The RNC Day Two…

The rnc day two

There’s not much to add to what you saw last night. The RNC took advantage of its strengths and the power of the presidency. They made it work.

What stood out for me was the polish and message of the speakers. They delivered.
If anyone ever asks you for an example of fake news, just remember Nicholas Sandmann. That kid hit it on the nose with how he was used to fit a media narrative. A disgrace to the MSM for what they did to him.
That was the most poignant defense of Right to Life that you will hear from Abby Johnson.
Eric Trump was strong. Tiffany impressive in her first address, and Melania a class act.
The swearing in for citizenship was moving.
The pardoning and story brought tears.
The lobster fisherman and truck driver tied cutting red tape to real life. Impressive.
From the political side A.G. Daniel Cameron from Kentucky really laid it out there and attacked VP Biden on his “you’re not black if you’re not voting for me” comment. Powerful.
The one I thought went a little far was Pam Bondi and the charges against Hunter and the Biden family. Yet this AM it appears to be quiet. I wonder why.

All in all a good night for the President and RNC, but who are the viewers? On night one they were down, less viewers than night one of the DNC. So you wonder if the parties are talking to their committed voters. Let’s see the numbers later today.
By the way, FoxNews got the message from the night before. People don’t want to hear Chris Wallace, Donna Brazille and others. They want to hear the speakers.

The Democratic reaction

They are going to hold hearings to see if the Republicans violated the Hatch Act.
Can you believe that the House wants to hold hearings to investigate the administration?

Just a reminder for our readers. When the President wanted to hold the convention in Charlotte before 20,000, they yelled about his recklessness with the virus. When he moved to Jacksonville because NC had limitations, they blasted him.
Then he floated holding the speech at Gettysburg, and they screamed it was wrong, this was public land and not the place.
So he used the White House.
Response, let’s investigate.

an observation

Watching the convention I am struck once again by the patriotism and loyalty of immigrant citizens. It just reinforces a long held belief that those who have lived under tyranny appreciate the freedom and opportunity of America the most. It has always seemed that immigrants and that first generation realize the advantage of America and those who follow after, born into it, just are never taught what America is.

some other thoughts

As of this writing we are hearing about two deaths last night in Wisconsin as part of the riots following the police shooting. Since there is so little information about the shootings I am wondering if this was a result of someone or a group trying to protect a business or building. Just wondering.

Speaking of police, we still haven’t heard why the officer fired in Wisconsin. Why is that taking so long?
But note this on police. In this year through August, more police have been killed than in all of 2019.

I see American and Delta Airlines both announced plans to lay off workers on October 1. The numbers are big. A question, do you think they picked that date in belief, with the election a month away, they can get government funds?

Hillary was at it again yesterday. Is anyone still listening to her tired act? She told a cheering Jennifer Palmieri, her former campaign spokeswoman, that Joe Biden should never concede the election if he loses. She then repeated her “she knew first-hand how you can win 3 million more votes and still, you know, not get elected because of the Electoral College.”
Enough already.

have a great day.

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