The DNC, Day One…


Well it was different than conventions past and makes reliance on the coverage on the evening and morning news more valuable. I think that’s where most will get their coverage. Who is that an advantage for?

If you watched, the speakers were clear. Donald Trump is the problem, and to save the country you must vote him out. I assume as the week goes on the talk will move from that to” why” Joe Biden and the parties policy plans. We need to know what they will do different. Biden has spoken to the press twice in 48 days, and those were not exactly press conferences if you recall.

The question is:
Is Bernie right when he said they’ve adopted his policies, or is Biden the moderate some say he is?

The one common theme last night was Trump has no idea on what he is doing. I guess if you believe that you don’t think the economy was in great shape and record numbers were employed until the virus hit. I guess you think the world was better with that JV team named ISIS growing and Iran supplanting terrorism around the world.

I think there are reasons to attack the President but that is not it. Nor do I think the line that he has “created chaos” from day one is right. You know what created chaos, the false lie of Russian collusion. They talked impeachment before he raised his right hand. Many refused to go to the inauguration because he stole the election. Was he not supposed to defend himself against the lies? Who was right on collusion, him or those doing the charging?

He didn’t handle the virus right? I heard from Gov. Cuomo last night. Wait when he gave you all the material you wanted I heard you praise him. Now he failed? Maybe you failed governor.
Remember when you asked for 30,000 ventilators asking the federal government who the 25,000 you should tell to die where? You never used 5,000. Remember the beds the federal government built? The ones you called critical? The ones you never used?
Oh yea, now you are calling it the European Virus? Let me understand that on two counts. First is that because you were with others calling the President racist for closing the border to China?
Second, how is if the President says the “China Virus” that’s racist, but calling it the “European Virus” is okay?
Let’s not even discuss your death rate and what happened in the nursing home that you refuse to investigate.
Lucky for you and left the MSM won’t call you on things.

Is Prosecutor leniency Why

Portland and Seattle again last night were examples of cities out of control.
The question: Is prosecutor failure to charge people a reason that protests persist? Where do Biden and the Democrats stand on this?

Take a look at this from Chicago.
At a press conference, Mayor Lori Lightfoot singled out Ms. Foxx (Chicago prosecutor) saying that the more than 100 arrested during the melee “need to be held accountable and not cycled through the system.”
Then, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said “criminals took to the streets with confidence that there would be no consequences for their actions.”

Now Prosecutor Foxx (she of the dropped charges on Jesse Smollett) called her own press conference and blamed the violence on “a global pandemic coupled with civil unrest coupled with economic depression.”
She added, “The notion that people believe they are somehow empowered because people were not prosecuted for looting back in the wake of the unrest beginning is simply not true.”

Alderman Raymond Lopez, a Democrat, has challenged her version of events, saying “the fact that Kim Foxx is delusional in thinking that criminals who have seen no repercussions will be stopped simply because an activity is illegal shows you how out of touch she is.”


The chief judge of the FISA court has already ruled that the FBI misled the court, and now we know that former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith is scheduled to make his first court appearance later this week. He is expected to plead guilty for falsifying documents so the FBI could monitor a former Trump campaign adviser.
We also know that Clinesmith, a lawyer, has admitted he changed the document on Carter Page to get the FISA approved.

We also know that we were lied to for three years over this false portrayal.

So how come Adam Schiff is not being called on this? How come Twitter is not banning him? All he did was put out lies:

Schiff tweeted in July 2018 that “the release of the Carter Page FISA application makes clear, once again, the FBI acted lawfully and appropriately.” He called Nunez a liar for saying the opposite. Schiff lied twice here.

Then remember when he said the Republicans were ignoring evidence in plain sight? He was referring to evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. That was a lie. In fact, the Mueller report said, “The investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired to coordinate it with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

He lied that former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos met with Russians to discuss stolen emails. Papadopoulos “was secretly discussing stolen Clinton emails with the Russians,” Schiff tweeted in February 2018.

There are more, but Adam Schiff perpetuated a lie of collusion costing this nation time, money and resources. Yet he gets accolades from the media and his party. He should be ashamed and voted out of office.

You can make up your mind who’s right, but I remind you of this. You get what you vote for.

the postal dispute

it’s not often the WSJ and NYT editorial boards agree, but on this crisis they both agree with the position we took yesterday. That is, the post office can deliver all the mail you want in October and November. This whole issue is a playing of the voting public:

 WSJ ED BOARD: “Nancy Pelosi Goes Politically Postal”“This is a made-for-TV phony political crisis. The USPS has long-term challenges, but enough money to last into 2021. Mr. DeJoy says there’s “ample capacity to deliver all election mail.” Some states have startlingly lax ballot deadlines, but nobody can pretend with a straight face that it’s the post office’s fault. Democrats have also scheduled a hearing for next Monday so they can yell at Mr. DeJoy in person. How long before Rep. Adam Schiff says it’s another Russia-Donald Trump conspiracy to steal the election?

ED … NYT: “The Post Office Is Perfectly Capable of Handling Election Mail,” by Ruth Y. Goldway, retired chairwoman and commissioner of the U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission: “I served as a regulator of the Postal Service for nearly 18 years under three presidents, and I urge everyone to be calm. Don’t fall prey to the alarmists on both sides of this debate. The Postal Service is not incapacitated. It is still fully capable of delivering the mail. The focus of our collective concerns should be on how the Postal Service can improve the speed of delivery for election mail.”

BTW: The House has called the Postmaster General in for a hearing. After all this is urgent right? This week? No, the DNC is on. So when? Next Monday when the RNC kicks off.
If you don’t politics in that then you are not as fair minded as you claim.

directly from the nyt

Despite the editorial, here’s a direct copy of what the NYT “chief WH correspondent” said:
“With a war on the Postal Service, racist attacks and new conspiracy theories, Mr. Trump is pushing all the boundaries at once, writes our chief White House correspondent.”

That’s pretty fair and balanced isn’t it? A once great newspaper.

have a great day.

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