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election recap

Joe Biden was out yesterday and delivered a strong rebuke to the charges he was supporting the protests. He (following a script) said he was against crooked police and for the good ones. He was for the right to protest, but against the riots and violence. He was strong and clear. It was a position he should have taken at his convention. It would have driven his numbers.
He then laid out a case that Donald Trump’s America is one of protests and upheaval. This is a good approach for him to take. If he can make it work it will help him immensely. It is a better argument, as I see it, than trying to say the President destroyed the economy. That argument will fail as I believe most Americans know it was China’s failure to contain the virus that caused a worldwide issue. It wasn’t the President’s polices that weren’t working.

To show the polls are closing, Biden said he wanted to be clear he was for fracking. He was emphatic about this. I think his true position is he will allow current sites but no new ones. We need that clarified. There are numerous videos of him saying he was against fracking and would cease it. It is this kind of switch that can destroy a campaign.
The question for the VP now is this. As he moves to the center, does he begin losing the far left of his party? That was the reason he was silent, so let’s see the impact now.

He didn’t take any press questions and none were shouted out by the small number present. How long can the MSM let him get away with this, while badgering the President and dissecting every comment?

We’ve been reporting on the Presidential Odds regularly, and today they are 52-48 in favor of Joe Biden. (Up from 51-49 yesterday).
But there’s a second thing happening that we have been reporting on and hasn’t been well covered. That’s Senate control. Look at those odds today:
Democrats have a 77% chance of winning 51 or more Senate seats and senate control.
They also have on top of that, a 12% chance of a 50/50 Senate. With a Democratic President, that is control. (The VP casts the deciding vote).
So if you combine the two, the Democrats have an 89% chance of making Chuck Schumer the new leader of the Senate.
With the odds even greater for House control and Nancy Pelosi staying in place, we have a pretty picture for Democrats 64 days out.

the mike flynn and don Mcgahn cases

In an 8-2 decision the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit reversed a three-judge appeals court panel decision and denied retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s effort to have the case against him dropped. 

When have you ever heard about a case that the prosecutor says drop the charges, the judge says no, then an appeal court rules they should be dropped and the judge hires a lawyer to appeal to the full court?

A federal appeals court Monday dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee, ruling it does not have legal standing to enforce a subpoena for former White House counsel Don McGahn’s testimony.
The decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit is the latest defeat for Democrats who subpoenaed Mr. McGahn more than 14 months ago. Earlier this year, the court vacated the McGhan subpoena, but Democrats revived the issue on new legal grounds.
Democrats want to talk to Mr. McGahn under oath about his conversations with President Trump about special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

dni briefings

The Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe notified Congress over the weekend that his office primarily will provide written briefings on foreign election interference, instead of in person briefings. Why?
He said it was “to ensure clarity and consistency,” and that it will “better protect our sources and methods from unauthorized disclosures.”
By that he meant leaks. What are the leaks saying?
He said they are for political purpose of creating a false narrative that Russia is a greater national security threat than China. The Director of National Intelligence has said China has done far more to influence this election and the leaks are trying to create another false Russian narrative.
Now Adam Schiff said neither he nor his staff have leaked anything. Who believes that? He also said that the “Russians are again interfering to help the president in his reelection.” He never mentioned China, which is doing more and trying to defeat the President.
Why doesn’t the MSM want to report this, too? Then we can have a real argument if written is as good as in person.

in the news

The Los Angeles County sheriff has a new policy. It bans his department from turning over any illegal immigrant criminals to ICE, no matter how serious the crime. Note this “illegal immigrant criminals.”

In November your vote counts. You get what you vote for.


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