Off and Running…

the dnc convention kicks off

For the next two weeks we’ll have the nominating conventions back to back. The Democratic convention had been scheduled for July and moved here in hopes the Coronavirus would allow them to meet. It didn’t, and the entire event will be virtual.
Let’s see how the ratings go for both with the new format.
The Dems have lined up an impressive list of speakers for their faithful. What will be interesting is the speech lengths. Since they are pre taped, a four minute speech minus applause has to be four minutes. In a normal live presentation it would be under three.

One intersting tidbit this AM is from former Republican Governor John Kasich who is speaking. He said, “You’re going to have a prominent congressman come out and declare [support for BIDEN] — let him do it, I think he’s going to do it tomorrow.”

over the weekend

No Sunday Show I saw, or evening news, asked about or covered the story about the FBI agent who changed the CIA answer on Carter Page to get the FISA order passed. Only Maria Bartiromo  on her show did. Why is that?

For three years they bombarded us with Russian Collusion and the Trump connection. He called it a lie, and it was a lie. Now we find out they changed the story on Carter Page to get FISA support.

You mean to tell me after three years of telling us it was real you can’t cover the fake beginning?
This should bother every fair minded American citizen.

the mail ballot issue

Let me keep this simple. If you don’t see a difference between mailing out ballots to everyone (despite the voting rolls being outdated) and absentee ballots, then I can’t help you.

Absentee ballot means you apply as a registered voter, either by mail or in person, to get a ballot. In my town they hand it to you when you register for one in person, or mail it, if you request by mail. I can vote the minute they give it to me or mail it in. They know who I am, and my vote is counted.
I always considered absentee voting a privilege. It takes a little effort but is worth my right to vote.

Now a mailing means they send out ballots. Not an application for absentee that can be checked against the rolls, but an actual ballot.

Which one lends itself to accuracy and which one says fraud?

the post office

First, let me confess I have long believed and said the post office needs restructure and new thought. As individuals move from mail delivery of bills, information and material to electronic, the post office has become less essential.

In the last decade the post office has lost $77 Billion. Knowing what we discussed above, do you think continuing down the same path this will correct or worsen? They’re an old technology that tomorrow will be needed less.

Now I have advocated two approaches. One, reduce delivery from six days to five. We can survive with no Saturday delivery.

More radical is this. Seek a new way. Can we make the Post Office open to other businesses to combine with their delivery services like Fed Ex, UPS etc? Is there a way to continue daily delivery and reduce the $77 billion loss for the nation?
To me, we should explore options, plan for the future and begin figuring out how to reduce debt, balance spending versus income and begin paying down the debt we are giving our kids and grandkids.

Finally, don’t tell me they can’t deliver mail (ballots). At Holiday time don’t they deliver millions of cards, ads and promotional material more than normal? They do it pretty well don’t they? How come in October and November they can’t?

Kamala Harris eligibility

How ridiculous the story that broke questioning her eligibility to be VP. Every school child knows if you are born in the U.S., you are eligible. End of story.

Now the President played it coy and said he had just heard and not looked into it. Not good, get it over with after the Obama story you supported.

But at the same time, the NYT — please spare me. Your outrage now is so alien to the front page stories you ran questioning John McCain’s eligibility because he was overseas while his Father served in the Navy.


I would like to measure voter sentiment as the conventions kick off to see the impact three weeks from now. However, they make it hard. Two polls out this AM:
ABC/Wash. Post has: Biden 54 and Trump 44
CNN has a new poll: Biden 50 and Trump 46
CBS Yesterday had: Biden 52 and Trump 42
NBC Yesterday had: Biden 50 and Trump 41

Now the betting odds, which at one point had reached 61% for Biden, are now:
Biden to win: 56.3%
Trump to win: 42.3%


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