The RNC Closes…

the final night

Here’s my quick assessment. The speakers and stories that led to the President were as powerful as any convention night I have witnessed. From the parents whose child was killed by ISIS, to the released Alice Johnson and everyone in between, they were impactful and moving.

The fireworks at the close were spectacular. I have seen fireworks all my life, this was beyond that. In this setting, the White House in view, was a true WOW.

That leaves the President. His message was right, the delivery way too long. In fact it was the second longest acceptance speech in history. He went about thirty minutes too long.

What I think he missed was that this was not his normal rally or convention crowd that yell and scream at his words. This was Washington establishment, and no matter what he said the response would be subdued and proper.

All that said, the RNC, in my assessment, exceeded the DNC last week. The contrast for me was this. As the President and Melania stood there with the VP and crowd waving and smiling, I thought of last week and VP Biden and Sen. Harris standing socially distanced with black masks on, waving to a non crowd.

I think that illustrates the differences in party and philosophy. You decide this November 3rd who we are as a nation.

With Conventions Over

Now we’ll await the polling to see if this convention produced a bump. The DNC did not. It was either because people were not moved, or so many locked in that it doesn’t matter.
My guess, the President does get a bump of 2-3% and the race narrows.

We move focus now onto the first debate set for Sept. 29th in Cleveland. Now yesterday Nancy Pelosi, who doesn’t say things out loud without a purpose, said, “I don’t think the president of the United States has comported himself in a way that has any association with truth, evidence, data and facts. I wouldn’t legitimize a debate with him.” She recommended that the VP not do the debates.
For his part, Biden said he would.
I think he has to. The mere fact he has been more vocal and visible as the convention moved along and he said he may go on the stump after Labor Day, tells you that their internal polls are showing the race tightening and he needs a revised strategy. So cancelling the debates would be way too negative an impression.

Besides the thought that he may go out and campaign, Biden also said that President Trump is “rooting” for more violence on U.S. streets because he sees it as a political advantage:
“He views this as a political benefit to him. He’s rooting for more violence, not less, and is clear about that.”

VP Biden also pushed back against the Trump team’s line that people wouldn’t be “safe” in his America by pointing out that the ongoing unrest and violence is in fact happening on Trump’s watch.
The President’s team jumped all over this, reminding him (Biden) that this all began with the false narrative in Ferguson, followed by others like Baltimore when he was in office. They added, look who runs these cities where it is happening. They are your supporters and anti police.

Who will provide for a safer nation is emerging as a top issue. The post speech activity in the streets with politicians like Rand Paul and his wife are escalating this discussion.

while on safe streets

Did you see the Portland Oregon Mayor (Ted Wheeler) is singing a new tune now?  
He blamed “a few dozen individuals engaged in violence” who he said have allowed Portland to be wrongly portrayed.
Then he took some of the blame himself, saying he and other leaders have allowed the city’s reputation for protest to be hijacked by rioters bent on violence, swamping what should have been a thoughtful conversation on racial justice and policing. “They’re intent on creating mayhem and attacking and harming people, not just property.”
Really Mayor, you just figured that out? Maybe it wasn’t the President’s fault.
He added:
“That’s a line that we can’t allow our community to cross. Not anymore. Enough is enough.” How come now I wonder?

The final straw appears to have been when rioters brought their violence to his doorstep. After weeks of smashing windows and lighting small fires at police buildings, the federal courthouse and other public offices, protesters marched on city hall breaking in and scrawling graffiti.
Okay now they went too far!

one more thought on these protests

While the MSM did not cover it the public should be told and know what the “peaceful protesters” in Seattle did this week. They used quick dry cement on the doors and then set the police building on fire to try and trap the officers inside. Despicable is too tame a word for that. Yet no coverage why?

Your vote decides what kind of country we have next year.

Surprise this morning

The announcement by Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, that he would resign because of illness came just days after he had become the country’s longest-serving leader.
The story is he has suffered a relapse of a bowel disease.
We hope he is well. The Prime Minister was a good friend of the United States and a strong leader.

Have a great weekend.

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