The RNC On Day One…

The Differences are clear

On day one it’s clear that the messages from both parties are different.
Last week Democrats repeatedly told stories about Americans as victims who need help from the Government.
Republicans are telling stories about Americans who want to control their own destiny and are worried that the Government will block them.
Therein lies the differences and what America we want.

The differences are clear with their campaign themes.
For Republicans it’s Promises Made, Promises Kept.
For the Democrats it’s Build Back Better.
Your vote will decide the future of the nation.

To help you decide take note of what Nancy Pelosi said yesterday. She labeled the President (and basically his followers) “domestic enemies . . . . enemies of the state.” Exactly what state is that? I think she meant the United States of America as it exists. So if you consider yourself an enemy of the state because you don’t support her agenda, you must be a Republican voter this year.

The Messages Last night

There were powerful messages last night directed to the party faithful and across to traditionally Democratic voter groups. Some were to address the charge that Donald Trump is a racist. A charge, by the way, that before he ran for President was never uttered. In fact, he won praise and awards from the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.
Anyway these lines were memorable to me:
Tim Scott: “Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime. That’s why I believe the next American century can be better than the last.”
Herschel Walker: “Growing up in the Deep South, I’ve seen racism up close. I know what it is — and it isn’t Donald Trump.”
Maximo Alvarez: “There is no other place to go.” What powerful words.

Add the words of Natalie Harp who said she is alive only because of the right to try the President approved.
Georgia Democrat Rep. Vernon Jones saying, “Democrats do not want Blacks to leave mental plantation.”
Don’t forget the moving words of Andrew Pollack talking about his slain daughter. When he said Joe Biden said he was VP when that happened, and he wasn’t, it made you stop and look.
There were more but you get the idea.

I watched the coverage after and this AM. The MSM did not disappoint, they found the negative. They also looked a little angry to me, which says it might have been a positive day for the President. Let’s see the ratings and watch the polls, and remember this was only day one.

I don’t want to leave this day one review without commenting on the Coronavirus coverage. The President and his team made use of the positive comments from Democratic Governors on his actions to assist early on. They also played the comments of Cuomo, DeBlasio and Pelosi a month after the China Shutdown saying the virus wasn’t that bad. That was powerful in light of their and the MSM comments that the President downplayed the virus. In fact, one MSM outlet called it “an alternate reality.”
Except the comments were real.

I venture to guess there is more coming on this. VP Biden says listen to the scientists. Most believe he is referring to Dr Fauci as an example. Well wait until they play Fauci’s remarks around the time the President was closing the border.
Here are two direct quotes on separate days in late January.
“This is not a major threat to the people of the United States, and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.”
“The American people should not be worried or frightened by this. It’s a very, very low risk to the United States.”

So what scientists are we listening to if we want to close the country again?

some other related thoughts

The betting odds yesterday as the RNC kicked off were 55 -43 for Biden.

One reader commenting on our thoughts that VP Biden was part of the whole China transfer of jobs and made that “C’Mon Man …” comment about them being a competitor four months ago was interesting.
They informed me that Biden is now “Woke About China.”
Just wanted to share that. I guess “woke” is good these days.

really, new york

Did you see N.Y.C. said no indoor dining this fall? The city and its businesses are hurting, and this is going to be a death knell for many.
But note this. They also said the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the December Tree Lighting will go on as planned.
Now some skeptic person may wonder if the election Nov. 3 being over and this all being allowed is connected. I’m sure it’s not. You?

One more thing in N.Y. Shootings and murders are sky rocketing, the totals for 2020 already surpassing 2019. The no bail program is resulting in increased crime. People are moving out. But don’t worry, the A.G. was proudly on the airwaves yesterday. Why?
The state’s top prosecutor is looking into whether the Trump Organization and President Trump improperly inflated the value of his assets in financial filings.
What? Inflated the value of his assets to get a loan? First of all, that is ridiculous. Second, it’s the banks issue to check things out. How about caring about the citizens of the city?
Then again, you get what you vote for.

the police shooting in wisconsin

All we’ve seen is the video so far, and at first appearance you ask again, why?
Let’s get the facts, but if the police officer over reacted then he deserves justice. We all agree. The victim appeared to not be cooperating, but not to the point, that we’ve seen so far, that he should be shot seven times.
So justice should prevail.
The riots are unacceptable. Where does anyone get the right to burn buildings and loot someone’s business. One bad act does not justify a second.

Now I want to ask a question. You have, no doubt, seen and heard this dozens of times. Did you know that same night, at about the same time, three officers were shot in Maryland responding to a domestic call?
You didn’t? Why not?

The postal hearing

Well the House held its hearing yesterday. Since they already provided their solution on Saturday, it was backwards. Now yesterday the Postmaster fought back. Did you see much coverage? If they proved a conspiracy it would have been big news. Since they made outrageous charges and got beaten back shouldn’t that have gotten coverage?

one final story i bet you didn’t hear

Remember last week when we wrote of Linda Sarsour who spoke at the Democratic convention and ripped into Isreal? It was so bad that the Biden campaign issued an apology.
“Joe Biden has been a strong supporter of Israel and a vehement opponent of anti-Semitism his entire life, and he obviously condemns her views and opposes BDS, as does the Democratic platform. She has no role in the Biden campaign whatsoever.”
At the time we said, no role, just a speaking one at the convention.
Well guess what? The Biden campaign apologized to her yesterday!
Here’s the story:
Team Biden went into damage control Sunday to shore up support with Muslim-American Democrats after the campaign condemned controversial Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour and suggested she was an anti-Semite.
Top Biden aides made the mea culpa in a private phone call with dozens of prominent Muslim and Arab surrogates who had been angered by the campaign’s attempt to distance itself from the anti-Israel activist Sarsour, according to a report by the Middle East Eye.
On leaked audio of the call, Ashley Allison, national coalition director for the Biden campaign, said she understood the “pain” caused by the scathing statement Biden 2020 issued last week which Sarsour said was “disrespectful” and “hurtful.”
“I am sorry that that happened. And I hope that whatever trust was broken, that this conversation is one small step to help build back the trust, but that is not the last time we have this conversation,” Allison said, according to the report.
The campaign apology came after the Biden camp tried to deny ties with Sarsour, a Bernie Sanders surrogate and former Women’s March leader who spoke at a council meeting at the Democratic National Convention last week.

have a great day.

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