Wrapping Up The Week…

lets wrap up the week

The isreali – uae agreement

The President announced an Israeli and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) agreement to establish “full normalization of relations.” In addition, Israel agreed to suspend plans to annex occupied West Bank territory.

This is major news and only the third Middle Eastern Arab nation to make an agreement with Isreal. The first two were Egypt and Jordan and the last in 1994. Pretty significant wasn’t it?

Well you couldn’t tell from the MSM and NYT today. They downplayed it. Why is that? Didn’t President Obama win a Peace Award for far less?

At some point we will go into foreign policy issues, but think about this. Are we in more wars as the MSM and the President’s opponents said we would be if he was elected, or less? We are actually in less conflict and pulling back. Why?

Because as President Reagan said and President Trump knows, we don’t get into wars because we are too strong, its because they think we’re weak. Want an example? ISIS, who did they develop under and who took them out?

really, no questions?

VP Biden had another show and tell session with Kamala Harris yesterday and took no questions. How is the MSM allowing them to get away with that?
Now yesterday the message was everyone should wear a mask in the nation when outside. The day before they chastised the President for his leadership on the virus. This is your difference? It must be because Harris called it leadership. Then they exited stage right.

speaking of the msm

The NYT and GMA today had the same spin on this story:
Trump Encourages Racist Conspiracy Theory About Kamala Harris 
“President Trump said he heard that Ms. Harris, the presumptive Democratic vice-presidential nominee born in California, was not eligible for the ticket, repeating a theory that is rampant among his followers. Constitutional scholars quickly called his words false and irresponsible.”
No he didn’t.
I saw the press conference. He was asked about a story that had just broken about Kamala Harris not being eligible. He said he had just heard about the story and didn’t know anything about it.
Yet the Times and GMA (“He is supporting another conspiracy.”) ran as if he supported it.

this will help decide which side you are on

Protesters in Oregon blocked two ICE buses that were holding illegal immigrants who committed a crime, and at one point tried to break in to free the migrants, forcing federal agents to mount a rescue mission of their agents and buses.
The protesters forced a nearly 12-hour standoff and attempted to deflate the bus tires or empty oil from the engine.

So you decide, do we have a right to take control of illegals who committed a crime or not? Is mob rule on the streets the new way we run the country?

republicans united or?

How many times have we been amazed how united the Democrats are in an action and vote; while the Republicans always seem to be trying and reign some in?
The counter arguments are the Democrats are either loyal to party or sheep. The Republican argument is they are either against the President or free thinkers. Depends on which side you are on. Well here’s another Republican example and look at why they are hesitant:

Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson said that fellow Republicans on his committee are blocking him from subpoenaing former FBI Director Comey, former CIA Director Brennan and others to discuss the Russian collusion probe.

Now wouldn’t you think with 81 days to go to the 2020 election and after the three years of Russian Collusion that they would want this? The collusion proved false, the dossier a lie, so let’s hear what Comey has to say now that others in the Obama administration have said he mislead them.

Well Senator Johnson said the reason his fellow Republicans are hesitating is they are “highly concerned about how this looks politically.” What?
Do they know what the past three years looked like? It was a political lie that hurt you. Really?

The senator said he needs all of the eight Republicans on the committee to support the subpoenas. If one opposed the move, it would result in a 7-7 deadlock with the committee’s six Democrats. Well since one is Mitt Romney, I don’t see much chance, do you?

There folks is the difference with the parties. Adam Schiff ran with a lie and the party walked lock set to control the House. Now to get the truth out Mitt Romney is riding the other way.

the harris Impact question

Kamala Harris brought a woman and minority to the ticket with Joe Biden. How important is that? Here’s a story in the Crystal Ball that will explain an aspect:
“While Harris is the first Black candidate chosen as a major party running mate, and just the third woman overall, we don’t necessarily have much past history to lean on in terms of how she will be perceived and what impact she might have on the election.
VP nominees sometimes have a modest impact in their home states, although because Harris is from deep blue California, whatever effect she’d have on her home state is meaningless to the overall outcome.
More interesting, though, is whether Harris would spur improved Black turnout. There is evidence that Black candidates can help with Black turnout, according to a summation of relevant research by friend of the Crystal Ball Ted Johnson.
One of Hillary Clinton’s problems in 2016 was that Black turnout was not as robust as it had been for Barack Obama, which may have contributed to her narrow losses in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin (all of which have significant Black voting blocs). Following the announcement, Johnson tweeted “Biden-Harris is the ticket, which, in my view, signals the Biden campaign believes black turnout is the key to victory.”

The Squad At The Dem Convention

Next week is the Democratic convention and did you see The Squad has been given a total of 60 seconds to speak? Yes, one minute to AOC.
Yesterday she put a poem on twitter to poke at it. Here it is:
“I only have a minute. Sixty seconds in it. Forced upon me, I did not choose it, But I know that I must use it. Give account if I abuse it. Suffer, if I lose it. Only a tiny little minute, But eternity is in it.” – Dr. Benjamin E. Mays

Why no time for this group that has so influenced the party, its polices and programs? The general election is different than the Democratic primary.

i thought this was interesting

I think you’ll find this interesting and wonder where the coverage is. Remember all the coverage for the NBA because of kneeling and their active stance? Well, here’s a story out today on ratings. The NHL is up 39%, Baseball 29%, PGA and NASCAR up. The NBA? Down 4%.
Here’s the story from the Washington Times:
Baseball and hockey viewership is up. The PGA’s TV numbers are strong and NASCAR’s races were the third-and-fourth most-watched sporting events on the air last weekend. But, as President Trump pointedly noted this week, the NBA is in a ratings slump. As sports leagues stagger back to life after the global COVID-19 shutdown, athletes have made it clear to owners and fans that protests and calls for social justice — from kneeling during the national anthem to speaking out on partisan political issues — will be part of the new norm. And no league has embraced activism more than the NBA, a league where players now sport social justice messages on the backs of their jerseys, the Black Lives Matter logo appears at centercourt and stars like LeBron James and Chris Paul actively call out for racial justice.

According to Sports Media Watch, a website that tracks sports television ratings, the NBA saw its national ratings decline 4% from its pre-pandemic average through the league’s first week of returning to action. While the NBA has struggled to rediscover its ratings mojo in a post-pandemic television landscape, NHL fans seem more than happy to follow the sport into the uncharted territory of playoff hockey in August. NBC Sports touted that its hockey ratings were up 39% for the NHL’s qualification round compared to its regular-season average.Baseball, too, has seen a surge with ESPN reporting Thursday that the network’s MLB viewership jumped 29% to an average 1.2 million viewers. A company spokesman said viewership is up across key demographics, including adults 18-49 (57%) and 18-34 (69%). And the league’s premiere opening night matchup — the World Series champion Washington Nationals against the New York Yankees, carried on ESPN — was the most-watched regular season baseball game since 2011 with 4 million viewers. 

finally michael cohen is back in the news

There was a leak from the forward of his new book that he wants out before the election. Here’s the story:
In his memoir, “Disloyal,” Michael D. Cohen, President Trump’s onetime lawyer and fixer, claims that he had unique access to Mr. Trump, a man with “no true friends.”

That’s so funny because if anyone has less friends than him today I would have trouble naming them. Maybe Comey?

I guess the book will sell because its anti Trump, but …….

have a great weekend.

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