Day Two…


It is just difficult to watch a virtual convention, and the early ratings reflect that.
On day two, if you stuck with it, you got some of old guard presenters like Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Colin Powell. You got more Republicans backing Joe which was impressive, including Cindy McCain. You got AOC and that was interesting. She never mentioned Joe Biden and seconded the nomination of Bernie Sanders.
Later you got the roll call and it was virtual state by state. Nice to see the sites. Then we got a passionate Jill Biden on why Joe, and we heard Joe say thank you.
What we didn’t hear was the policy changes. We heard again that Donald Trump is a bad man and how he failed. The closest we came was John Kerry telling us how great things were in foreign policy under Obama and how Trump messed it up; how the President has messed up the country with the Coronavirus.
That won’t work, we need to hear the polices and what they will do different.
Let’s see tonight. The line up is strong, and they need to lay out where they would take us.

the issue the media avoids

The Senate Intelligence Committee, which conducted a three-year probe into Russia’s 2016 election interference efforts, released its report yesterday. This was the committee where the Democrat Minority Chair had assured us all along that there was plenty to see here. Well guess what, there is no evidence they colluded to influence the election. So the final committee report, the final review and everyone said there was no collusion.
Where are the apologies for what they said? For what they put us through? For the false reports? The money they spent? The damage they did to the nation? Where is the media doing their mea culpa’s for their hysterical reporting?
Exactly, no where. Nothing. Crickets on even reporting the news. In fact I’ve heard them say it’s old news and the 2016 election. That is 100% unacceptable to me and should be to you. In fact, I bet at least half the nation still believes there was collusion because of their antics and reporting.

Here’s an example of why this morning. Look at the headlines in two newspapers:
First, The Washington Times:

No collusion in 2016 between Trump campaign and Russia: Senate Intelligence Committee reportThe Senate Select Committee on Intelligence found no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016

Now the NY Times:
G.O.P.-Led Senate Panel Details Ties Between 2016 Trump Campaign and Russia 

A nearly 1,000-page report confirmed the special counsel’s findings at a moment when President Trump’s allies have sought to undermine that inquiry.

Same story, but look at how the NYT presented it. You had to read it to see they found no connection.

The postmaster speaks

This ridiculous charge on the post office took another turn yesterday. The Postmaster, as we noted, was being called next Monday before the House. I assume this will be another Barr type hearing where the majority will do speeches and not allow answers. As we mentioned yesterday, this is night one of the Republican convention.
Well now the Senate committee headed by Senator Johnson from Wisconsin said they will call the Postmaster on Friday so he can speak. Interesting right? You know who is on that committee? Kamala Harris.

The Postmaster also announced that there will be no changes at the post office before the election. No changes in retail hours, processing equipment, collection boxes will remain in place, and overtime will be approved for employees.
He also said that he is expanding a leadership task force focused on the election to partner with state and local governments.

This whole thing is a farce. The MSM won’t tell you.


Now Governor Andrew Cuomo is writing a book. He is doing so to cash in on his national following through his management of the coronavirus pandemic, and set himself up well for 2024 if Biden loses.
The book entitled “American Crisis” looks back on his experiences, and includes leadership advice and a close look at his relationship with the current administration.
Since he made clear Monday in his speech that he was a hero in this we know what to expect. Some of us may want answers on Nursing Homes and his decision to do return people with covid to them. Why was his death rate the second highest in the world, and how did he so miscalculate needs, driving attention and funding from where it was needed?
Think any of that will be in the book? Me either, but I can promise the media will love and fawn all over it.

Speaking of New York, there are now doubts about the viability of New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit to dissolve the National Rifle Association.
The lawsuit was over the misuse of charitable funds. One of the outcomes she desires is the end of the NRA. It may not be the right time with the unrest underway to attempt that. A spokesperson for the NRA said, “I’m seeing some evidence that people in the gun community are incensed at Attorney General James’ overreach, and they are joining the NRA so that you have an increase in membership coming from this.”
I can be wrong, but it seems that at a time with record numbers applying for gun licenses it might not be a good idea to seek an NRA ban.

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