day

Closing out the week…

on the court

The reaction to the filling of this court seat has brought threats like “packing the court” that we addressed yesterday. Well here’s another one:
Democrats plan to introduce a bill next week that would abolish life tenure for Supreme Court justices.
The bill would give each president the right to pick two justices per 4-year term and limit those choices to 18 years on the high court.

I guess if you don’t win, after 50 years of control, just change the rules is their motto.

Did you see a number of Democrat senators have said they will not meet with the candidate, no matter who she is? Oh that’s a solution. Is that Senatorial or kid stuff?

One was stolen valor himself, Senator Blumenthal, who said, “I refuse to legitimize this broken, weaponized process by meeting with any nominee put forward before the inauguration.”  

Well senator, there is no law being broken here. This person is going on the court. How about you doing your duty? Speaking of duty, the constant moralizing coming from you is sickening. You, who ran for office telling people you served in Vietnam, when you never left the shores of the U.S.

stimulus possibility?

As it’s become clear that the economy (and people) can use a new stimulus injection and the blame is beginning to fall on the house leader, we get movement.
The House Democrats are readying a new, scaled-down package of coronavirus aid. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is aiming for a price tag of around $2.4 trillion, which is still larger than what Republicans said they will support, but begins to narrow the gap. Will they get there? Let’s hope so.

trump stories to close out the week

Two months after she claimed in a tell-all book that her family cheated her out of her inheritance, Mary Trump is suing the family for millions in a civil suit in Manhattan. I guess her book didn’t produce the money she wanted!
The NYT headline was: Mary Trump sues President and family.

Another NYT story had this sub headline:
“Close races in Georgia, Iowa and Texas show President Trump’s vulnerability and suggest that Joseph Biden has assembled a formidable coalition, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll.”
Now I ask you, do you think they are flocking to Biden or voting against Trump?

a thought on ENTHUSIASM and ballots

When you look at enthusiasm for the candidates in this race you see one side has an overwhelming advantage.
I think that’s why the Democrats are pushing hard for mailing out ballots. Get ballots in people’s hands and then work to get them in.
If this were a show up at the polling place to vote I think Trump would likely prevail. The mail ballots change that to a Biden advantage.
I think that’s why there is the mailing push.

Speaking of mail in ballots, how concerning (and discouraging to Democrats) was that find of nine ballots discarded in Pa.? When they found them in the garbage they opened seven, and all were for Trump.

Texas investigated a fraudulent mail in ballot scheme this week and found a county official harvested ballots and votes were illegal.

Just remember the media told you nothing to worry about or see here with mail in ballots.

Here’s a california Guarantee for 2035

I see where Governor Newsom in California announced he will ban all new gas cars beginning in 2035. Every car sold in the state from Jan. 1, 2035 must be a non gasoline one. You can keep the gas car you have until it breaks down, but not buy a new one.
The goal is to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

I don’t know if he will be able to reach that goal but I do know this. California has the highest state gas tax at 61 cents per gallon. (Add the federal tax and you get just about .80 cents per gallon.) Anyway, as they go electric, the state will say they are losing revenue from the gas tax and raise other taxes.
It’s inevitable that as they plan for electric cars they will not plan for the reduced revenue and thus end up with a deficit, necessitating a tax rise.

on the virus

Rather than take pride on how our government and private sector companies came together to produce possible virus vaccines in record time, we are disparaging it. The actions of those doing so are a disgrace. They are doing it to create the impression that the President is doing this, as if he is brewing up the solution in the White House basement. We should hope the Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna and others are successful as soon as possible.
For people who claim to care about the lives impacted, they sure are destroying confidence in the only solution there is.
The latest was the Governor of New York who won’t answer questions about nursing homes or provide data. But he can criticize those working to bring the solution. Here’s what he said yesterday:
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that the state would not automatically accept the federal government’s recommendations on vaccines. “Frankly, I’m not going to trust the federal government’s opinion.”

Okay Governor, let me paraphrase you, how many have to die before you do?

the census

Like everything else in the Trump era the fight over the census (remember the citizen questions court fights) goes on and on. The census was to end next week. Now a California judge ruled a federal judge has ordered it to continue for another month through the end of October, saying a shortened schedule likely would produce inaccurate results.
Really, people didn’t have three minutes to answer the questions the past six months?

health care

Health care has emerged as an issue over the past few weeks as it will be an issue before the court in November. Remember John Roberts in a 5-4 vote called Obama Care a tax and thus legal because people had to buy the insurance.

When the buy mandate was dropped states went to court and said now Obama Care is illegal.

Now the Republicans, despite promises, have not come up with a plan to replace it. I will repeat here what we have said for years. You simply cannot provide free coverage to 30-40 million people, cover pre existing conditions for those who didn’t buy and reduce costs for those that pay. It cannot be done.
So yesterday President Trump signed an executive order that says it is the “policy of the United States” that health insurers cannot deny coverage to people with preexisting conditions, even if the Supreme Court strikes down the same protections in Obamacare.
That takes away one line of attack that said he wants to do away with coverage for pre existing conditions. It was the right thing to do.
Now if his favored nation treaty clause actually works we may see some drug price drops.
Add this, he announced a $200 drug discount card would be sent to 33 million seniors.

have a great weekend.

Understanding the news…

making sense of the news

Let’s start with Louisville and the A.G. report yesterday.
I watched his review in full and he provided new details as well as changes in the public reports.

First of all he said the police did knock, and a witness above the apartment verified that. We were told it was a no knock entry. So make sure we get this right. They had a no knock warrant, but did knock and identify themselves.

Now the boyfriend in the house said he did not hear the knock nor identity and thought it was a house intrusion.

Right there we have a setting for what was about to happen.

The police, in accordance with their warrant knocked the door in. The boyfriend, using a legal gun he had, shot at them and hit an officer. The two officers at the door hearing this shot and having one hit opened fire back. The end result was Taylor standing, not in bed as first reported, was hit six times and died.

Here’s the question. What would you have done differently on either side?
If you had a legal gun and thought you were being attacked would you have fired?
If you were the police with a warrant and after knocking were being shot at and one of you hit, would you have fired back?
If you answer yes to both those then you agree that neither the boyfriend or two officers at the door were guilty of anything.
That is the ruling.

The other question is were police at the wrong house?
We were told they were. It turns out they were not. This apartment was related to the house they were watching. Both were under surveillance for drug trafficking. It turns out that apparently Breonna Taylor’s old boyfriend was using the apartment to get packages (suspected to be drugs) delivered to it. Thus it was under observation tied to the suspected drug house.

So, from an outside view, what went wrong here was a warrant to be executed at midnight. That led to the situation we had.
If you don’t hold the boyfriend responsible for shooting at the police, how can you hold the police responsible for firing back after getting shot at and one wounded?
Now the third officer who, according to the A.G., fired at a back window with no clear line of sight and even fired into a second apartment is charged with reckless use and endangerment, who can argue with that?

The media coverage of this was as biased as ever. They should answer the question of what they would do if fired upon.

One final thought here. What do all the cases we have seen recently have in common? The answer is drugs. They all involve drugs in one manner or another, and that is the bane of our crime today. If people stopped using illegal drugs think about what kind of state the nation would be in.

the hunter biden report

You didn’t hear on the MSM about the report the senate released. Why?

Basically the report said it wasn’t clear whether Hunter Biden’s lucrative gig on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings affected U.S. policy, but that the issue nevertheless percolated in the background when his father led Obama administration efforts in that graft-riddled country.
So, no smoking gun, but if Joe Biden wasn’t VP would Hunter be on the board with no experience?
The document said:
“The Obama administration knew that Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s board was problematic and did interfere in the efficient execution of policy with respect to Ukraine.”
The Biden campaign called the report a desperate political stunt and part of foreign interference efforts by Russia and others to aid Mr. Trump.

The other new news and question was why the wife of Moscow’s Mayor gave Hunter $3.5 million. It wasn’t answered here.
We’ll leave all the questioned money transfers tied to prostitution alone.

Just think if it were Eric, Ivanka or Donald, would it be covered?

one final report today

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad F. Wolf said Wednesday that attempts to influence the U.S. election run well beyond Russia, with China and Iran also deeply involved — though, unlike Russia, they are working against President Trump.
Testifying to the Senate for his nomination to become the fully confirmed secretary, Mr. Wolf was peppered with questions from Democrats about Russian attempts through disinformation to hurt the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden.
Mr. Wolf confirmed the threat but said it goes beyond Russia and beyond attacks on Mr. Biden.
“I know that there continues to be a lot of focus on Russia, as there should be. You cannot do that at the exclusion of making sure that we continue to address the threats that are from both China and Iran,” he said.
He acknowledged that Russia is looking to attack Mr. Biden but said China “prefers” Mr. Biden, as does Iran.
Mr. Wolf, though, said “all three are a threat” and operate in different ways.

How come the MSM only talks Russia?

have a great day.

It’s on…

it’s on

“The Constitution vests in the president the power to appoint judges to the Supreme Court. It’s a duty that I take seriously, and one that I will fulfill in the weeks ahead.”
And the battle is on, right?
Reading those words probably results in Trump supporters saying “that’s right,” and truly angers Biden supporters for the arrogance of the President.

I get it, and by the way that quote is from President Obama in 2016.

Just a daily reminder that both sides changed sides on the supreme court, no matter what the MSM and print leaders are telling you.

Here’s some more for you:
“The president has the constitutional duty to nominate; the Senate has the constitutional obligation to provide advice and consent. It is written plainly in the Constitution that both presidents and senators swear an oath to uphold and defend. No meetings. No hearings. No votes. Nothing. It is an unprecedented act of obstruction. And it risks a stain on the legacy of all those complicit in carrying out this plan. I would go forward with a confirmation process as chairman, even a few months before a presidential election.”
Who said that in 2016? Joe Biden.

now the arrogance

Republicans are using the power of winning the elections for the Presidency and Senate to push this through. They are taking delight in repeating another Obama phrase: “elections have consequences.” It hurt them when he said that to Senator McCain, and it hurts Democrats to hear it now.

So we hear them threatening to “pack the court.” Add six new members to turn it left again. That is the height of arrogance. The court has been nine justices for 150 years, and your reason to change is because it might be right leaning for the first time in 50 years? You better not run on that.
And by the way, where does it say the court must be liberal?

Then saying they can impeach the President for this? For what reason is that? Doing his job is why he is paid. (All of which he gives to charity.)

A final point that struck me as arrogant yesterday was former A.G. Eric Holder. He said beating Trump is paramount because Barr must be removed. He claims the A.G. has weaponized the office and that supports the President. ” The department has to be restored,” he said. “There is an obvious morale problem that has to be dealt with and the department has to be righted.” He called Barr out for supporting the President and noted the A.G. should be neutral.

Coming from the A.G. who called himself Obama’s “Wingman,” I find that highly laughable.

in his united nations speech

The president addressed the Coronavirus (he called it the China Virus in his address) and said this:
“In the earliest days of the virus, China locked down travel domestically while allowing flights to leave China and infect the world. The United Nations must hold China accountable for their actions.”

In that simple sentence he places blame squarely where it should be – on China. They lied to the World Health Organization, too, and to blame anyone or anything else is wrong.
China owns the deaths in 118 countries and the turmoil in the world. End.

avoiding a shutdown

The House passed an emergency short-term funding bill Tuesday night.
This was interesting because they added the farm support back into the bill just hours after Mitch McConnell took to the floor and said Pelosi “told the famers to drop dead.”
The bill passed 359-57 and funds the government until December 11. It goes to the senate now for approval.
In addition to funding the government, the bill includes $8 billion in nutrition assistance, a Democratic priority, and billions of dollars for trade-relief payments to farmers hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic, which was a top priority for the White House.
Interesting isn’t it?

the senate report on ukraine and biden

The report was released this AM as we went to press. Early reads said that some Obama officials raised concerns to the White House in 2015 about Hunter Biden serving on a Ukrainian natural-gas company’s board while his father, then Vice President Joe Biden, led U.S. policy efforts toward the country.
I don’t think it had any wrong doing concerning the Burisma controversy.

No doubt there will be coverage during the day and tonight on this.

louisville on edge

Louisville was awaiting the decision by Kentucky’s attorney general about whether his office will bring charges against the police officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor inside her home in March. In preparation the town was bordered up, police vacations and off days cancelled and businesses closed.

This case has been in the forefront following the George Floyd case. Here’s a thought. An innocent woman was killed. Why? The police were given a no knock warrant and went in. Taylor’s boyfriend, hearing the break-in, shot at the police (wounding one), and police fired back killing the innocent woman.

In my opinion the person responsible is whoever designed that warrant and sent the police to the wrong house. Of course the residents are going to protect themselves. Of course the police thinking they are in the right place would shoot back.
It would seem to me if you are going to assign and send police on a no knock arrest you better have the right information. It would seem to me that the person who failed there is at fault.

one final story

I keep hearing on some stations that the stories about NYC being dangerous these days is a right wing conspiracy. Then I see the shooting and murder numbers and don’t think so. We’ve talked here of the no bail, let prisoners out of jail and police reduction. Well here’s another NY (or California) story.
Federal agents say they finally have caught an undocumented immigrant they’ve been after for several years but who was released 10 times by police in New York under sanctuary city policies.
ICE says New York police departments had Mr. Soto-Ubaldo in their custody at least 10 times dating to June 2018, when he was first arrested in Queens. But he was released despite an ICE request that he be turned over.
Two months later, he was again arrested on local charges and then released without ICE being notified. In 2019, he was arrested six times, with ICE requesting notice each time of his release and authorities defying the requests.
Two more arrests came this year on charges of possession of stolen property and assault.

The question is are you for Sanctuary Cities that do not turn over criminals?

Your vote counts and decides what the future of our nation is.

have a great day.

Quick Hits..

some quick hits today

No matter how much you hear on television and read in print both sides have changed sides on nominating and voting for a new justice. There’s no innocent virtue here, no matter how loud they shout or the media supports any side.

By early afternoon we’ll know how and why Mitt Romney will vote. His vote appears to mean either a 51-49 0r 50-50 vote, with VP Pence casting the decider. My gut is he votes to go forward. He needs to rebuild some conservative trust.

The President, for his part, announced that on Saturday he will name the nominee.

this october may be different

We often hear about October Surprises in national elections that never develop. I think this year may be different.
– First, I think the senate committee is going to produce a Ukraine report that will contain some strong allegations against Hunter Biden.
– Second, we are likely to hear more from the Durham Report.
– Third, there are the House hearings where Comey and likely McCabe will testify.
– The hearing on the nominee will produce explosive moments. The left will go after the nominee – maybe harder than they did Kavanaugh. How will that impact the vote? Another hearing like that could drive people. The Kavanaugh hearing was a disgrace.
– Then the virus and what happens with it and the vaccine.

biden announces plan on Border walls

The Biden campaign yesterday revealed details of his immigration policy, if elected. The proposal calls for halting construction on border barriers, eliminating detention of illegal immigrants and scaling back workplace enforcement — among other things. It supports increased immigration.
Not much coverage right? You would think no more wall building would be news.

a government shutdown

Both parties say they are working and close to producing a stopgap plan to get the government funded until December 11th. Now you didn’t hear much about this, maybe because its the Republicans who wanted more funding.
According the WSJ, Republicans fought for the money and Democrats resisted.
The House will vote today on a smaller bill taking out the funding they said the President wanted to buy off rural voters. (Farm Aid)
That vote will move the ball into Mitch McConnell’s court. He then has to accept the bill or try to amend it.
If he amends it, Senator Schumer will certainly block his attempts, and that opens the government to pressure with only 8 days to a shutdown.

The guess here is that McConnell accepts as is to avoid the shut down, and the farmers lose. Who would have thought that Republicans here and in the stimulus bill they passed would be the ones trying to spend and Democrats saying no?
One thing for sure, if this were party reversed you would be hearing a lot about it from the MSM.

here’s an interesting story

Remember that hearing when A.G. Barr went before Rep. Nadler’s committee and it was one of the most insulting hearings ever? They wouldn’t let him answer, reply or even go the restroom?
Well Nadler has asked the DOJ to appear again.
The response to the request is in this story:
Democrats were so “insulting” to Attorney General William P. Barr during his last appearance on Capitol Hill that the Justice Department won’t send witnesses to two upcoming hearings, the department informed lawmakers on Monday. Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler had asked for top officials to testify at hearings over the next 10 days on civil rights and on prison operations. But Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd delivered a withering rebuke, writing Mr. Nadler to say the committee had a chance to ask Mr. Barr about those subjects when he appeared for a hearing in late July, and instead Democrats “devoted their time entirely towards scolding and insulting the attorney general.” They also refused to give Mr. Barr a chance to respond, and indeed some made clear they didn’t want to hear what he had to say.“All told, when the attorney general tried to address the committee’s questions, he was interrupted and silenced in excess of 70 times,” Mr. Boyd wrote. “One member interrupted him and admitted, ‘Well I don’t want you to tell your story.’”

This should be covered on the news too shouldn’t it, because to me that was a disgusting display by that committee.

here’s a link to three WASHINGTON TIMES stories that you may find interesting.

DOJ declares New York, Portland and Seattle ‘anarchist jurisdictions,’ moves to cut federal funding:

China attempted to cover up scope of COVID-19, could have largely prevented outbreak. (THIS EXPLAINS HOW CHINA IS TO BLAME AND COULD HAVE AVOIDED THE DEATHS).

Speaking of QAnon conspiracies, check out these gems from liberal establishment. (OVER 35 FALSE CHARGES THAT HAVE BEEN MADE ON ADMINISTRATION AND GOTTEN COVERAGE. YOU WILL RECOGNIZE MANY).

have a great day.

Add an issue…

lets be clear on the court

Within the hour that Justice Ginsburg’s passing was announced the noise started. It won’t end until after the election, and if VP Biden wins then never.

So here’s the bottom line. Both sides are hypocrites. Whatever side you were on in 2016 you are now on the other side in 2020. Let me repeat that, both sides.

Now the media might want to make this one sided, but it’s not. Just check out the leaders statements from 2016 and today. Look at McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi, and they are all on the opposite side. (Chart below)
End of story.
Both sides. No matter if the station you watch or paper you read only presents it one way.

That includes the Justice herself, who is getting all the accolades she deserves. Whether you agreed with her positions or not, she made a difference and impacted our country. May she rest in peace and rejoin her friend Antonin Scalia to pick up their friendship and arguments.

Upon his death in 2016 she said his position should be filled, the election makes no difference. Now we are told her wish was the position not be filled in 2020.

So, both sides. Don’t let anyone tell you anything else.

By the way, there have been openings for the court in 29 election periods.
In all 29 the President nominated a candidate.
In 19 of those the senate and president were of the same party.
17 of those nominated were approved.
That leaves 10 times they were of opposite parties.
Two (2) of those were approved.

So not so rare, and not so different.

election news

The polls over the weekend remained constant, and in fact VP Biden slightly widening his lead.

The RCP average is a 6.5% lead for Biden.
The betting odds have moved toward Biden to 54-46.
We have eight days to debate number one.
Nine days to the government shutdown.
Forty-three days to the election.
BTW, it took forty-two days to confirm Justice Ginsburg.

VP Biden has taken a huge lead in funding for the campaign, while he is out spending the President 2-1. He is entering the final stretch of the general election with $141 million more in the bank than Trump, a stunning reversal of fortunes from last spring when Trump held a hefty financial edge as the nearly broke Biden emerged from the Democratic nominating contest.

Take note of this following the announced death of Ginsburg:
ActBlue’s fundraising tracker recorded a $30 million jump in contributions from about 9 p.m. Friday, shortly after her death was announced, to 9 a.m. Saturday, while setting a single-hour record of $6.3 million from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. Friday

some other news

Did you see on Saturday that Federal officials intercepted an envelope addressed to the White House that contained the poison ricin?
The letter was intercepted at a government facility that screens mail addressed to the White House and President Trump.
Yesterday a woman from Canada was arrested at the border (crossing into the U.S.) for sending it. She was armed.

President Trump announced his intention to establish a “1776 Commission” aimed at encouraging our nation’s public schools to teach the historical facts of our nation’s founding, a proclamation extolling our country’s virtues and praising our Founding Fathers for their courage, wisdom, insight and sacrifice as they crafted a Constitution that would guard and guarantee life and liberty for all United States citizens.
This, as a reaction to the 1619 movement that the NYT published and has been pushed recently.
Reaction was – surprise – along party lines.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the U.S. has officially triggered a “snapback” provision within the 2015 international nuclear deal with Iran. That move, he said, will reimpose a set of harsh U.N. sanctions on Tehran that had been lifted as part of the Obama-era agreement.
The move is designed to put more pressure on Iran, which does seem a little active in world terrorism these days, doesn’t it?.
However, the other parties to the deal, including our allies in Europe, say the U.S. has no standing because President Trump withdrew from the pact in 2018. They say the sanctions relief granted to Iran should remain in place.


This n That …

let’s start with election this n that

A few weeks ago I noted that on Sept. 30th the government would run out of funds, and isn’t that convenient with Sept. 29th being the first debate.
Well the next day there was great press coverage because Speaker Pelosi indicated they were close to a deal and she wanted this done.
Have you seen it? I still say this becomes an issue for the debate.
A distraction before, and certainly the day after.
Add this.
Jim Comey has now agreed to testify before congress. The date? Sept. 30th.

Looks like the day after the debate will be a lot of news, doesn’t it?

let me understand covid issues now

The Democrats are saying they don’t trust the President on the virus and will see if the doctors say its okay to take.
Hold on, is the President brewing the drug in the White House basement? Is he developing the formula? What are they talking about?
It’s the doctors and Pharma companies who are doing this. Do they really think these respected organizations would put their companies at risk and harm people with a too soon drug to help the President win?
If you think that, you can skip the rest of this section.
The drive here was to cut red tape, invest in creating product before final approval (that would be discarded if it doesn’t work at the cost of billions of dollars) and get it to the people as quickly as possible.
Yes, the President would want the drug today, but the doctors and companies will not approve it until ready. To tell people anything else is a lie and treating people as too dumb to know – which apparently many are.

In his Town Hall last night, VP Biden said not one person had to die in the U.S. over the virus. He repeated “not one.”
Now where in the record is anything Joe Biden has said eight months after the fact, that says he had a plan? It was nearly three months into the issue that he was still campaigning, not wearing a mask and calling the President names for closing borders to China and Europe.

Where is the media calling him on this? The same place they were with tough questions for his town hall last night, nowhere.
Look at the questions last night versus the ABC questions for the President. Look at the moderator interaction. Was that a level playing field?

The daily Trump beat

We’ve come to expect a daily Trump sensational negative story leading up to Nov. 3rd. Today we got a few.
We got a woman from 1997 saying he groped her at the U.S. Open when she was invited by her boyfriend, a friend of the President.
At this point we should judge him on his time in office, and so far I haven’t heard any oval office stories like I have some past Presidents. Have you?

We got a story from a woman who worked for VP Pence (Olivia Troye), and she said she witnessed the Administration’s response to the Coronavirus crisis. She indicated she was a member of the task force (but that was called incorrect by the task force members this AM). Anyway, she said the President didn’t care about anything but his reelection.

There was a sensational CDC story from the NYT that “C.D.C. Testing Guidance Was Published Against Scientists’ Objections.”  It criticized a recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last month about who should be tested for the coronavirus. It said it was not written by C.D.C. scientists and was posted to the agency’s website despite their serious objections. On GMA this AM they presented this in the most negative light possible and then had a member of the task force on. He began by telling them they had misstated (presented) four mistruths in that introduction. They never challenged him.

As Biden Gets Out

As the VP gets out and begins being asked questions (no matter how softball) there are issues arising. Like this.
He does not support a ban on hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, or fracking.
“Fracking has to continue because we need a transition,” he said yesterday. “There’s no rationale to eliminate, right now, fracking.”
In the Democratic primary he said at a March debate, “No more — no new fracking.”
So he may be playing a game. Not stopping fracking now, but as they dry up no new sites. Shouldn’t the moderator have asked if that’s what he’s saying?

Then you all saw the “defund police” and how in the interview he supported less military type equipment and redirecting those funds. Now he is not for defunding as that issue has risen to be a major one.

While on that topic did you see the testimony yesterday of FBI Director Wray? Again, not much coverage but he said  “antifa is a real thing.” Shouldn’t this get coverage like Jerry Nadler calling it a figment of the right wing imagination?

We all know Trump’s stands, and the media calls him out. Shouldn’t they be fair?

Which points out a key to this election. The people for Trump are Trump voters. Their enthusiasm is clear. The Biden voters appear to be the anti Trump and not Biden enthusiasts. So this vote is a pro or no vote on Trump.

Latest betting odds are 53-46 for Biden.
Fivethirtyeight odds say there’s an 83.5% chance of a Biden win.

A thought on New Jersey

Yesterday the Governor was proud to say he had passed his campaign promise to create a new millionaire tax. Up 2% to 10.75% of income.

Now they didn’t tell that gas taxes are going up almost 10 cents per gallon on October 1 to 40 cents per gallon.

And he didn’t mention that he just raised tolls this week by 35% on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway.

Do only millionaires buy gas and drive?

Now as people move out, as they are in New York and Connecticut, he will be surprised and need to raise taxes on all to cover his deficit.

The Democratic solution is for the federal government to bail out the big spending states and pass the burden to our kids and grandkids.
Then they want the tax deduction for local taxes that limits the amount to $10,000 removed and all taxes deductible.
You see the people in Florida, Texas, Alabama, etc, should pay more taxes to support NY and NJ.
I disagree. You get what you vote for. NJ voted for more taxes, you pay them.

have a great weekend.

Be out or stay in?

contrasting styles and the coverage

Let’s see, the President was in Nevada, California and Arizona. He returned to the White House and was on Fox and Friends for an hour at 8AM yesterday. In the afternoon he presided over an historic (and little covered) peace agreement. Then in the evening he was in Philadelphia at an hour and a half Town Hall.

Now VP Biden went to Orlando yesterday for an event. Today he is back in Delaware. He turned down ABC’s offer for any Town Hall session. (A fact that George failed to mention or note last night.)

Yet the coverage of both is equal in time, but positive for Biden and negative for the President. There was a time where that would have been the opposite, and I guess would still be if the candidates reversed parties.

If it sounds like I am ranting on the MSM again, it is because I am. You cannot have 92% negative coverage on one side and positive on the other and be called fair.

Want proof? This is from The Media Research Center:
The evening newscasts on ABC, CBS and NBC have been 150 times more negative when covering  the President compared to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.
Case closed.

yesterday was a great example

The Peace accord signed on the WH Lawn was historic. The evening news largely ignored it. The morning shows like GMA avoided it in their opening 20 minute segments. How is that possible?
This administration took a different approach to one of the world’s most intractable and dangerous problems, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It was opposite the Obama and Bush ones. They went after the Arab States to isolate the Palestines, as opposed to trying to appease an unappeasable state. They are surrounding them now with states in peace deals with Isreal.
At the ceremony the President said:
“We’re here this afternoon to change the course of history, after decades of division and conflict, we mark the dawn of a new Middle East.”
Want proof again?
Look at who’s mad about the signings.
“Iranian officials fumed as President Trump presided over the signing of a major Israel-Arab diplomatic deal at the White House on Tuesday, reflecting the widespread belief that Tehran ultimately may be the biggest loser of the historic breakthrough. Palestinian leaders have been equally furious in their denunciations.”

One final report. Remember Joe Biden’s stated plan is to reinstate the Iranian Deal brokered by John Kerry, Obama and himself?
What do you think is right?

Add this:
When the President moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, they called it an act of war that killed any chance for peace in the Middle East.
Who was right?

And yet the coverage yesterday was all negative for the President and positive for Biden. Other than bias can you explain why?

some quick notes

Did you see Podcast star Joe Rogan offered a four hour debate with only the candidates (Trump and Biden) in the room to get to the issues? “A long-form debate with a neutral moderator. No fake audience reactions. No biased questions. Neutralcamera positions. No sound bite length responses. Just their respective visions on how to move the country forward.”
The President said “yes,” Biden did not.
Why not?
Especially on the day Biden was calling the President a “climate arsonist” and running ads of the President over military graves calling them names. How about a face to face to see who is telling the truth and has a vision for tomorrow?

Remember Senator Markey who beat Joe Kennedy in Massachusetts and was endorsed by AOC? Here’s what he said yesterday about the police.
Sen. Markey called for banning every police department in the country from using what he described as “weapons of war,” such as tear gas and rubber bullets.” Portland police routinely attack peaceful protestors with brute force, we must disarm these officers, and every other police department in America, of weapons of war, and enact a nationwide ban on tear gas, rubber and plastic bullets, and bean bag rounds.”

Speaking of police, here’s a story that will halp you decide what side you are on:
Two illegal immigrants suspected in two MS-13 gang-related killings in Baltimore had been in police custody before but set free in defiance of deportation requests from ICE, allowing them to be out on the streets at the time of the slayings, the federal agency said Tuesday.
Two teenage girls were killed in the May and June attacks. Two other teens suffered stab wounds.
Six people have been charged, and at least three of them are illegal immigrants who reached the U.S. during the Central American migrant surge in 2016.
Two of them had run-ins with police before, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had sought to take custody of them, but authorities in Suffolk County in New York and Prince George’s County in Maryland defied “detainer” requests and released them.

If you are for sanctuary cities you know which party to vote for.

The betting odds today are 51-48 for Biden.

have a great day.

The Weekend…

The President was out about, biden home

While the President was out west with rallies and Joe Biden stayed at home, I am not sure the latter did not win the weekend.
The media did not make any noise about Biden staying at home. In fact they talked about his trips during the week and what was planned.
No mention about limited people, planted questions or teleprompter use, they presented him in a positive light.

The President was covered for his rallies and the lack of masks, the fact that the last was indoors and the threat that it presented for spread of the virus.

It was almost like going out was a negative and see how smart Biden is.

Then last night came the caper.
Bob Woodward goes on 60 Minutes to sell his book. He closes by saying the President is the “wrong man” for the job.
There are two things with that:
First, Woodward works for the Washington Post, and in my memory has never seen a Republican Presidential candidate he liked.
Second, it provides a great example of the President’s ego. Until the interview the President was still saying I don’t know if the book is a positive or not, we haven’t seen it yet.
See, he still thought he had convinced this long liberal writer how bright and smart he was. Maybe now he knows he wasted his time.

more election news from the weekend

Mike Bloomberg announced he will spend at least $100 million in Florida to help Joe Biden win the state.
He spent over double that to win, what was it four delegates in the primary?

The story is there are a growing number of Democrats  who are communicating to their leadership that they are concerned and frustrated that the Covid relief talks have broken down. They are worried the President’s actions and Senate’s vote last week could position the party as obstructions.
Why the Republicans aren’t out blasting this is beyond me. Who held up additional unemployment dollars, school assistance, postal department relief and other vital support? It was the Democrats because they wanted more. The Republican messaging is so lacking.
I expect Nancy Pelosi to bring a big relief package to the House in the next month and get her caucus to pass it, knowing the senate won’t. Then watch how the Democrats use it as a hammer.

Did you see former FBI agent Peter Strzok on the Sunday shows? Despite the special counsel’s investigation that found no collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia, the former agent said he still believes President Trump is “compromised by the Russians.”

Not much coverage, but did you see this story?
Jeffrey Goldberg, Editor-in-Chief for The Atlantic, confessed that the central claim in his publication’s reprehensible hit piece on the President could very well be false. That was the claim the President did not visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018, because “his hair would become disheveled in the rain” and that “he did not believe it was important to honor American war dead.” When presented with an excerpt from former national security adviser John Bolton’s book which details how the weather was the cause for cancellation of the visit to the cemetery, not a decision by POTUS over his hair, Goldberg conceded, “I’m sure all of those things are true.”
Then why the story that now a great many believe was fact?

Remember the controversy in Virginia with Gov. (Blackface) and Lt. Gov. with rape charges? Well the Governor stayed in office and now the Lt. Gov. (Justin Fairfax) is running for Governor. Me too? I guess that’s only for non Democrats.

Here’s a non election news story

This is a sign of the times story for sure.
A hair salon says it was told by a job center it couldn’t run an advertisement recruiting a “happy” stylist because the word is “discriminatory” against unhappy people.
Their advertisement stated, “This is a busy, friendly, small salon, so only happy, friendly stylists need apply.”
But the owner says she received a call from her local job center informing her they could not run her ad because the word “happy” is considered “discriminatory.”
How about that?

have a great day.


first a day to remember

Nineteen years ago we were shaken to our core with the attacks on our nation.
For me, I will never forget that, for many of my fellow citizens their last best option in life was to jump from the 100th floor. That thought and image should make every citizen pause. We are Americans, and many in the world wish us harm.
Nor will I ever forget the officers and fire fighters who rushed in as others ran out. Sitting here I have trouble balancing that memory with the disrespect and defunding police going on today.
Each of us makes our own decision, but you can count me as one who will never forget.

The Media and The election

I watched the President’s press conference yesterday and that first question from Jonathan Karl asking, “Why did you lie to the American people?”
What a disrespectful tone and question. The President replied calmly. I wish he would have said:
Why did ABC lie for three years about Russian collusion? Why did ABC lie about impeachment? You have a false story every week. Last week it was the phony “anonymous” cemetery one. Check the record and see how much false stuff you report. In fact, Adam Schiff tells a lie and you run with it. Did you ever call him on his lies? Why did one of your reporters cry on the air the night I won? Why are your counterparts not asking Joe Biden questions? And when they do, why is it what’s wrong with Donald Trump’s soul?

You know Jon, this is no lie. You and others have worked everyday to keep our accomplishments down and attack us. Why is coverage of this administration 93% negative? Well guess what? You may have kept my approval numbers down, but they’re still double what the press gets. You ever think about that, and maybe if you did a fair job your approval would be higher? Does that matter to you?

The MSM is still not covering that video shared yesterday where it appears that Biden is asking to move the teleprompter closer. His aide was asked about it on Brett Baier last night. The guest accused Baier of using Trump talking points. What? We saw the video with our own eyes. Don’t we, the voting public, have the right to know if the questions are planted and answers read from a teleprompter? Well the Biden campaign, and apparently the press, so concerned about the truth don’t think so.

election news

Democrats clearly have the edge in early voting. Here’s a report from Politico this AM:
“The Democratic dominance spreads across an array of battleground states, according to absentee ballot request data compiled by state election authorities and analyzed by Democratic and Republican data experts. In North Carolina and Pennsylvania, Democrats have a roughly three-to-one advantage over Republicans in absentee ballot requests. In Florida — a must-win for President Donald Trump — the Democratic lead stands at more than 700,000 ballot requests, while the party also leads in New Hampshire, Ohio and Iowa.
Even more concerning for Republicans, Democrats who didn’t vote in 2016 are requesting 2020 ballots at higher rates than their GOP counterparts. The most striking example is Pennsylvania, where nearly 175,000 Democrats who sat out the last race have requested ballots, more than double the number of Republicans, according to an analysis of voter rolls by the Democratic firm TargetSmart.”

Republicans, if they are relying on day of ballots, are missing the boat here. Anything can happen day of. Illness, bad weather, long lines, outside events. When you give people weeks to vote with a ballot and free mailing you will win.
They better get in the game here.

The latest betting odds are 53-46 for Biden.
Fivethirtyeight has Biden’s chances of winning at 84%

VP Biden has begun offering policies as you aware. We covered fracking earlier this week. He discussed taxes this week, and Richard Rubin ,the WSJ tax expert, said:
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden offered policies Wednesday in Michigan that would assert a greater claim on the profits of U.S.-based companies’ foreign profits, taxing more of that income and at higher rates. His priority: create incentives for companies to keep production and profits in the U.S. Republicans and business groups worry, however, that the proposals’ focus on U.S.-based firms would make those companies attractive takeover targets that would be more valuable in foreign hands.
That makes sense, doesn’t it? Do we want to do that?
It seems like this is a reaction to the President’s push to bring jobs back to America, which Biden says he wants now. What happened the past 47 years while you were in office, Joe, and the jobs were leaving? That’s a tough question, especially since the President has been so vocal about bringing jobs back the past three years. Thus this tax plan. But if it leads to foreign sales of U.S. companies, is that good?
Kind of reminds me of former Secretary of Defense (and other roles) Robert Gates and his famous uttering that Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy issue for the past 40 years. Ouch!

Speaking of which, think about this. Biden was against the raid to take out Bin Laden. He criticized the attacks on Qasem Soleimani and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. So if he had his way the three greatest terrorist threats to the U.S. would still be alive.

support and relief for citizens

Yesterday the Senate took up a relief bill. On party lines, with one exception, the senate would not end the filibuster to vote on it. (You need 60 votes. 52 Republicans voted to approve the bill.) What did the bill offer?
– $300 Additional Weekly Unemployment
– $105 billion for schools
– $10 billion for the Post Office
– $ 47 billion for vaccines and testing
– $258 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program
– $20 billion for farmers
– Reinforced liability protections

Why did Democrats vote no? They wanted more spending, thus they decided no money was better than the above. Imagine if the press reported this fairly.

let’s close with this interesting story

The View co-host Joy Behar dared the first daughter to be the first to take a potential coronavirus vaccine.
During Wednesday’s broadcast on ABC, Ms. Behar questioned the safety of a coronavirus vaccine that President Trump said could be coming soon.
“He will push anything to get reelected. Don’t fall for it,” Ms. Behar said. “And by the way, I will take the vaccine after Ivanka takes it.”

First of all the FDA has to approve anything, and what company is going to risk their future to put out a drug not ready? Is Pfizer going to do that. That whole argument is ridiculous.
Anyway, Ivanka responded:
She said Americans should trust the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which will be tasked with approving a vaccine.“Deal @JoyVBehar.”
Ms. Trump tweeted.
“I would come on your show to do so. I trust the FDA and so should all Americans. Vanquishing this virus should be our collective top priority.”

have a great weekend

You Did What?

why mr. president, why?

The President’s downfall was always going to be his ego. He has thought from the outset he was this master salesperson and could sway anyone. He was smarter than them, a self proclaimed genius.

How did he get this impression? As we explained years ago he grew up the boss. He went into his father’s business and was always in charge. So when he spoke to people, they did what he said. When they disagreed, they gave in. He held the power of their job. He mistook that for genius and ability to sway.

To give eighteen hours of open conversation and access to Bob Woodward who has one mission, not to write the history of your administration, but to produce sensationalism about you, is plain dumb. Woodward has written books about the inside issues in administrations since 1968. Granting him access, time and trust is like giving an arsonist matches.

Woodward lit the match and this is damning. The President’s reelection is now in serious doubt. He did it to himself.

now, what he said

It wasn’t what he said, it was how, as usual with the President. Why would you tell a professional antagonist writer that you mislead people? The line that followed was you didn’t want to cause “panic.”
That was the way to present this; we needed leadership and action and needed to assure we didn’t panic people.
But no, because with this President the words come before the brain processes he gave the opposition all the ammunition they need.

what makes it even dumber

What makes it even worse is here’s Dr Fauci, no fan of the President, saying the President always presented what they discussed. He never mislead, Fauci said. So, he followed the lead of the scientists! That is all the President’s opponents have ever preached. The Doctor said he did that!
So again, it was his words that gave this an entirely different view.

Imagine if this were about the President doing what the science panel said and presenting it in such a way to avoid panic. That would be leadership wouldn’t it?
Isn’t that what Fauci said?

But even in his discussion yesterday, the genius couldn’t present it that way.

Now for Biden, pelosi and Team

Enough from you. What did you say in January, February and March? All of you said this was overkill by the President. All of you were out downplaying the virus and saying he over reacted. You called him racist for closing the border to China. You called him wrong for closing the European border—and now your saintly Gov. Cuomo is calling this the European virus. You said or did nothing then that was to call for more constraint. You encouraged more activity and criticized the President. Fauci and the CDC downplayed the virus and masks. Joe Biden’s top health advisor said the virus was nothing to worry about and masks were not necessary.
How dare you now attack the President for downplaying. Are you for real? He was 100% more serious about this than you.
I know the media is allowing you to get away with this, but you should be ashamed.

finally the media

I have never had less respect for the MSM than I do today, and that is saying a lot. Your one way portrayal of this is deplorable. You can call the President on his words, but tell the whole story. If you are not going to call Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Cuomo and even Obama on what they were saying, you are as phony and partisan as ever. You cannot call yourselves a free and unbiased press. Yes, you are free, but not unbiased. You are partisans with no credibility.

And by the way, your coverage yesterday of Biden’s trip to Michigan was false and misleading. You showed him mic in hand speaking. Did you tell people there were only three people there? Did you mention that there were dozens of Trump supporters across the street? How come no? Yet you called this a Biden campaign rally in Michigan? Is this were reversed and more Biden supporters showed up at a Trump rally what coverage would you have given it?
You take this pompous stance and present the news falsely. You better hope your viewers don’t figure it out.

have a great day

Wait, The Day After…

the day after labor day kicks off campaign

If that’s true, why were Joe Biden and Kamala Harris off the trail? That was certainly odd, especially with the President in Florida and North Carolina.

Just an observation, but it seems to me the questions about VP Biden’s strength and capacity seem to be rising. As an example, there was much coverage of the virtual endorsement of him by the AFL-CIO. This video really raised concerns, though the MSM is still holding back on their coverage.

Then the events themselves leave questions. This was his Pennsylvania event on Labor Day. Now we only saw close ups of him speaking, but look at the audience.

So the question is with the President out there before large crowds–check the NC one last nigh– the contrast is real.
Now if Trump and team come down with the virus it would destroy their campaign. On the other hand, is Joe too cautious?

an issue for me is

Both VP Biden and Senator Harris went to Wisconsin and met or spoke with the Blake family. Harris, in fact, spoke with Jacob Blake from his hospital bed. Now she offered her support for Blake. She called the meeting “really wonderful,” and told the family she wanted to “express concern for their well-being and of course, for their brother and their son’s well-being, and to let them know that they have support.”
Now all that is well. We all hope he recovers and the family is well.
However, neither of them have met or spoken to the woman who says Blake abused her for years and raped her. They haven’t even acknowledged her existence.
What happened to the “me too” movement? What happened to the Harris who believed Christine Blasey Ford with no evidence?

What bothers me is the politics of all this. When did wrong stop being wrong? When did personal responsibility for your actions cease to exist? When did the American people stop holding individuals responsible for their actions?

I will repeat again. If an officer commits a criminal act then hold that officer responsible. But it doesn’t relinquish the act of any criminal. There are two wrongs and both should be dealt with.

Add this. Marching through streets to protest is fine. Harassing people, eating their food, drinking their drinks, demanding they leave is wrong.
Have we lost that sense of right and wrong too?

other news

The President is reducing troops. We have long stated this President is not a hawk who wants to start wars. That was a false narrative from the 2016 campaign. He promised to end wars, but build up the military. Remember the Reagan doctrine. We never got into a war because our adversary thought we were too strong, it’s because they think we are weak.
Anyway the report is that the U.S. will reduce troops in Iraq by a third, from 5,200 to 3,500.
The President already announced this summer that we are working on a deal to reduce troops in Afghanistan from 8,500 to between 4,000 and 5,000.

By the way, this AM it was announced that the President was one of the nominees for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. I guess he has a chance, but will they really give it to him?
For the record, morning shows like GMA did not consider this news worthy for the opening twenty minute segment.

What was worthy though was a few minute coverage of the DOJ defending the President against charges by E. Jean Carroll, who has accused him of raping her in the 1990s. We’ve covered this here before. She’s the one who said he attacked her in a department store dressing room. He denies knowing her.
The department said the move was justified because the alleged defamation occurred in 2019, when Trump was president and he denied her accusation.

Did you see that one of the six coronavirus companies (AstraZeneca) said it has paused clinical trials of their Covid-19 vaccine? They did this after a participant in a U.K. study had an unexplained illness. The company called the pause “normal.” This shows a few things. One, the challenge of setting any date for a new vaccine. Two, all the hoopla this week that Trump would just release a vaccine was just more noise. He doesn’t control the six companies, as they all restated yesterday.

police chiefs resigning

With the Rochester, NY Chief (and his staff) resigning, that makes at lease six major cities where chiefs have had enough. Who can blame them? Remember when the Seattle chief resigned a few weeks ago?
Of the six, by the way, four were minorities.
We need to get back to taking looters and rioters off the streets and let true protesters do their thing.
Why is that so hard to do, and don’t you think the great majority of the country supports that? Maybe if the MSM would do their job we could get there.

have a great day.

After Labor Day…

And we’re off

It’s post labor day and the race is in full steam mode. We’re three weeks to debate one, and as we get closer it looks like that is going to loom larger and larger.

What are the issues? As of right now it appears to be these two on each side.
For the President and his team, it’s to focus voters on an economic rebound and law and order.
For VP Biden, he is trying to make the election a referendum on the president’s performance on the pandemic and the economy.

If this were a normal year I would say the President is on stronger ground because the Biden team trying to pin the pandemic and resulting economy on him would be a tough task. I think, fairly, most recognize how strong the economy was and the virus, thanks to China hiding it, caused the pandemic and resulting economic results.

The difference this year is Donald Trump is on the ballot and that supersedes everything. If you are anti Trump no amount of logic will direct you to vote for him. On the other side, if you are pro Trump nothing is going to deter you. That small middle may well decide this.

The betting odds over the weekend moved in Biden’s favor. He is 53-46 favored today.
Were they impacted by the military stories of the President disparaging the military? I would guess the answer is yes. Now that the story seems to be losing steam and facts, will it reverse? We’ll see by weeks end.

but more stories are coming

The Trump attack will continue until election day, and the support they get from the MSM make them news.
Michael Cohen’s book is coming out now and he is beginning TV interviews. Think about that. In a rational world would anyone buy his book and support him? The man is on house arrest, and that is only because he was released due to Covid prison issues.
He was a lawyer sworn to oath to protect his client. Now he is writing a book to try and sell you before the election so he make money about that client. Would you buy it and support him? You saw him testify before congress with all that hype, and it came up empty. Now he has something for you to pay for?

Peter Strok, the disgraced FBI agent from the Russian Collusion case, has a book coming out. Do you think it’s timed to the election? Would you support that?

We are coming off the military story this week and it got major coverage. Now we have all the “people in the room” saying it never happened, and the story is changing to that he said that about his Generals in a meeting. Was that story about the disparagement of dead soldiers made up or altered? Did we once again run with an unnamed source story as true?

While we’re talking about this let me ask a question. What happened to the post office story? It was headlines for over a week that the administration was cutting the budget and taking away mail boxes to fix the election. What happened? It turns out the post office is getting $10B more and any removed boxes was the norm.
Now it’s the Postmaster General may have supported others to give money to a campaign.

So we’ve gone from Russian Collusion before he took office to this weeks stories, and one after another they go away. Wouldn’t you think people would realize what’s happening here and begin asking why and demand facts?
Why don’t they?


In the meantime I watched the Joe Biden Press Briefings last week and it was nothing short of a disgrace. If those asking questions were real reporters, then they need to seek other occupations. The first question was about the false military story asking VP Biden what that says about the President’s soul. The rest were similar. If you didn’t see this, go online and watch it. Then watch a Presidential Q&A and ask yourself if this is the same press.

Then I watch Biden’s “meeting” in PA. There were five people sitting in their assigned circle. That was it. The video showed the VP as if he were holding court. Isn’t it the role of the press to report the information and facts?

Bottom line, I think we have a problem with the election this year and the problem is the MSM.

why the party is no help to the president

Donald Trump is almost a President without a party. Here’s a grand example.

With the Covid stimulus the talks have long broken down between administration and the House. The President took executive action to provide unemployment. Pelosi and team want over a trillion more, and want to bail out cities. So we have a stalemate.

So where’s the Senate?
If they were helpful to the President, they would pass with their majority the low spending bill the administration wants and tell the public we are supporting schools, day care and unemployment. That would put the pressure on the senate Democrats to decide to vote for or against it.
Once they pass it the pressure would move to Nancy Pelosi and the House. Think of the messaging. The Senate has passed this bill to help schools and the unemployed. The President is ready to sign it. We all agree that the unemployed should get help, schools should be funded and day cafe supported. All we need is the House Democrats to pass it. Let’s pass what we agree on.
Seems pretty simple doesn’t it? So why hasn’t it happened?
Because 51 Republicans can’t agree to do it.

Two quick points of note

The US reported its lowest daily number of new Coronavirus cases (Under 12,000) in twelve weeks. Let’s see how the long weekend impacts things over the next two weeks.

The administration plans to announce the Presidents list of proposed Supreme Court justices as early as Wednesday. That will be news as the left will have a loud roar over whoever is on it.

have a great day

Into Labor Day Weekend…

Here we go:

Post Labor Day weekend would traditionally mark the start of the campaign season. I think this year we began a little earlier as both sides saw issues and were concerned.

For his part the President saw the polls sliding and the Biden edge growing, so he went out and was aggressive early.

VP Biden sat back, then saw the President closing the gap and his strategy changed from a close to home one to get out and visit states.

so where are we?

The lines are being drawn. In Wisconsin the President visited with the area burned and looted, met with the business owners, law enforcers and stressed law and order.

The VP visited the family of the police shooting victim, spoke with the victim and then took questions (which appeared scripted, as they were written ones) from supporters of the family.

And there is the election. It’s as if you are being asked to choose what side you are on.

Is there a side that says the 911 call was about the victim violating an order and police were called? That he had a warrant for his arrest and they were executing it? That there is a victim here and it was the woman who was attacked. But also says that seven shots in the back seems wrong, even if he was non compliant?

I don’t think it’s an either or. Can’t there be two possible wrongs here? I say two because we are still awaiting the full police report.

One more thought, I don’t think the officers responding to this 911 call started their day saying I want to shoot someone today. I think the victim who started all this did set out to harass his victim. We seem to lose focus of that.
When we want to condemn over reaction by police we should. Their role involves life and death decisions, and they must be trained and conscious of that. But, the person who causes the call must not be whitewashed as a hero if their actions perpetuated the incident.
There can be two wrongs.

get ready

What all this means is get ready. The dirt is about to fly. The next two months are going to produce some real doozies of stories.
Already this week we had one that the President suffered four mini strokes a few months ago.
Then last night we had The Atlantic saying he called soldiers losers and suckers. (A cancelled visit to a WWII cemetery in 2017) The President last night and VP Pence this AM both angrily denounced this. Will the anonymous sources come forward? They should because others there called their charge a lie.

This AM there is a story about Hunter Biden’s ties to China and his efforts to assist China during the time his Dad was VP. (“Riding The Dragon: The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets” is the document.) It, too, is damning.

These are the tip of the iceberg that the next 59 days are going to produce, so buckle up.

the election today:

The question for this election remains. Are there more Trump haters who can’t wait to remove him than there are Trump supporters? I say that because there is not today a Biden army. They are the anti Trumpers.

The betting odds have moved to 51-49 for Biden as the polls show a stability post the conventions. (Fivethirtyeight has moved their Biden probability to win to 85%.)

All the betting odds now see a Democratic House and Senate. So Republicans are in tough shape as post Labor Day period looms.

trump vs. cuomo

I have trouble understanding this argument. Gov. Cuomo praised the administration for their responsiveness during the crisis. He did it over and over. Now he blames the President?
Did the President try to wish the virus away, for sure. Did he want the economy to continue functioning at the level it was, for sure again.
But Gov. Cuomo, he gave you all you needed as you said then. You were the one who said you needed 30,000 ventilators (“Which 25,000 people should I tell they are going to die?”) Turns out you got them but never needed 5,000. You wanted more beds. You got the Javits Center converted to a hospital, another built in Central Park, and a military hospital ship docked for use. You never needed them.
You blamed everyone for the Nursing Home disaster other than Andrew Cuomo, who owned it. You called the President out for acting on China when he did. To cover that you tried calling this The Europe Virus. Really Governor?
Now New York issue with the virus was Trumps fault?
Come on Governor.

have a great holiday weekend.

A Little This ‘n’ That Today…

First, today we want to take a moment to remember that 75 years ago today was V-J Day as Japan surrendered and WWII came to end. We should all pause for a second to remember those who gave their youth, limbs and lives in the Pacific. I want to remember my Uncle, who I never met, but paid the ultimate price in the closing days on Okinawa. May we live up to the ideals they fought for, and may he and all those who served be graced by God for their sacrifice.

election central

65 days until we select the direction of the nation for the next four years and well beyond that. Your vote counts. You get what you vote for.
27 days to debate number one. The first one is usually the most watched and key.
The betting odds (as tracked by RCP) is 50/50 today. Money is going both ways now.
Others like FiveThirtyEight continue to say that VP Biden has an 81% election probability. We say follow the money.
Two polls out yesterday say Biden. USA Today (7 pts) and Grinnel (8 pts).
Both also asked about congressional voting plans. USA and Grinnel both had Dems ahead by 6 and 7 points respectively.

something you should know

In 28 days (one day after the first debate) the government is set to run out of money. You remember all those shut downs and dramatics that went with past budget deadlines. The timing of this one means a lot. It’s hard to see the administration, Schumer and Pelosi agreeing to spending extensions before the deadline, doesn’t it? Can’t you see the stories now leading to the debate and the blaming charges going around? Can’t you see the debate questions to kick off that night?
This is un-talked about now, but put it in your memory bank and watch what happens.

other news-related

So that primary election in Massachusetts last night produced the first ever loss for a Kennedy in the senate race. Senator Markey won the primary going away. Remember, he was endorsed by AOC and Kennedy by Pelosi.

Now we’ll see what the other Kennedy does. She is running against Congressman Van Drew in southern NJ. He is the congressman who changed parties because he voted no on impeachment.

The battle for the President’s taxes by NY goes on. Yesterday a federal appeals panel ruled the president does not have to furnish his records while the court considers his appeal.
In either case it will never happen before the election.

VP Biden’s campaign announced it raised a record $300 million dollars in August. So money will not be an issue in this election.

The President’s doctor dispelled speculation that he suffered mini-strokes last November requiring a hastily arranged trip to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The physician, Dr. Sean Conley, said he “can confirm that President Trump has not experienced nor been evaluated for a cerebrovascular accident (stroke), transient ischemic attack (mini stroke), or any acute cardiovascular emergencies, as have been incorrectly reported in the media.”
Maybe we need to see completed medical records from both candidates this year. I care about that more than their taxes.

finally today

Put this story in the box that says one year ago this was unthinkable.

The District of Columbia set up a Facilities and Commemorative Expressions working group. It was tasked with evaluating whether statues and memorials in the city (Wash. DC) should be removed or contextualized if the historical figures they represent participated in “slavery, systemic racism, mistreatment of, or actions that suppressed equality for, persons of color, women and LGBTQ communities and violation of the DC Human Right Act.”
Well they published a plan that recommends potentially removing the Washington Monument, Christopher Columbus Statue, Andrew Jackson Statue, and Jefferson Memorial among many others.
Can you believe that? The Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial in Washington.
The Mayor had promised to go along with the commission’s findings. We’ll see now, but there is a thing called “a bridge too far.”
The President promised it would never happen.

have a great day.